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Nicknames for Marijuana

Marijuana is now legal in many places for use medicinally and even recreationally. Those who are beginning to use legal marijuana will soon find out that the plant and the drug produced from it is called by many different names. Understanding the lingo can make it easier to purchase medicinal cannabis from a dispensary and to talk to others already involved in the lifestyle. Parents may also want to know the common nicknames for marijuana, so that they can find out if their children using marijuana illegally. This guide breaks down some of the most common nicknames of marijuana for your reference.

Cannabis THC Structure

General Nicknames for Marijuana

Some nicknames for marijuana are generally used to describe the drug. Some general nicknames include:


  • Chronic - West Coast definition is used to describe a very high quality and potent marijuana, On the East Coast it is referred to marijuana mixed with crack and not just plain marijuana
  • Bud
  • Dank
  • Ganja
  • Green
  • Dope this may be used for any drug, not just for marijuana)
  • Giggle weed
  • Grass
  • Hemp (sometimes hemp does not refer to a drug. It may also refer to the fibers, oil, or seeds extracted from the cannabis plant. These substances do not contain THC)
  • Herb
  • Mary Jane
  • Pot
  • Reefer
  • Wacky Tobaccy
  • Wacky weed
  • Weed
  • Cannabis Plant

    Nicknames for Forms and Strains

    Nicknames for marijuana may refer to specific forms or strains. There are about 779 strains of marijuana, 431 are a hybrids between Indica vs Sativa marijuana, with over 1,500 nicknames that people have came up for them over the years. Some of these types of nicknames include:

  • Bud - Marijuana buds
  • Buddha - Marijuana mixed with opium
  • Dank - Term used for high quality weed
  • Ditch weed - low quality, inexpensive marijuana
  • Flowers - Buds and other dry marijuana components
  • Ganja - Marijuana from Jamaica; sometimes used as a general term for all marijuana
  • Hashish - A concentrated resin derived from cannabis
  • Indica - Specific strain of marijuana
  • Kief/Keef/Kif - Resin from cannabis
  • Sativa - A strain of marijuana
  • Shwag - Term used for low quality weed
  • Skunk or Skunkweed - A term used to describe the quality of marijuana; may be positive or negative
  • Thai stick - Marijuana soaked in hashish
  • Woolie - Marijuana mixed with crack or cocaine
  • Zombie - Marijuana mixed with PCP
  • Marijuana Effects

    Nicknames for Ways to Use Marijuana

    Methods of using marijuana have also developed nicknames over the years. Some of these nicknames include:

  • 420 - Code-term used to smoke marijuana, originated from Waldos who would meet at 4:20pm to smoke marijuana
  • Baked - When a person is very high on marijuana
  • Bomb - A very large marijuana cigarette
  • Bong - a device made of glass, plastic or ceramic that has a chamber for water and a place for dry herbs and is used as a pipe
  • Blazer - to smoke marijuana
  • Blunt - Dry marijuana plant that is rolled in a cigar paper outer wrapper shell without the cigar tobacco
  • Dab - Waxy concentrated oils extracted from marijuana that are smoked or vaporized at high temperature
  • Doob or doobie - A dry herb marijuana cigarette, used in 60's and yearly 70's as synonym for a joint
  • Dutchie - A blunt form marijuana cigarette that is rolled in the wrapper of a dutchmaster cigar, without cigar tobacco
  • Fatty - A very thick and large marijuana cigarette or blunt
  • Joint - Dry marijuana plant rolled in a cigarette rolling paper that would be used to roll tobacco
  • L - Generally refers to any rolled marijuana receptor, such as a joint or a blunt
  • Ripped - A state of mind when a person is very high in ones mind due to marijuana
  • Roach - The left over mouth-end of a marijuana cigarette or blunt
  • Spliff - A cigarette that uses both marijuana and tobacco, to use less marijuana plant
  • Stoned - A person who has smoked enough marijuana where they stare into whatever catches their attention
  • Toke - A verb used to describe drawing from a marijuana cigarette, to inhale marijuana smoke
  • Vape – A verb used to describe drawing from a vaporizer or a vape pen; Vape can also mean vaporizing other substances like e juice or tobacco
  • Wake and Bake – An act of smoking marijuana immediately after waking-up

  • These are just some of the hundreds of names that people may use when talking about marijuana. If you encounter a term not on this list and you're not sure what it means, a quick Internet search can provide answers. If you are looking to vape your medicinal marijuana, browse our site for more information and best selection of vaping products.

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