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Answers to Top Vaporizers - F.A.Q.s

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More and more people are switching from smoking to using a vaporizer pen, making these portable vaporizers more and more mainstream. Most people have heard of a vaporizer pen, but many have questions about them or aren't sure how they work. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked vape pen questions!

What Is a Vape Pen?

What is a Vape Pen?

A vaporizer pen is a very small device shaped like a writing pen. Made up of a battery, a heating chamber. and a mouthpiece, a vaporizer pen is used for inhaling the concentrated essences of materials. In other words, a vaporizer pen is an alternative to a medical marijuana or tobacco cigarette. Nicknames for vaporizer pens include "vape pen" and "vapor pen."

What Is a Wax Pen? An Oil Pen? A Dry Herb Vape Pen?

Vaporizer pens can be used to inhale a number of different materials. Often, people call vaporizer pens by names that indicate what they are used to vape. The three main types include:

What Can You Vape with a Vaporizer Pen? Dry Herbs, Waxy Oils and Liquids

- The oil vaporizer pen which is also called an oil pen or oil vape pen. This type of vaporizer is made to hold liquid oils, such as essential oils made from botanical herbs, and electronic cigarette fluid, called e juice or e liquid. E juice oils are offered in many different flavors. Some contain nicotine and can be used in place of tobacco cigarettes.

- The wax vaporizer pen which is also called a wax pen or a wax vape pen. This type of vaporizer is made to hold thicker oils that have a waxy consistency. Most often, wax vape pens are used to vaporize a type of marijuana resin called hashish.

- The dry herb vaporizer pen, which is also called an herb or herbal pen, or an herb or herbal vape pen. This type of vaporizer is made to hold dry herbs. Most often, dry herb vaporizer pens are used to vaporize medical or legal marijuana, but some people utilize them for vaping dry tobacco leaves, as an alternative to smoking or dry botanical herbs for aromatherapy.

Dry Herb Vaporizer
Wax Pen
Electronic Cigarette - eCig

Is Vaporizing Really Different Than Smoking?

The simple answer is yes, vaporizing really is different than smoking. In fact, the vape pen was actually first developed as an alternative to smoking in the 1960s, and gained popularity in the 2000s after a Chinese pharmacist made an updated model specifically to help people quit smoking.

The real question is how they are different. The easiest way to explain is to look at the difference between what happens when you smoke dry herbs and what happens when you vape:

Is Vaporizing Really Different Than Smoking

- When you smoke marijuana, you use fire to combust or burn it. Combusted smoke gases from marijuana:

- Consist of only 12 percent active cannabinoids, the chemicals in cannabis that gives the herb its medicinal benefits

- Are made up primarily of impurities with more than 110 found in the smoke

- Contain six known carcinogens, substances that cause cancer

People vaporizing Dry Herbs and Wax

- When you vaporize dry herbs, no combustion takes place. Instead, the material is heated to its point of vaporization. The vapor gases given off by marijuana:

- Consist of 95 percent cannabinoids

- Contain only a small amount of one known carcinogen; the remainder of the last 5 percent of vapor is just a fragrant oil that is present in marijuana

The same holds true with any type of material. Vaping it will provide you with more of the active chemicals with fewer impurities and carcinogens than smoking. As a result, many doctors recommend vaping to help people quit smoking cigarettes and as a safer alternative to smoking medical marijuana.

Convection vs Conduction banner vaporplants

How Does a Vape Pen Heat Material?

A vaporizer pen can heat up material in one of two ways:

- Conduction. In a conduction vape pen, the heating element is positioned to come in direct contact with the material. As it gets hot, the heat travels directly to the material. This means the vape pen can start producing vapor right away; however, the material at the top of the heating chamber gets less heat than the material at the bottom. This can lead to waste.

- Convection. In a convection vape pen, the heating element is separate from the material. Instead of transferring heat directly, the heating element makes the air inside the heating chamber hot. The air then heats up the material. It takes slightly longer for a convection vape pen to begin producing vapor, but typically, the flow of vapor will be smoother and there is less risk of waste.

vape pen convection vs conduction smoking vs. vaping info-graphic

How Do I Choose a Vape Pen?

To find the right vape pen for your needs, consider:

what to consider when buying your vape pen and how to pick the right one what you want to vape vaporplants icon

- What You Want to Vape. This is the most important consideration! If you're not sure what material you're likely to use, you can purchase a multi-function pen that allows you to try different types of materials.


- Your Budget. Vaporizer pens can cost as little as $25 and as much as $200. It's a good idea to figure out how much you want to spend before you begin comparing.

- Size. While all vape pens are made to be portable, some are smaller than others. A smaller vaporizer pen will be more discreet, but it also holds less material. This means you have to refill it more frequently.


- Battery Life. Vaporizer pens with more powerful batteries will allow you to vape for longer without having to charge them.

- Vapor Quality. Vapor quality refers to the amount of vapor, its potency, its taste, and its smoothness. Generally, more expensive vape pens provide higher quality vapor, but not always. The best way to learn more about the vapor quality associated with various pens is to talk to a knowledgeable customer service rep at an online or brick-and-mortar smoke shop or to read vape pen reviews online.

- Temperature Options. Some vape pens feature adjustable temperature settings. More advanced users often prefer these models because they allow for experimentation with vaping at different heat levels.

- Warranties. Vaporizer pens are usually backed by some type of warranty to protect your purchase.

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