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  • Crafty vaporizer replacement parts
  • Crafty vaporizer parts set
  • Crafty vaporizer screens for herbs set
  • Crafty vaporizer top heat cover
  • Crafty vaporizer mesh for wax set
  • Crafty vaporizer mouthpiece set
  • Crafty vaporizer usb wall charger
  • Crafty vaporizer heat cover with mouthpiece set
  • Crafty vaporizer car charger
  • Crafty vaporizer rubber rings replacements set
  • Crafty vaporizer herb grinder
  • Crafty vaporizer stirring tool set

Crafty Vaporizer Accessories and Parts

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- Original Parts by Storz and Bickel for Crafty Vaporizer

Availability: In stock


Crafty Vapes are wonderful on their own, but they can be made even better with the addition of a few Crafty vaporizer accessories. When the time comes, it is nice to be able to have Crafty replacement vape parts that are ready to use. Crafty offers a power adapter that utilizes a USB charger for easy charging virtually anywhere. We even offer a 12-volt car charger for convenient charging on the go. For even more power, grab a Power Bank that is composed of a powerful 6600mAh lithium ion battery with enough power to recharge your vaporizer twice.

Accessories offered here also include a cooling unit that is designed to cool down your vapor for a more pleasant hit each time. You can purchase a mouthpiece set that includes 4 mouthpieces for the Storz and Bickel cooling unit so that you are always ready if something happens to one of them. You may also purchase a wear and tear set. This set features Crafty parts for replacing elements on the cooling unit, leaving your cooling unit in the best possible condition.

For your Storz & Bickel vaporizer, you can even choose to add in additional seal rings should you lose one, a number of different mesh screens in different sizes and varying textures, a liquid pad set for use with concentrates, filling chamber tool sets, and a loading aid tool, which makes loading and filling your Crafty vaporizer a dream.

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Crafty Vaporizer Accessories and Parts. - Original Parts by Storz and Bickel for Crafty Vaporizer

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Brand/Manufacturer Storz and Bickel
Product Type Vaporizer Accessories
Compatible With Dry Herbs, Concentrated Oils and Wax, Oil liquid
Portability Handheld; Cordless (Portable)
Number of Users One person or Small Group
Power Source Rechargeable Battery

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