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Desktop Vaporizer
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Desktop Vaporizer

  • VaporBLUNT Baker Dab Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizer - Desktop

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  • AroMed Dry Herb Vaporizer - Desktop

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  • Volatizer VM2 Dry Herb Vaporizer - Handheld (with cord)

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Desktop Vaporizer

A desktop vaporizer allows you to enjoy the purest, best-tasting vapor and get the most out of your material. It is a big investment, so you want to ensure that you select the best one for your needs. Our reviews below of some tabletop vaporizers can help you select the unit that is right for you.

Forced-Air & Balloon Bag Cannabis Vaporizers

A forced-air vaporizer is one of the two main types of tabletop vaporizer designs and is considered by many to be a superior way to vape. This type uses an internal fan or an air pump to circulate air inside of the heating chamber. Also called a balloon bag vaporizer, as it releases vapor into bags or balloons attached to mouthpieces and allows you to draw at your leisure. At VaporPlants, we carry many of the forced-air vaporizer models, like the Volcano Vaporizer, Herbalizer, and the VapirRise. Whether you prefer a dry herb vaporizer, or a model that also allows you to vape oils and waxes, we have the perfect forced-air model to meet your needs.

Whip-Style Weed Vaporizers

A whip vaporizer is a type of desktop vaporizer, allowing you to draw directly on demand from the heating chamber using a device called a whip. The whip includes three different parts: a wand for holding your material, a mouthpiece that you draw through, and a hose that connects the two parts. In our collection of whip vaporizers, you'll find models with and without ground glass connections. A ground glass or hands free whip style has a special connector that keeps the wand of your vaporizer whip in place while you draw, so that you don't have to hold it.

Best Desktop Marijuana Vaporizers Banner

Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer for Cannabis

For: Herbal
Style: Balloon and Whip

- Selling Points - economical, multi-function design, includes remote control, quiet operation, with digital display
- Drawbacks - vapor quality is not as good with this unit as it is with some higher end models

Incredibly economical, the Arizer Extreme Q gives you the flexibility to vape the way that you wish. You can use the forced air system to fill balloons with vapor; the fan is incredibly powerful, so bags fill in only 90 seconds. Or, you can draw directly from the unit with the included whip. Extreme Q heats up quickly, reaching its working temperature in just a few minutes. The unit has a digital display that lets you set an exact temperature reading. Compared to other forced air desktop vaporizers, the Arizer Extreme Q is very quiet, and it comes with a remote control that simplifies operation, making it one of the best models.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer for Marijuana

For: Herbal
Style: Whip

- Selling points - economical, easy to use, stylish and lightweight
- Drawbacks - temperature controls are not precise; no digital display; glass components can break

Straightforward and simple, the Silver Surfer vaporizer is an excellent starter tabletop vaporizer. The reverse 90-degree angle heater cover makes it easy to insert the whip. While the unit does require electricity to operate, it is smaller in size and lighter than most desktop vapes, so it can be taken with you on the go. The temperature is set with a rotary knob, and there are no temperature markings on the exterior.

Volcano Digit

Volcano Digit vaporizer for Dry Herb

For: Herbal
Style: Balloon

- Selling Points - exceptional vapor quality, easy to use, very durable with precise temperature controls
- Drawbacks - only price

Considered to be the Cadillac of desktop vaporizers, the Volcano Digit Vaporizer comes in on top in terms of vapor quality. The taste and smoothness of vapor produced by this balloon vaporizer are truly unparalleled, and the heavy-duty stainless steel craftsmanship of the unit ensures years of use. The digital display puts you in full control of the experience, as you can select your desired temperature, and then easily monitor the actual temperature inside of the unit with ease. The only real drawback to the unit is its high price tag, which might be beyond the budget of those new to using a vaporizer.

VapirRise 2.0

Vapir Rise vaporizer for Marijauna

For: Herb, Wax and Oil
Style: Balloon and Whip

- Selling Points - multi-function design lets you vape any material the way that you want, economical and with digital display
- Drawbacks - balloon filling is a little complicated, vapor quality is not as high with this unit comparing to some others

If you like to vape a number of different ways, the Vapir Rise vaporizer multi-function vaporizer just may be the best economical tabletop vaporizer for you. This unit can be used as a wax, oil vaporizer, or a herbal vaporizer in either balloon or whip styles. It's one of the few models on the market that lets you connect more than one whip at a time for multi-person use, and it has a digital display for precise temperature controls.


Herbalizer Vaporizer opened up to show the Heating Chamber

For: Herb, Wax and Oil
Style: Balloon and Whip
- Selling Points - excellent vapor quality, fast heat-up and multi-function design
- Drawbacks - only price

Designed by NASA engineers, like the VapirRise 2.0, the unit works as an oil, herbal, or wax vaporizer, but it performs exceptionally well in both whip and balloon forms. The Herbalizer also boasts the fastest heat-up time among the vaporizer category, and has a digital display for full control over temperature settings. You can get this unit set-up and ready to use in under 1 minute. Plus, its compact, sleek design makes it suitable for taking with you when you're traveling. It's also the most expensive desktop vaporizer in this guide, which is really the only downside to choosing the Herbalizer.

Easy Vape 5

Easy Vape 5 vaporizer for Marijuana

For: Herbal
Style: Whip

- Selling Points - price, digital display
- Drawbacks - lower vapor quality, very fragile

If you want to spend as little on a desktop vaporizer as possible, the Easy Vape 5 is the way to go. This whip-style sells for under $100, and it's unlikely to cause combustion. It does produce vapor of lower quality than other units, but you still get the benefits of a digital display for precise temperature setting. Just be sure to handle the vape carefully; its glass parts are very fragile.

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer for Dry Cannabis

For: Herbal
Style: Direct Draw

- Selling Points - excellent vapor quality
- Drawbacks - no digital display, some may not like the style

The Plenty vaporizer is unique in that it's not a traditional desktop. Instead of a bag or a whip, this unit has a mouthpiece for direct drawing, and is designed to be lifted off the table and held in your hand when you're ready to vape. Some people love this feature, while others prefer to use a whip or a bag. Made by Storz and Bickel, the same company as the Volcano, Plenty is ultra durable and produces very high quality vapor. The unit does allow you to set the temperature to your tastes, but it has an analog dial rather than a digital display.

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Buddha Vaporizer for Vaping Marijuana

For: Herbal
Style: Whip

- Selling Points - economical, ease to use, hands-free glass components
- Drawbacks - no digital display, temperature control is not precise, lower quality vapor

A steal at under $200, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is one of the most affordable desktop models on the market today. While its temperature controls are not as precise as most units and its vapor quality is only about average, the vape does allow you to enjoy the convenience of hands-free vaping with its ground glass connections. It's a very simple unit to use and a good choice for beginners looking for an affordable first desktop vaporizer.

Zephyr Ion

Zephyr Ion Marijuana Vaporizer

For: Herb, Wax and Oil
Style: Balloon and Whip

- Selling Points - economical, very easy to operate with digital display, multi-function design
- Drawbacks - vapor quality is only above average

Perfect for people who want above average vapor quality, without having to do a lot of work to set up their tabletop vaporizer, the Zephyr Ion is a sleek, simple unit that works as both a balloon and whip-style vaporizer. The unit has a digital display that is very bright and easy to read, and it comes with a liquid pad that allows you to vape oils as well as dry herbs.

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desktop vaporizer wands and whips guide banner

Whips vs Wands

vaporizer whip tubing, mouthpiece and wand shown diagram

As you begin to shop for and compare various types of tabletop vaporizers, you'll soon notice that the terms "hands free" and "standard" are often used to describe these devices. Although it's common knowledge that a hands free dry herb vaporizer allows you to vape more easily. The actual mechanics behind how this device works may remain unknown to many new vaping enthusiasts. Because of this, we've created this article to provide a brief introduction to both hands free and standard wands. Hopefully, you will be able to use this knowledge to find the perfect vaporizer that meets your needs and expectations! Although there is no "perfect vape", these products may help you have an excellent experience with vaping!


Vaporizers that are given the "standard" or "hands free" label are those that rely on whips to draw the vapor out of the chamber. If you are looking to buy a vaporizer, it's important that you become familiar with this terminology!

Silver Surfer Vaporizer wands with a hands free wand attached

A whip consists of three parts: a wand that holds the herbal blend, a mouthpiece which provides suction in order to draw the vapor out of the chamber, and the whip tubing that connects the two pieces. When comparing the attributes of standard whips and hands free whips, the difference lies in the wand itself rather than any other component of the whip's design.

Hands Free Wands: The Good

Hands free wands are designed to remain stable inside of the vaporizer without requiring the user to hold it in place. These are usually large units and would classify as a tabletop or a desktop vaporizer. In order to make this possible, the feature of hands free ground glass wands connection, a somewhat courser texture that provides increased grip and security. The hands free vaporizer's connection point has also been converted into ground glass. The texture of the two connection points creates friction which helps to hold the wand in place, allowing you to keep your hands free when vaping. Some people also like the look of a ground glass wand compared to the standard wand.

desktop vaporizer hands free wand with a hands free ground glass design

Hands Free Wands: The Bad

While many people prefer hands free vaporizers and wands due to the convenience they offer, it's important to note that these devices do have their drawbacks. The friction that holds the wand in place also makes it impossible for to move or rotate the wand inside of the vaporizer. As a result, some of the herbal blend may not fully vaporize. Wear and tear to a vaporizer caused by frequent use, as well as low quality parts and vibrations can all lead to the reduced effectiveness of the ground glass connection, which can cause the wand to fall out of the vaporizer. If this occurs, complete breakage of the wand may result. The dry herb blend itself may also fall out of the heating chamber.

About Standard Wand Vaporizers

Unlike the hands free vaporizers, the standard vaporizer features smooth connections throughout the hardware. The smooth surface is quite slippery, requiring users to hold onto the wand while vaping. The standard vaporizer design has remained quite popular due to the fact that they do not have the same drawbacks as more recent hands free designs. Using the standard vaporizer, individuals can optimize the efficiency of their personal vaporizer and avoid the risk of breakage.

vaporizer hands free wand with frosted tip vs non-hands free wand that is smooth

A Final Note about Wands

In addition to deciding whether to purchase a standard or a hands free vaporizer and wand, you will also have the opportunity to decide between one and two-piece wands. A two-piece wand features a threaded connection that allows users to open up the device for cleaning. Although a one-piece wand does not have this added feature, it is noticeably less expensive.

So, which type of wand and vaporizer is right for you? Ultimately, it depends upon your personal preferences. If you're vaping an expensive blend, concerns about wastage may supersede the convenience of a hands free design. If you're only planning to vape tobacco, however, this may not be an issue at all.

vaporizer hands free wand next to a mouthpiece connected to a whip tube

In conclusion, a desktop vaporizer can treat you to an ultra-efficient, premium vaping experience, and VaporPlants has all of the best desktop vaporizers to help you find the perfect option for your vaping pleasure. We carry from all of today's best brands, including Vapir, Storz and Bickel, Arizer, Vapolution, 7th Floor Vapes, and Herbalizer. No matter what your budget is today, we are sure to have an analog or digital model that is perfect for your needs. If you wish to focus on models of a certain price, just click the links at the left to shop by price. Have a preference between balloon bag or whip vapes - selection above makes it easier to focus exclusively on forced air or whip-style vaporizers just by looking at pictures.

For personal assistance selecting the right style, please don't hesitate to contact us. We believe strongly that our customers should have all of the information they need to find the best vaporizers for their lifestyles, and we look forward to working with all of you!

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