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Nimbus Vape Review: Pros & Cons of Wax Vaporizer Pen

Nimbus Vape Pen apart, battery, mouthpiece, heating chamber

If you're searching for a marijuana vaporizer that you can use on the go for medicinal weed or recreational marijuana use in places where allowed by law, the Nimbus Vaporizer Pen is a model to consider. It is a waxy oil vaporizer pen that is used for enjoying concentrates, and has a number of benefits.

Basics of the Nimbus Vaporizer Pen

Nimbus Vape Pen guide

- Price - The Nimbus Vape Pen sells for $80, making it on the low end of the mid-range wax vapor pens in terms of its price. That said, this vape outperforms most similarly priced marijuana vaporizer models, making it an exceptional value.

- Vapor Quality - Inside the Nimbus Vaporizer Pen is a large ceramic lined atomizer with a ceramic rod encased wick wrapped with heavy-duty kanthal wire. Because of the use of these high quality components, this wax vape pen is able to provide very large vapor draws. The potency of the vapor produced is really second to none, so this vape is a favorite for experienced users. Both the vapor taste and smoothness are above average as well.

- Guarantee - With the Nimbus Wax Pen, you get a 365-day warranty, which is about average for a marijuana vape pen of this price.

- Prep Time - The Nimbus Dab Pen holds about .25 grams of material, which is enough for about 30 very potent, large draws. The vape can be loaded quickly, and its warm-up time is average.

- Portability - Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Nimbus Pen is a vapor pen that's easy to use on the go. The vape does have a rather bright yellow light that makes it less discreet. To make up for this, the engineers at Nimbus created a stealth mode feature that allows you to turn off the light mid-draw; however, using this feature is a little awkward and makes the vape harder to use.

Nimbus Vape Pen heating chamber with wax on coil

- Ease of Use - The Nimbus Vaporizer Pen has just one button, which has a very unique raised design. This makes it easy to click and sets the Nimbus apart from other models. Air flow thru this wax pen is exceptionally smooth; the unit doesn't get clogged, and people with breathing problems will find it easy to use. The bottom of the atomizer is tapered, making the vape easier to clean.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - There are three heat levels offered in the design of the Nimbus Wax Vaporizer Pen, and LED lights allow you to monitor the temperature. It should be noted that the lights can be hard to see when you hold the wax pen at different angles. You'll need to be careful not to set the vape at the wrong temperature due to this issue with the lights.

- Power Supply - The Nimbus Wax Pen Vaporizer has a large vape battery that provides average battery life on a single charge. To maximize the battery life, use the vape at the lowest temperature setting.

Nimbus Vaporizer Pen Review

Pros of the Nimbus Vaporizer Pen

  • Excellent value for the money
  • Incredibly potent vapor
  • Provides large draws
  • Above average vapor taste and smoothness
  • Easy to load and clean
  • No draw resistance, clog-free operation
  • Attractive design with easy-to-grip matte finish

Cons of the Nimbus Vaporizer Pen

  • The lights can be difficult to see when you're holding it at different angles, which could lead you to set it at the wrong temperature
  • Light at the end of the vape pen is bright, making it less discreet, and the stealth mode is not convenient to use
  • Vaping experience may be too intense for beginners, due to the incredible potency of the vape
  • Not as good for people who prefer short draws

The Nimbus Vaporizer Pen is an affordable vape pen that is best for those who like to take large draws of vapor. Because it is so powerful, this medicinal weed vaporizer is recommended for more experienced waxy concentrate users, even though the model is simple enough for anyone to use.

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