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Indica Vaporizer Review: Pros and Cons of the Portable Vape

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The Indica Portable Vaporizer is a very unique dry herb vaporizer that is prized for how discreet it is. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this cleverly disguised vaporizer.

The Basics of the Indica Portable Vaporizer

Indica Vaporizer for Dry Herbs Silver Color

- Price - The Indica Portable Vaporizer has a suggested retail price of $320. You can find it on sale for around $200 at VaporPlants.com, but even at this price, it is one of the more expensive portable vapes on the market.

- Vapor Quality – Compared to other portable medicinal marijuana vaporizer models in general, the Indica vape provides average vapor quality, but its vapor quality is below average compared to others in its price range. The vapor is thinner than what you'll get from some other models, and it tends to be warm, and not as flavorful as what you'd expect from a high-priced unit.

- Guarantee - At 1 year, the warranty on the Indica Portable Vaporizer is about average.

- Prep Time - The Indica Portable Vaporizer can be filled fairly quickly. Setting the temperature on the Indica Portable Vaporizer requires you to push a button multiple times, which is a little inconvenient. The portable vape does reach working temperature faster than many other vapes, as it can be ready in 60 seconds or less.

- Portability, Size, and Privacy - The biggest selling point of the Indica Portable Vaporizer is that it is very discreet. Because it looks like a lighter, most people won't notice it is a vaporizer. The vape is one of the smallest portables on the market, and will easily fit into your pocket, yet it has a large herb chamber to cut down on the need for refilling during sessions.

- Ease of Use - You can expect a learning curve when you first start to use the Indica Portable Vaporizer, as it takes some time to master the optimal draw technique for this vape. The vaporizer's auto shutoff timer has a very short setting, which can get in the way of enjoying long sessions.

Indica Vaporizer for Dry Herbs Silver Color Open Box

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - The Indica Portable Vaporizer offers five temperature settings, ranging from 340° to 412°F. This is a definite plus, as it allows you to select the right temperature to customize your vaping session.

- Power Supply - With the Indica Portable Vaporizer, you can vape for up to 90 minutes on a single charge, which is longer than the norm for dry herb vapes. It does take the vaporizer longer to recharge than many other vapes, but you can continue to vape while the unit is plugged into the wall and recharging.

Pros of the Indica Portable Vaporizer

  • Very discreet design that resembles a Zippo lighter and fits in your pocket
  • Large herb chamber
  • 5 heat settings allow you to customize the temperature
  • Very fast heat up time
  • Can be used while it's charging
  • Longer battery life than other vapes

Cons of the Indica Portable Vaporizer

  • More expensive than many other portable vaporizers
  • Setting the temperature is a little complicated
  • Automatic shutoff timer is short
  • Vapor quality is only about average
  • Longer charging time than other vaporizers

Indica Vaporizer for Dry Herbs Accessories, Parts and a Box

Tips for Using the Indica Portable Vaporizer

  1. Always grind your herbs as finely as possible for best results from the Indica.
  2. Pack the chamber tightly. You don't want it to be jammed in wall to wall, but the herbs should not be able to move freely.
  3. If you want a shorter vape session, pack the chamber half full and then add the included metal spacer.
  4. Draw slowly and evenly for best vapor production.
  5. Brush the herb chamber out after every use.
  6. Clean the mouthpiece with rubbing alcohol every 3 to 4 uses.

The Indica Portable Vaporizer is best suited for discreet vaping on the go, and will most likely please someone who is most concerned with protecting their privacy, rather than with having impressive vapor quality. All in all, this vaporizer receives a total score of 71/100. You can learn more about it here at VaporPlants.com.

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