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When people argue against the legalization of marijuana for medical use, they often say that there is no proof that using a vaporizer or smoking cannabis wax or dry herbs is beneficial. However, researchers are currently involved in numerous studies to validate the use of a marijuana vaporizer or smoking marijuana for the treatment of conditions.

The findings of a new study show that contrary to the claims made by critics, medical marijuana is having a positive effect on patients. Published in the medical journal, Health Affairs in early July 2016, the study* showed that:

- Prescription Drug Use Has Fallen in States Where Medical Marijuana Is Legal. The study examined the number of prescriptions filled in the states that have regulated medical marijuana programs, finding that the use of pain relief medications was 6 percent lower in these states than in others. The use of anxiety medications was also 5 percent lower in medical marijuana states.

- Medical Marijuana Reduces Health Care Costs. The researchers examined the costs of health care in medical marijuana states, finding that in 2013 alone, medical marijuana usage saved more than $165 million on health care expenditures.

- Medical Cannabis Reduced the Use of Many Kinds of Prescription Drugs. Based on the information analyzed in the study, the instances of people using prescription drugs for nausea, pain, seizures, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems were significantly lower in states where medical marijuana is legally available.

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This is not the first study that has illustrated the benefits of medical marijuana used in vaporizers, as well as edible and smoked forms. In 2014, a study was published in the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, showing that deaths due to overdoses on opiate pain relievers were 25 percent lower in medical marijuana states than in other states.

As the findings of more studies like these are released to the public, the case for universal legalization of medical marijuana in the United States becomes more and more compelling. National legislation could place mandates on the form in which marijuana can be used, similar to the New York medical marijuana law, which only allows medical cannabis to be used in a desktop vaporizer, portable vaporizer, or vape pen. This would provide a solution for those concerned that encouraging people to smoke weed could give rise to chronic breathing problems.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the latest news on medical marijuana research and will provide updates when new studies are published.

Medical marijuana's impact on Medicare

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