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Magic Flight Launch Box
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Magic Flight Launch Box

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Magic Flight Launch Box

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Imagine a portable vaporizer that could efficiently vaporize your favorite aromatic blends, was easy to use, and wouldn't cost you a fortune. If such a dry herb vaporizer sounds like the stuff of fantasy or magic, it's because it is! Magic Flight creates vapes that are so unique, they're simply magical. Their Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB, is beloved by vaping enthusiasts due to its compact size, efficiency, and speedy heat up. What's more, the MFLB vaporizer is completely handcrafted in the USA out of premium hardwood for a look unlike any other. The expert craftsmanship that goes into every Magic Flight vaporizer allows the products to be warrantied for a lifetime. But despite all its features, the Magic Flight box is remarkably affordable!

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The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the best vaporizers ever made, but it still requires occasional maintenance to function optimally. Replacing parts as needed can help you maintain efficiency, so that you don't waste your legal marijuana or aromatic blends when you vape. VaporPlants carries all of the vaporizer parts that you need for DIY replacements, including Magic Flight Launch Box batteries. We also carry a full selection of MFLB accessories like the MFLB power adapter that allows you to vape medicinal cannabis and dry herbs using power from a standard AC outlet. Need help finding parts and accessories for your MFLB? Contact us for help!

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer designed for Dry Herb, Wax & Oil by Magic-Flight

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