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With some states legalizing the use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana, and other states considering it, there are many varying opinions regarding the beliefs people have about this substance. There have been many medical opinions from research and other platforms, as well as a great deal of propaganda.

It's time to start looking at the facts and fiction, along with opinions that have never been proven to be true.

Marijuana Leads to Using Heavier, Dangerous Drugs:

This was probably the first piece of propaganda to hit the headlines, as far back as the 1930s, through the 1960s. In all reality, more people are abusing tobacco and alcohol vs marijuana. There has been absolutely no proof that people who smoke grass will begin using heavier, much more dangerous drugs.

Smoking or Vaporizing Are Both Dangerous:

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Vaporizers Do Not Burn materials. Vaporizers heat the material into a vapor – Smoke is not present. Smoke can cause upper respiratory conditions, where vapor does not. Many experts have stated that it's a great deal safer to vape then smoke.

People Who Smoke Marijuana Are Useless and Have No Purpose:

There are many people who smoke grass , and excel in their professions. In some cases, they believe their creativity is heightened by smoking marijuana. There is absolutely no proof that smoking grass makes you unproductive and prone to wandering around without purpose.

People Who Smoke Weed Look Totally Deadbeat:

Again, grass can cause a glassy appearance in someone's eyes, but that does not mean they are brainless. Many professionals in the entertainment world, and the business world are long term grass smokers!

If You Drive High, It's the Same as Driving Drunk:

Smoking a few joints, and then hitting the road is probably not the best idea, but there is no proof that driving stoned is as bad as driving drunk. Through various research and studies, nothing has materialized proving that a couple of stiff drinks and marijuana are anywhere near the same thing.

Where Does Anyone Get Off Thinking Marijuana Is Medicinally Solid?

Actually, studies have been made since the early 1990s showing medicinal benefits from the use of marijuana. Children and Adults suffering from seizures and multiple sclerosis have shown great results with medicinal marijuana. Many medical practitioners are seeing great results with patients suffering from a multitude of different issues, and their patients are finding relief from marijuana.

Use of Marijuana Can Cause Cell Damage:

There is absolutely no proof that smoking grass will cause cell damage. With all the research that has taken place, you would think the medical world would stay clear of grass if this were true. The scientific community has found nothing to back this claim.

Marijuana Needs a lot more Research

Marijuana Will Cause Brain Damage:

Back in the early 1970s, tests were run on monkeys that had marijuana pumped into their cages, and the test results showed brain damage. No one brought up the fact that the marijuana had nothing to do with the brain damage. These animals had damage to their brains because of the lack of oxygen! Everyone knew this, including the government, but just never admitted it. Instead, they chose to set up their own avenue of propaganda and ran with it.

Marijuana Leads to Criminal Acts:

There is absolutely no proof that smoking grass will cause someone to turn to a life of crime. Although many criminals might very well smoke marijuana, they already decided to live a life of crime before hand. I suppose authorities are correct when they say marijuana turns people into criminals. After all, it's illegal, and you just got busted for having a joint in your possession! Higher-end criminals who take up theft to feed their addictions are probably using drugs that are a great deal more dangerous and a great deal more expensive. Marijuana, across the board, is very inexpensive, and it’s not common to see people committing crimes just in order to get a joint!

Isn't Marijuana Addictive?

Although there are some addiction levels , it is not on the scale of heavier, and more dangerous drugs. Constant use of grass can cause irritability and insomnia, but this is a very short-lived experience. Marijuana probably has an addiction level similar to caffeine. Many people cannot start off their mornings without their cup of coffee. Unlike some hard drugs, marijuana does not cause a physical addiction problem or a long-term habit.

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Just Like Cigarettes – Marijuana Causes Lung Cancer:

Smoking anything can lead to upper respiratory problems, and other forms of ill health. There has been no research that has shown marijuana causes lung diseases. Cigarettes contain many very dangerous ingredients, including tar which causes cancer. These terrible ingredients found in cigarettes have been proven to cause lung cancer. Now with the advent of cookies, and other edible substances made with marijuana, this option certainly removes all chances of unhealthy lung conditions.

Isn't Marijuana a Bad Thing for Children?

As an adult, I do not believe you should offer your children a joint. Their bodies are still developing, and any foreign substance, whether grass or alcohol, should not be given to your children. However, medicinal marijuana is made from oils that have shown to be beneficial to children with various disorders. Seizures in children, have literally decreased when the children are given medicinal marijuana.

Teens Will Become Drug Users:

There are those who believe if teens smoke grass, they are going to become drug users. As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no claim that smoking marijuana will turn anyone into a drug user. Teens, given the opportunity, are going to try marijuana. How they handle it is probably similar to teens drinking alcohol. It's that curiosity to find out what it's about, but in most cases, teens will figure out pretty quickly that it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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