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Guide to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer banner by VaporPlants

The SSV - Silver Surfer Vaporizer from 7th Floor, LLC, is a highly versatile desktop dry herb vaporizer that included a diverse array of outstanding features. Because of this, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer has quickly become one of the more popular products in the inventories of vape shops across the country.

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How to Vape with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Silver Cool Looking

For the best vaping results, we recommend that you use the following methods:

  1. Turn the adjustment knob all the way on, so heating element is at 100 percent power
  2. The first time that you use the vaporizer, allow it to preheat for 10 minutes
  3. For subsequent uses, you can preheat for just two to three minutes
  4. Reduce the heat to 25 to 50 percent. The manufacturer recommends starting off at a low setting and then adjusting upwards as needed
  5. Use a herbal grinder blend to a fine grind
  6. Load the wand until it is 1/3 of the way full (Do not overfill)
  7. You can load the vaporizer using your fingers, or by sucking up your blend
  8. Insert the whip into the vaporizer
  9. Take a full breath with the mouthpiece placed inside of your mouth
  10. You should see a clean white vapor when you exhale
  11. If you do not, try inhaling more slowly to expose the air to the heating element for longer periods of time
  12. After every four to seven draws, stir the herbal blend to ensure even vaporization

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Dry Herb Replacement Screens

How to Change the Screen in the SSV

The screen in the quick change glass wand must be changed periodically.

Use the following process:

  1. Utilize the pick to remove the old screen
  2. Set the screen onto the wand
  3. Push down using the pick
  4. On the bottom, flip the screen to adhere it to one side of the wand
  5. Once one side of the screen has successfully been caught, push down on the other side with the pick

How to Use the Aroma Top of the SSV

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Aroma TopWand

If you want to use your Silver Surfer Vaporizer as an essential oil diffuser, you will need to incorporate the Aroma Top within the unit.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use the C-ring to place the Aroma Top on the top side of the vaporizer
  2. Put the included dish into the Aroma Top
  3. Add your desired essential oils and one tablespoon of water, or place a paraffin wax melt into the dish
  4. Be careful not to bump the vaporizer, as this could cause hot wax or oil to spill
  5. Never move the vaporizer with the Aroma Top in place

How to Use Hands-Free Silver Surfer Vaporizer Attachment

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Hands Free Attachment

Want to enjoy a hands-free vape? The included hands-free attachment will make that possible. For best results, we recommend that you follow these steps.

  1. Add the included plastic boot to the hands free glass wand attachment to prevent scratching
  2. Hold the wand near the vaporizer heater
  3. Insert the Hands-Free Attachment between the end of the wand and the side of the housing
  4. Once the wand is snugly in place, you can release the device and vape without holding on

If you need any additional assistance with your Silver Surfer Vaporizer, please feel free to contact our team for support. We pride ourselves on assisting our customers with a variety of vape-related issues. Whether this your first time shopping with us or one of several experiences you have had with our service representatives, we look forward to hearing from you!

Key features of Silver Surfer Vaporizer:

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Whip and Wand
  1. SSV comes included with a lifetime limited warranty on workmanship and labor, with a three-year warranty on electrical components and a 30-day warranty on glassware

  2. This is one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry today

  3. Ceramic heating element is incredibly powerful, providing more heat than the majority of vaporizers on the market

  4. It also has a longer lifespan

  5. With its attractive design, the SSV is stylish enough to be displayed on a table or counter

  6. Silver Surfer includes a quick change wand that allows for fast, effortless screen replacements

  7. This model is one of few vaporizers on the market today which includes an additional component for aromatherapy oils
Silver Surfer Vaporizer view from the Top

Important Safety Information

To ensure a safe vaping experience with this unit, we recommend that users keep the following safety.

Here are our safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Silver Surfer Vaporizer becomes very hot when it is turned on
  2. Users may sustain severe burns if they come into contact with the device
  3. Keep all types of flammable material away from the dry herb vaporizer when it is activated
  4. Never place combustible or flammable materials in the Aroma Top covers
  5. Place the SSV on a stable flat surface, where there is no risk of the device falling or tipping over
  6. Do not allow children or pets near the Silver Surfer Vaporizer when it is turned on
  7. Avoid bringing your hair or clothing into close proximity with the herbal vaporizer

Basics of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Glass Wand

The SSV produces vapor from legal marijuana, legal herbal blends and aromatherapy. Releasing their active chemical components without combustion or burning. This results in a clean vape experience that is not contaminated with carcinogens or tar.

Once the Silver Surfer herbal vaporizer is preheated, it can be used throughout the day. Herbal blends are packed into the included wand. Which is then inserted inside of the vaporizer, where it is then heated by the ceramic heating element. The white misty vapor produced by the unit can be inhaled using the mouthpiece of the wand.

Video: SSV by 7th Floor Overview

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