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With his prolific career, Morgan Freeman is no stranger to being interviewed, and it's not unusual to see a news story about the actor featured online; however, earlier this year, the Academy Award-winning actor made headlines -- not for a role but for making statements about his marijuana use.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Morgan Freeman revealed that he is a marijuana user. He stated that he smokes it and would eat it, drink, or even snort it. Saying that he preferred cannabis to alcohol, he explained that he felt that anything beyond one drink was too much for the body, but that marijuana by comparison was beneficial.

After joking some about marijuana use, he became more serious, praising cannabis for its medical uses. He told the reporter that he used cannabis medicinally to ease the pain of fibromyalgia and that without it, he would not be able to work as much as he does at the age of 79. Then, he mentioned the many children who are benefiting from the use of cannabis oil for seizure relief.

Morgan Freeman Defends His Marijuana Use

Freeman states that he was glad to see that the marijuana legalization movement was making such big strides, saying that it was "a long time coming." He seems to blame law enforcement for many of the problems associated with marijuana.

As he summarized his opinions about cannabis, Freeman compared the relative peace and harmony at the 1969 Woodstock concert, where police turned a blind eye to cannabis use, to the 1999 anniversary concert, where riots developed even though the police prevented anyone from using drugs.

Morgan Freeman's statements were reprinted by countless media outlets, and that's great news for those fighting to get smoking cannabis and vaporizing marijuana legal for use everywhere. When a well-respected actor, like Morgan Freeman, opens up about smoking marijuana or using a cannabis vape pen, it helps to fight the stigma that those that use a dab pen or smoke weed cannot be successful.

We already know that Morgan Freeman is not the only Hollywood actor who supports cannabis use. Whoopie Goldberg and Sarah Silverman have both admitted to using vape pens. Hopefully, more A-list celebs will follow their lead and help to further the movement.

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