2015-12-07 18:58:20

While other industries are still struggling from the economic downturn, two are booming: the pet care industry and the marijuana industry. People today are more concerned about the welfare of their pets than ever before and are looking for products that allow their pets to lead healthier, happier lives. At the same time, more people are beginning to discover the health benefits of marijuana in places where it is legal for medicinal and recreational use. Now, one company, Dixie Brands, is combining both with a line of products called Therabis.

Promote Wellness, Soothe and Calm, Alleviate Itching and Joint Pain

Meet Dixie Brands

Dixie Brands is a company owned by Tripp Keber. Based in Colorado, the company is a sister company to Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, which is already active in the marijuana industry. Dixie Elixirs and Edibles produces products that contain THC and are used for vaping, smoking, and ingesting marijuana both for medicinal and recreational benefits. Unlike its sister company, Dixie Brands will not produce THC products. Instead, the brand will focus on products derived from industrial hemp, which do not have any psychoactive properties.

What Is Therabis?

Therabis, the new line of products from Dixie Brands, is a collection of dietary supplements for dogs and cats. The products are meant to treat pets to the array of nutrients found in industrial hemp. Initially, the brand will produce three products. One is a calming, soothing product that is intended for pets that suffer from separation anxiety and general anxiety. Next is a joint and bone health supplement intended to improve mobility and ease pain in dogs and cats with arthritis. The final product is one that reduces itching due to dry skin, allergies, and other conditions.

The Future of Dixie Brands

Therabis products will arrive on the market in time for the holiday season, according to the CEO of Dixie Brands, Tripp Keber. The products will be available only online initially, but the company hopes to one day sell their products in pet stores across the country. In the same interview, Keber revealed that he is considering one day taking his companies public. One of his other companies, Mass Roots, a social media company devoted to cannabis culture, may soon be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Reference: TheStreet