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Indica Component Bag

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Availability: In stock

  • - Complete set of vaporizers parts for the Indica vaporizer
  • - Genuine Indica parts

Availability: In stock


The Indica portable vaporizer was made to last a lifetime, but in order for you to truly enjoy this revolutionary handheld vaporizer, you need to clean and maintain it properly. Instead of selling their vaporizer parts separately like most other brands, Indica simplifies maintenance and cleaning by providing all of the essentials in the Indica Component Bag. This convenient vaporizer accessories and parts set includes 17 pieces for one remarkably low price. It's recommended that you purchase one with your Indica vape, so that you have all of the essentials at the ready.

Essential Vaporizer Cleaning Tools

With the Indica Component Bag, you'll receive all of the necessary tools for cleaning the handheld vaporizer. The set of Indica Accessories includes two stainless steel vape picks, which are used to open and close the door on the Indica. In addition, these picks should be used to gently remove any dry herbs from the vaporizer heating chamber at the start of cleaning. Also included in the set is a vaporizer cleaning brush with wire bristles for cleaning the inside of the mouthpiece and the heating chamber. Lastly, the kit includes five pipe cleaners. The pipe cleaners should be used to clean the hole of the mouthpiece and the vapor path. Indica recommends that you clean your dry herb vaporizer every 150 draws.

Replacement Vape Parts for the Indica Portable

Along with the vaporizer cleaning tools found in the Indica Component Bag, you'll receive a number of vape parts for making repairs and upgrades. The bag includes a magnetic door that you can use to replace the factory-direct door if it becomes loose or scratched or begins to stick. The set also provides three mini spacers, which are used to keep dry herbs properly packed inside of the heating chamber. Completing the set is a total of five vaporizer screens. This is an optional vaporizer accessory that can be used along with the Indica vape to change the quality of the vapor produced. To use a screen, wrap it around two spacers to create a U shape and then insert it into the heating chamber with the open side facing the top.

Indica Component Bag. - Complete set of vaporizers parts for the Indica vaporizer - Genuine Indica parts

  • Price: $29.00 - In stock
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Magnetic replacement door
  • 2 x Vape picks
  • 3 x Mini spacers
  • 5 x Vaporizer screens
  • 1 x Vaporizer cleaning brush
  • 5 x Pipe cleaners
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Brand/Manufacturer Indica
Product Type Vaporizer Part
Fits Vaporizer(s) Indica Vaporizer
Package Weight in Pounds 0.2000
Package Length (in inches) 3.50
Package Width (in inches) 3.00
Package Height (in inches) 0.50

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