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Arizer Air Vaporizer for Dry Herb

Availability: In stock

  • - Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • - Advanced temperature controls | 5 Settings
  • - All glass components - Ceramic heating element
  • - Ready in 90 Seconds
  • - Pass-through charging technology
  • - 10-minute automatic shutoff
  • - Superior vapor quality

Availability: In stock


Just because you want to be able to enjoy the convenience of vaping on the go doesn't mean that you should have to give up the efficiency that you enjoy with your favorite desktop vaporizer. That's why Arizer has developed the Arizer Air Vaporizer to bridge the gap between the efficiency of desktop vapes and the portability of compact hand-held device. This revolutionary device lets you enjoy the pleasure of vaporizing dry herbs on the go without requiring you to give up the smoothness, flavor or potency that make you love to vape. Vaporizer Review Icon

Impressive Performance, Compact Design

Although the Arizer Air measures only 4.8 inches in length by 1.14 inches in diameter, this dry herb vaporizer offers truly impressive performance. Ready in just 1 to 2 minutes, it heats aromatic blends evenly with its ultra efficient ceramic heating element. To preserve the potency of your vapor, the portable vape features a glass vapor path, and a silicone skin is provided to shield the vaporizer from scratches and scuffs.

Unique Arizer Air Batteries

Unlike other best vaporizers, the Arizer Air features a replaceable battery design. This gives you the freedom to purchase spare batteries to keep charged and at the ready to quickly substitute when one is completely drained. On a full charge, the herb vaporizer provides up to 1 full hour of vaporization, and there is space in the included carrying case for stowing any spare batteries to keep the vapor flowing beyond an hour. When it comes time to charge the Arizer battery, you can vape while the battery is being replenished, thanks to the pass-through technology used in the design of the handheld vaporizer.

The Best Vape with Any Blend

The Arizer Air Vaporizer features advanced temperature control technology, offering you five different heat settings to choose from with options ranging from 356 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you the ability to get the best vapor production possible out of every type of dry herb that you choose to vape. Setting the vaporizer is easy with the arrow buttons, and the LED indicator light shines in five different colors, so you can tell at a glance what level it is set on.

Arizer Air Vaporizer with all Accessories

Temperature Settings:

  • Level 1 (Blue) - 180°C / 356°F
  • Level 2 (White) - 190°C / 374°F
  • Level 3 (Green) - 200°C / 392°F
  • Level 4 (Orange) - 205°C / 401°F
  • Level 5 (Red) - 210°C / 410°F

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Arizer Air Vaporizer for Dry Herb . - Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer - Advanced temperature controls | 5 Settings - All glass components - Ceramic heating element - Ready in 90 Seconds - Pass-through charging technology - 10-minute automatic shutoff - Superior vapor quality

Rating: 4.5/5 based on 6 review(s)
  • Price: $164.00 - In stock
Package Includes:

Arizer Air Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Arizer Air Vaporizer
  • 1 x Charger / Power Adapter
  • 2 x Glass Mouthpieces
  • 1 x Glass Aroma Dish
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Clear Protective Silicone Skin
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
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Brand/Manufacturer Arizer
Product Type Vaporizer
Warranty Info Lifetime Warranty - Heating Element
Compatible With Dry Herbs
Portability Handheld; Cordless (Portable)
Heat-up Time 90 seconds
Number of Users One person or Small Group
Power Source Rechargeable Battery
Delivery Method Direct Draw
Voltage 110v
Product Dimensions Measures 4.8 inches by 1.14 inches
Package Length (in inches) 8.75 in.
Package Width (in inches) 6.00 in.
Package Height (in inches) 2.75 in.
Package Weight in Pounds 0.7500
This isn't a flashy portable, but it's the absolute best you can get for such a price. It has 5 heat settings, but I only use the highest one, so that I get all the flavor and good stuff out of my material. It is super efficient. Everything comes out nice and toasty.

You don't have to fuss around with this vaporizer at all. You just load it and go. The hits are big and I find it's great for sharing. It works best when you grind your herbs finely but all vaporizers are that way. Tapping your stuff down really flat makes it way better.

One thing to keep in mind, when you're using Arizer Air on the hottest setting, is that it's going to get hot. I don't mind it, but some people might think it's too hot. I have a friend that likes it better on the lower settings.

The only thing I don't like about the Arizer Air Vaporizer is that the battery only lasts about 1 hour. Once it's halfway charged, you can vape while it's plugged in though, so it's really not that big of a deal. It only 40 minutes to charge, so it's a lot faster than other vapes in that respect.
A convection vaporizer is just plain better, and the Arizer Air is the only vape that really is a good vape, in my experience. You have to master the art of using it, but once you do, you won't believe how good the vapor tastes. You don't have to ever worry about combustion, and the vape looks so good. The Air Vape is like the iPhone of vaporizers. If you want the best, it's what you should buy.
Best Online Shop! - Review by Scott W
Quality gets my vote for the very best online shop for vaporizers, and all their other products. Their prices are great and so are the products' quality. This vape shop was the first vape site I ran into, and don't plan on looking any further. You have the best service, best shipping, and the very, very best products anywhere. Thank you and stay cool!
My 2 Cents - Review by Phyllis
I love, and get all my supplies from you people. Your site is the easiest place to get around, your products are to die for, and your shipping and customer service is above the rest. If I have questions, I can email and get an answer within an hour or two, and if I call I am treated with the greatest respect. No question is too silly, simple, or difficult. Everyone here knows how to treat people, is very knowledgeable in the products, and will bend over backwards to help you out. I purchase everything for my vaping needs right here, I have no reason to look any further. Just had to stop in and leave my two cents worth, lol!
Truly impressed... - Review by Victor from Colorado
I really needed help choosing a vaporizer; from the model, to the style, to the design. I called customer service and experienced the very best, professional assistance ever! I had tons of questions, and he answered everyone gladly. I received my Arizer Air herb vaporizer in like three days! I am truly impressed, and will be shopping with from now on!
Couldn't be more Pleased! - Review by George and Bella
We have purchased the Arizre Air vaporizer from you and I couldn't be more pleased! It's excellent quality and exactly what I was looking for! I will be purchasing everything from from now on! Thanks!

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