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G Pen Elite Review: Pros & Cons

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G Pen has long been a leader in the design of portable vaporizer and vaporizer pen products, but their previous dry herb vaporizer models have left something to be desired. The original herbal vaporizer units from G Pen, are known to burn herbs, and the larger portable vaporizer, the G Pro, lacks many of the features found in other portables.

Rating: 4.4 our of 5

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G Pen Elite

Pros of G Pen Elite

  • Economical
  • Very simple to use
  • Very good vapor quality
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to grip
  • Flexible temperature settings with LCD display

Cons of G Pen Elite

  • More expensive vapes do provide better quality vapor
  • Larger than some other portables

The manufacturer of G Pen, Grenco Science, has heard this feedback loud and clear and introduced a new vaporizer for dry herbs to solve these problems. It's called the G Pen Elite, and you can read on to learn more about it.

In-Deth of G Pen Elite Vape

Grenco Science Elite Vaporizer

- Price - The G Pen Elite sells for only $170, making it much less expensive than other portables like the Firefly and the Pax 2.

- Vapor Quality - Compared to herbal models that are similarly priced, the G Pen Elite may be the great dry herb vaporizer in terms of vapor quality. The unit can give you large clouds of above average tasting vapor. Still, the vapor quality is not as good as what you'll get from some of the higher end vaporizer options.

- Guarantee - The G Pen Elite only has a 1-year warranty. That's about average for a vaporizer of its price, but the models that it claims to compete with typically have longer warranties.

- Portability - The G Pen Elite is small enough to take with you on the go, but it's by no means the smallest on the market. It is more conspicuous than a vaporizer pen, and it is larger than some other portable units.

- Prep Time - With the G Pen Elite, heat up is rather quick, but you will need to take the time to finely grind your herbs to get good results.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science

- Ease of Use - Ergonomically designed, the G Pen Elite fits comfortably in the hand and is simple to grip. The herbal vaporizer is also easy to operate, as it has just one button to control every aspect of the vape. Even a beginner can use it easily on the first try.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - The G Pen Elite is the first G Pen that allows you to set the temperature to a precise level between 200 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the vape more versatile, and gives you more control over the efficiency, cloud size, and smoothness of the vapor.

- Power Supply - You'll need to charge the G Pen Elite for 3 hours before you can use it. The battery life and recharge time for the included lithium ion battery are about average for a vaporizer pen for dry herbs.

For the price that you'll pay for the unit, the G Pen Elite is likely the best vaporizer for dry herbs that you can buy. This unit is great for beginners who want a good experience, but don't want to invest a lot in a first vaporizer, as well as for more experienced vaporists who want a more economical unit. While there are models out there that provide better quality vapor, you'll typically pay $75 to $100 more for them.

Video: G Pen Elite in action

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