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Herbal Grinder Battle

When you have begun to vape your materials instead of smoking them, you will notice that there is a definite need for grinding your dry herbs. Gone are the days of burning large chunks inefficiently with a rolling paper or glass piece. With a vaporizer, large pieces just won't do. You need the herb to be ground as finely as possible, using a grinder for herbs, for a number of reasons. One is that your herbs are getting fully vaporized because of the enlarged surface area. You are exposing more of the material to the hot air or heating chamber, which in turn gives you bigger clouds. The clouds are also smoother and more flavorful because of the greater surface area, and the material is heated more thoroughly because there is more of it to go around. The question is, which grinder is the best for the job? Below we have reviewed three of the best grinders for herbs to help you decide.

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Space Case vs. Santa Cruz Shredder vs. SLX Grinder

  SLX Grinder
Space Case Grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder
Materials used for: Dry Herbs Dry Herbs Dry Herbs
Pros: Easy grips on top lid Sharp, diamond shaped teeth Only finest material passes through
Made from: 7075 Grade Aluminum Titanium Anodized Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Easiness of grind/use:
(1 hard to 5 being easy)
4 5 5
Easiness of cleaning:
(1 hard to 5 being easy)
4 5 4
(1 dull to 5 being sharp)
5 5 5
Colors available: Charcoal, silver, black, gold A wide variety A wide variety


The SLX grinder comes in four available finishes--charcoal, silver, black, and gold, whereas the Space Case and the Santa Cruz Shredder both come in several vibrant colors. The SLX model is round, compact, and fits easily in the hand with grip points on the upper part of the grinder, and the Space Case is just as simple to hold. All three are incredibly durable, with the Space Case and the Santa Cruz Shredder both being scratch resistant and dust resistant. Magnets connect all of the aspects of the Santa Cruz Shredder to eliminate the fear of spillage. The Space Case is also non-stick.

The teeth of the Space Case are extremely sharp and diamond shaped, delivering the finest grind you can imagine. The sharpness of the teeth in the Space Case can be compared to the durability of the teeth in the Santa Cruz, which are resistant to damage and dulling over time. The standard SLX has 55 ultra-sharp teeth that are resistant to wear and tear as well. All of these grinders have multiple chambers that allow only the finest pieces of the material to fall through. The Santa Cruz and Space Case each have mesh pollen screens for kief catching.


All three of these dry herb grinders are very simple to use. With the SLX, the cover comes off with just a few twists. Each twist is smooth and simple thanks to the 7075 grade aluminum. The neodymium magnets prevent the SLX from popping open unexpectedly, while keeping everything safely inside. The grind is fine, thanks to its many sharp teeth, but not nearly as fine as the grind you get when using the Space Case. This grinder has diamond shaped teeth that make grinding herbs into a near powder effortless and does a wonderful job of breaking up large amounts of herbs. With the Santa Cruz Shredder, none of the material passes through the screens except for the pollen. It produces fine grinds with incredible surface area for even heating once loaded in an atomizer.

Once you have realized the importance of having a dry herb grinder, such as the greater surface area, lowered risk of combustion, and better clouds, you can take a better look at which of these herbal grinders might better suit you. It is always better to go with a unit that can grind more finely, especially when you are using them for a vaporizer. No matter which one you choose, though, the important thing is that you do choose to use a grinder instead of ruining the delicate trichomes and crystals of your material when you grind by hand.