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Haze Vaporizer
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Haze Vaporizer

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Haze Vaporizer

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Having a difficult time deciding what type of portable vaporizer to purchase? Haze believes you shouldn't have to limit yourself to a wax vaporizer, a dry herb vaporizer, or an oil vaporizer in order to enjoy the convenience of vaping on the go. That's why the Haze vaporizer is made to provide a flavorful, potent vaping experience with all three types of materials. Unlike other multifunction best vaporizers, the Haze vape includes two bowls, so that you can keep two different materials loaded when you're on the go, and even switch from one type of vape to the other in the middle of a session. Haze offers a wide variety of high quality accessories for the vaporizer, making it as easy to maintain and use as it is versatile.

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