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Iolite Vaporizer and WISPR
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Iolite Vaporizer and WISPR

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Iolite Vaporizer and WISPR

In 1984, Oglesby & Butler was founded to produce high quality butane-power tools that professional craftsmen could rely on to work in the field without the need for electricity. After revolutionizing their industry, the company set their sites on changing another niche forever. In 2009, Oglesby and Butler founded IOLITE to transfer their engineers' years of research into butane power into a line of ultra portable vaporizers. Today, the IOLITE 2.0 and WISPR stand out for their revolutionary design. Powered by butane rather than batteries or AC or DC power, the brand was the very first 100% cordless vaporizer design. Keeping an IOLITE vaporizer ready for use is as simple as filling its chamber with butane. Its innovative construction keeps the fuel completely separate from vaping material to ensure a clean, smooth and safe vape. Incredibly compact and ready to travel, all IOLITE vapes can truly can go anywhere and provide hours upon hours of vaping enjoyment without you ever having to reach for a cord.

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With their unique designs that use butane in place of batteries, IOLITE vaporizers make it easy to vape dry herbs, and aromatic blends on the go. Keeping any vape in good condition can help make every vaping experience as enjoyable as possible whether you're using medicinal herbs, or just for aroma therapy. We have a wide selection of parts for original model and WISPR, including mouthpieces and filling chamber replacements. Whatever you need to keep your vaporizer working well, you'll find it at the best price here at VaporPlants. If you need assistance selecting parts, contact us for help.

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