2016-05-09 23:31:58

You've heard about the power of suggestion, right? Well, based on a little experiment done by Isaac Taylor, it's a very real thing. This YouTube prankster recently did an experiment where he gave women that he met on Tinder an electronic cigarette filled with nicotine and THC-free e-liquid and told them that it was a wax vaporizer pen to see what they would do.

The results of this fake marijuana vaporizer experiment were pretty hilarious, but also illuminating. Every one of the women shown in the video believed that they were high even though they hadn't inhaled any intoxicating substances. One said she felt tingly. Another said she was floating. They giggled, laughed, and got silly with just a pull or two from the fake dab vaporizer.

One woman featured in the video went so far as to call her friend when Isaac went into a store. She told her that she was high, and then proceeded to take selfies of herself with the vape pen, singing a song about being high. Another woman said she had the munchies and dumped chips straight into her mouth. She ended up climbing into the backseat and causing quite a scene.

At the end of the video, Isaac reveals to the women that what they had was a THC-free and nicotine-free e-juice. One woman, who refused to have her face shown in the video, said he was lying and left the car angrily. The other two were shocked, insisted that they felt high, but eventually accepted the truth. The one who had taken the selfies said she was embarrassed about the whole ordeal.

So why did these women get high from a fake cannabis vaporizer? It could be that they felt pressure to respond a certain way in order to impress the attractive man that they met on Tinder. It's also possible that the power of suggestion actually gave them the same sorts of feelings they would experience from using a real weed vaporizer, in this case a mech mod. While we can’t know for sure, one thing is for certain--this vape video is hilarious!

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Photo and Video Credit: HammyTV