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When you think of marijuana culture, what comes to mind? Many people will envision Cheech and Chong type stoners or people in Grateful Dead t-shirts sitting on the sofas in their parents' basements smoking from a bong. But those images are really stereotypical. Nowadays, people of all ages and from all walks of life are using marijuana to alleviate medical conditions, and in states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, everyone from college students to physicians to soccer moms is using pot to relax and unwind.

Some people claim that it's the vaporizer that is responsible for the expansion of marijuana culture beyond the stereotypical user. People who hold this position argue that vaporizer pen and portable vaporizer models appeal to people who wouldn't consider smoking cannabis due to the known health risks of smoking.

Additionally, these individuals often state that stylish, modern herbal vaporizer products, like the Pax 2 Vaporizer, are attracting so-called yuppies to the marijuana lifestyle by making vaping chic.

You can't really argue with the fact that the Pax portable vaporizer has changed the way vaporizers look. Developed by Pax Labs, a company formerly called Ploom, the vaporizer was originally marketed under the name Pax by Ploom, but has been called simply the Pax since earlier this year. When designing the Pax, it's clear that the engineers went to great lengths to make the vaporizer as visually appealing as it is capable of delivering flavorful, potent vapor.

Different Vaporizers side by side

But do portable vapes like the Pax and high end dry herb vaporizer pen products actually make people vape?

You might say yes, but it's also possible that these types of herbal vaporizer products were made by insightful companies that realized more than just stereotypical stoners would benefit from the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana. These companies had the foresight to know that some of the same people who buy luxury vehicles and couture clothing would want to use a vape pen; they weren't thinking that classy vapor pens would make these types of people start vaping.

Even if it is true, that high end best vaporizers, that are attractive to the eye, are changing marijuana culture, that doesn't necessarily mean they're doing harm. In fact, it will be necessary to continue to shift public perception if there will ever be hope of the full decriminalization of cannabis. People need to know that an executive who brings in six figures by day may also reach for a vaporizer pen or a handheld vaporizer like the Pax at night to relax.

So-called elegant true vaporizers help to break down the image of the stoner smoking crumpled joints at concerts or hitting a bong in the basement. While there's nothing wrong with people who actually do fit the stereotype being a part of marijuana culture, it may just be necessary to make pot mainstream if it will ever be readily available to everyone who wants to enjoy it or reap its medicinal benefits.

US Marijuana Legalization Map

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