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There are a number of ways to honor those you love after they pass: a memorial service where family and friends gather to reminisce about the deceased; a celebration of their life; participating in all of their favorite activities; or simply honoring their final wishes. The members of the rap group, The Young Outlawz, did all of that to honor the late Tupac Shakur--and then they did a little bit more.

In 1996, 25-year old rapper Tupac Shakur died of multiple gunshot wounds from a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. There have always been rumors floating around that Tupac's ashes were indeed smoked by friends along with marijuana, but no one knew if that was true. Only recently did members of his band come forward to happily confirm, in an interview with Vlad TV that they did, in fact, smoke the rapper's ashes to honor his death as well as his life.

Tupac Shakur shown smiling with a bandanna on his head

Tupac Shakur had previously requested that his body be cremated instead of buried. A founding member of the group called The Young Outlawz, Tupac, in one of his tracks called "Black Jesus," made a comment about wanting his loved ones to begin honoring him by smoking his ashes once he had left this world.

His friends in the reunited group, The Young Outlawz, took that quite literally and found themselves on a beach for his memorial, stating that Tupac loved the beach. There, they spent the night eating his favorite food, chicken wings, and drinking orange soda, which was also his favorite. Partying on the sand, another activity they took part in was smoking marijuana. This was their way of giving Pac their own personal farewell in an intimate setting.

Young Noble, a member of The Young Outlawz, said he was not sure whose idea it was to smoke up their late friend's ashes along with the pot, but E.D.I., a fellow member, quickly took credit for the act. He was cited as saying that in Tupac's track "Black Jesus," Tupac specifically made the request that those that survived him smoke his ashes, and the man took it literally. E.D.I Mean said that he, himself, was not certain as to whether or not his late friend had meant those lyrics seriously. Still, he said, if he had, he did not want to go on without honoring it. If that was his final request, he reasoned, he would do it for him. So, they rolled up a blunt of "great grandaddy California kush" and mixed in the ashes of the late star that night on the beach. His mother was also present for this event.

This is not the first time that someone has requested that their ashes be smoked after cremation, especially not in the public eye. However, with Tupac's fame and his well-lived life, this has certainly been making the rounds in the news and has garnered a new, fresh round of publicity for the reunited The Young Outlawz, and for Tupac Shakur's legacy.

The Outlawz Say They Smoked 2pac's Ashes

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