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  • Pulsar APX Wax and Herbal Vaporizer side by side
  • Pulsar APX Wax and Herbal Vaporizer side by side 2 colors
  • Pulsar APX Vaporizer All Colors
  • Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer All Colors
  • Pulsar APX Vaporizer with Accessories and Box
  • Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer with Accessories and Box
  • Pulsar APX Vaporizer with next to Box
  • Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer with next to Box

Pulsar APX Vaporizer for Dry Herb, Wax

Availability: In stock

  • - Pulsar APX for Dry Herb, Wax
  • - Optimized Temperature Settings
  • - Ready in 5-40 seconds
  • - 1 Complete Pulsar Kit
  • - USB Charger and Accessories
  • - Cleaning Brush & Manual

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Availability: In stock


Pulsar APX models are an excellent choice for those who enjoy vaping herbs and/or waxes on the go. Incredibly simply to clean and use with five temperature presets, making it easy and swift to use while traveling. There is no risk of combustion in the 0.35 gram ceramic chamber which will produce clean, flavorful vapes each time. A 1600mAh battery powers the unit to provide robust vapor, making this a great choice for users who crave versatility and quality. A popular compact 2-in-1 wax and dry herb APX vaporizer features a ceramic chamber, temperature control, and a powerful battery for vaping on the go.


Pulsar Vaporizers for Marijuana and Wax Logo

Pulsar APX

Pulsar Vaporizer company believes that every person is unique and should have a vaporizer that aligns with their individual needs. Some people prefer navigating city streets with a vape in tow, stealthily enjoying their favorite materials on the go. Some simply enjoy tailoring the settings to give them what they need according to their mood that day. Others want sleek, sophisticated devices, and some choose in-your-face vapes that can't be ignored. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, Pulsar has an APX vaporizer model for you. Using the latest technology and surprisingly affordable prices, this brand is sure that you can find a vape that offers exactly what you need. Vaporizer Review Icon

Key Features of APX:

  1. Ceramic .35 herb chamber
  2. Powerful 1600mAh lithium-ion battery
  3. Preset 5 temperatures between 365 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. LED indicators
  5. No combustion
  6. Ultra compact and portable
  7. Wax compatible

The APX vaporizer is an ultra compact, lightweight handheld that measures only 4 inches in length. It fits comfortably in both your hand and your pocket so that you can vape both waxes and dry herbs on the go. Allowing you to choose from five preset heat settings between 356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, you can heat the Pulsar APX to your desired heat setting in only 40 seconds. The LED lights on the casing display both the temperature and the battery life. The APX includes a 0.35 gram ceramic herb chamber that delivers unmatched flavor and no risk of combustion. You can also vape concentrates by using the wax tank instead, which fits perfectly into the ceramic chamber and is included in the box. A powerful 1600mAh lithium-ion battery promises robust vapor and long sessions.

Warranty Information

Enjoy a full 6-month warranty from Pulsar with any APX model. This warranty covers the batteries, chargers, and accessories included in the kit if they have been found to be defective when coming from the manufacturer. It does not cover regular wear and tear from use, nor does it cover accidental dropping, submersion in water, neglect, or broken parts from misuse.

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Pulsar APX Wax

Overall, the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer fits the claim that "big things come in small packages." It is tiny for what it can do and is powered by a short, but remarkably strong, 1100mAh battery that provides a long vape session every time. Its triple coils and heating chamber provide unmatched flavor, and with a 5-second heat up time, you can be vaping on the go in no time. The vaporizer is perfect for those who need an easily concealed vape that doesn't sacrifice power for size. Vaporizer Review Icon

Key Features of APX Wax:

  1. Highly stealthy and compact
  2. Powerful 1100mAh battery
  3. Triple coil quartz atomizer and quartz heating chamber
  4. 5 second heat up time
  5. 1.5 hours of usage after only 1.5 hours of charging
  6. Incredible vapor production and clean flavor
  7. Simple to load with included tools

The APX Wax by Pulsar Explained in Details

  • Price - at a mere $60.00 to purchase, the Pulsar APX Wax is moderately and competitively priced. For its robust power and exceptional battery functionality, coupled with its coils, it is quite the steal.
  • Vapor Quality - the vapor production of the wax vaporizer is outstanding. It delivers incredibly clean and flavorful vapes. This is due in part to its triple coil, pure quartz atomizer that has a larger surface area and effectively distributes the heat evenly. Pair that with the ultra-strong borosilicate glass mouthpiece and you have a pure hit every time. The glass attachment works as a splatter guard to stop any of the hot concentrate from being inhaled or popping against your lips, and four small air holes allow for a more comfortable vape as well.
  • Guarantee - secured by a 1-year warranty, you can feel comfortable with your purchase of the Pulsar APX knowing that you can exchange it for up to one year if it doesn't live up to your standards.
  • Prep Time - taking only 5 seconds to heat up to needed temperature, the Pulsar APX Wax is ready in no time. It is simple to load and comes with everything you need.
  • Portability - measuring only 3.75 inches in height, you can easily conceal the APX for concentrates in the palm of your hand while you are out and about.
  • Ease of Use - this dab vaporizer is easy to fill and features a small silicone jar for storing your concentrates as well as a metal wax tool for simple loading, furthering the convenience.
  • Heating and Temperature Regulators - because of the aforementioned triple coil quartz rod atomizer and pure quartz chamber, the heat is evenly and efficiently spread out to produce impressive vapes.
  • Power Supply - powering the Pulsar APX Wax is a robust 1100mAh battery that works harmoniously with the heating element to produce remarkable vapes. It can be charged in only an hour and a half via a convenient micro-USB port, and at full charge, which powers the vape for an hour an a half of usage.

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Short Manual

When using original APX Model with Dry Herbs:

  1. Grind your herbs finely, or prepare your wax by collecting a small amount with the included dabbing tool.
  2. With the device turned off, snap off the mouthpiece to access the screen and ceramic chamber.
  3. Fill the oven with dry herbs, or insert the wax chamber and fill it with concentrates.
  4. Snap the mouthpiece back on.
  5. Click the power button 5 times in rapid succession to turn it on.
  6. Select your desired temperature.
  7. Enjoy your vape!

When using APX Wax Model:

  1. Expose the quartz heating element by removing the glass attachment.
  2. Prepare your concentrate by taking around 0.1 grams and applying it to your included dab tool.
  3. Carefully place the dab onto the coils, taking extra care not to touch the delicate coils with the metal tool.
  4. Replace the glass attachment.
  5. Turn the vape on using the 5-click method.
  6. Allow 5 seconds for it to heat up.
  7. Vape and enjoy!

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Q: Should I charge the APX before I use it the first time?
A: Yes. Fully charge it to help condition the battery to last longer so that it will not diminish too quickly over time.

Q: How long does the APX take to heat up?
A: Approximately 40 seconds.

Q: How do I change the screen on my APX?
A: Unscrew the screen from its mouthpiece and place a new screen over the separation plate. Then, sandwich the separation plate with the other screen, followed by screwing the screen back on.

Q: Can I clean my APX Vaporizer with a cleaning solvent or should I only be using the cleaning brush?
A: You should only clean the APX with the included cleaning brush. Chemicals and solvents may damage the unit.

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Pulsar APX Vaporizer for Dry Herb, Wax. - Pulsar APX for Dry Herb, Wax - Optimized Temperature Settings - Ready in 5-40 seconds - 1 Complete Pulsar Kit - USB Charger and Accessories - Cleaning Brush & Manual

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 3 review(s)
  • Price: $59.00 - In stock
Package Includes:

Pulsar APX Wax Kit Contents:

  • 1 x APX Wax Vaporizer
  • 1 x 1100mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Quartz Rod Triple Coil Atomizer
  • 1 x Quartz Heating Chamber
  • 1 x Dabbing Tool
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual


Pulsar APX Kit Contents:

  • 1 x APX Vaporizer
  • 1 x Removable Wax Tank
  • 4 x Replacement Screens
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Dabbing Tool
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
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Brand/Manufacturer Pulsar
Product Type Vaporizer
Warranty Info 1 Year Limited Warranty
Compatible With Dry Herbs, Concentrated Oils and Wax
Portability Handheld; Cordless (Portable)
Heat-up Time 5-40 seconds
Number of Users One person or Small Group
Power Source Rechargeable Battery
Delivery Method Direct Draw
Package Length (in inches) 2
Package Width (in inches) 5.5
Package Height (in inches) 3
Great but...... - Review by dombri098
the battery doesn't last very long if you plan on using it often. Also, the button is starting to get loose feeling to it and I have only had this around a month. I do love it despite those problems. It makes smoking much easier on the lungs, not to mention it tastes way better. I've only used it for dry herb but the performance is amazing. I would definitely recommend but just note to be gentle with the button and keep the charger handy.
Such a good vape - Review by Kevin
I could not wait to take this out of the box, this is a all in one set! This is my first vaporizer and after postponing it for a while I finally bought it. The chamber is as expected but I don’t have anything to compare it to. Great customer service, thanks for the help!
Great vaporizer pen - Review by Hanna L.
This has saved me a lot of time overall, load it, click it, vape it. Maintenance is not hard, just make sure to clean the chamber after done using. This way it is still hot enough for vaped material to just fall out without having to spend time stirring it up after when it cools down to clean. One charge lasts me an entire day, but not when a few people are using it an entire day, but USB port charge is easy to find when needed.

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