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Vaporizer Reviews - Dry Herb, Wax & Oil vapes - By VaporPlants

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At VaporPlants.com, our mission is to help every vapor enthusiast find the best portable vaporizer, best vaporizer pen or best desktop vaporizer for their needs. That's why we test and evaluate all of the latest vaporizers on the market and write unbiased reviews summarizing their benefits and drawbacks. You can check out the list below to get the basic facts about each of the medical marijuana vaporizers for dry herbs, wax and oil that we have reviewed. Click on the links to read the full vaporizer reviews for any of the products.

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    Best Vape pens of 2016

    Vaporizers Head-To-Head

    • Pax 3 vs. DaVinci IQ vs. Firefly 2 - While there are a number of reasons you should choose any one of these vapes, there are a few points to consider. If you prefer convection over conduction, you may want the Firefly 2; however, if you enjoy setting a precise temperature as opposed to letting a vaporizer decide for you, choose the DaVinci IQ. The Pax 3 is the best to go with for a 2-in-1 concentrate and dry herb vaporizer, but the removable and replaceable batteries in the Firefly 2 may tempt you, as well. Each of these have their pros and cons, and it is up to your vaping needs which one is right for you.


    • AirVape Review - The AirVape is a portable vaporizer with a unique shape that makes it look similar to one of today's smartphone mobile devices. Intended for dry herbs only, this herbal vaporizer is moderately priced and uses a convection heating system that provides good vapor quality with a relatively fast heat-up time. A lifetime warranty makes it one of the most reliable vaporizers in its class, and it offers the ability to precisely set the temperature for a customized vaping experience. While the vapor does tend to get hot by the end of the session, this vape delivers an overall nice vaping experience.

    • AirVape XS Review - The AirVape XS is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs. Available for a very low price, the unit outperforms other dry herb vaporizers in its price range and provides very high quality vapor when used on a low heat setting. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the herbal vaporizer uses conduction to heat material, and like many other conduction vaporizers does tend to be a bit harsher at higher temperatures. Fortunately, you can set the vape to the precise heat level you desire with the digital controls to get the best possible experience.

    • Arizer Air Review - The Arizer Air is a vaporizer that is made by Arizer, a well known vaporizer brand. Intended for dry herbs, the vaporizer uses a conduction heating system with its main heating element but when you draw through the stem to inhale, secondary conduction takes place as well. While too large to be considered a true portable vaporizer, this handheld dry herb vaporizer is battery operated and a good choice for someone who wants to vape at home without being tethered to an electrical cord. The vapor quality is excellent, which is to be expected for a vape at this price point.

    • Arizer Extreme Q Review - The Arizer Extreme Q is a desktop vaporizer that can be used for tobacco or dry herbs. Its biggest selling point is that this vape is a dual function model that can be used as a whip-style vaporizer or as a forced air balloon style vape. In tests, the herbal vaporizer tended to perform better in whip mode, as the balloons take some time to fill. The convection heating system prevents combustion and allows for a continuous supply of potent, flavorful vapor. Just be careful with the glass components; they are fragile, and they do get hot to the touch during use.

    • Arizer Solo Review - The Arizer Solo is a dry herb vaporizer that is similar in shape to a dry herb vaporizer pen but is larger in size like a portable vaporizer. Driven by a high quality convection heating system, the herb vaporizer features a glass stem mouthpiece that preserves the taste of vapor and helps to cool it down on the way to your mouth; however, this straw is fragile and has been known to break. It can take a little time to master the best technique to get large, thick vapor clouds with this handheld vaporizer, but the quality of the vapor produced is worth the effort.

    • Atmos Astra Review - The Atmos Rx Astra is a portable vaporizer that is intended for individuals who want the flexibility of being able to vape dry herbs, waxy concentrates and essential oils. Sold for a bargain price, the multi-function vaporizer features a convection heating system and offers good vapor quality with any of its three modes; however, when vaping liquid and wax, you'll get thinner clouds than what you might expect from other handheld vaporizers. A long warranty and easy-to-use design are additional selling points. On the downside, this portable vaporizer does require frequent cleaning to continue to function at its best.

    • Atmos Boss Review - The Atmos Boss True Vaporizer Pen is a dry herb vaporizer pen that is meant to solve the common problem of combustion in herb vape pens. Using a specially designed low temperature convection heating system, the herbal vaporizer pen warms material more gradually and manages to produce flavorful vapor clouds without any of the burning. As compact and discreet as you'd expect a true vape pen to be, this herbal vaporizer pen does require a little more prep time, as the herbs must be finely ground for optimal results. The vape pen also produces modestly sized clouds that may not suit some vapor entusiasts.

    • Atmos Forge Review - The Atmos Forge Vaporizer is a highly portable vaporizer for wax that features great ease of use and even better vapor quality. Ceramic coils work in harmony with a titanium atomizer and a powerful 950mAh lithium ion battery to create an atomizer responsible for dense and tasty clouds. The Atmos Forge Vaporizer kit includes a packing tool that lets you vape with ease, no matter where you are. Fill the chamber by simply twisting off the mouthpiece to get to the atomizer, and to change the atomizer, you employ the same maneuver. When vaping, you don't have to worry about splash back, as this vape features splash protection for a smooth and comfortable vape.

    • Atmos Jewel Wax Review - The Atmos Jewel is a very compact vaporizer pen that can be used with dry herbs and waxy concentrates. While its conduction heating system is meant to vaporize both types of materials, the vape pen really shines when it's loaded with waxes, as the vapor quality is only average to above average when the unit is used as a dry herb vaporizer pen. Available in a range of stylish colors, the combination herb and wax pen is a bargain price and comes with a long 5-year warranty. It's recommended for those who mostly vape waxes but want the flexibility of being able to use dry herbs occasionally.

    • Atmos Jump Review - The Atmos Jump is a vaporizer pen that is made for dry herbs. Using a convection heating system, it warms up material by passing warm air through it, reducing the risk of combustion that is associated with other dry herb vape pens on the market. Ready for use in a hurry, the vaporizer is an excellent choice for those who prefer a low maintenance vape, as it's easy to load, operate and clean. The biggest drawback is that the vaporizer pen takes 3 full hours to charge, and it is a little bulkier than some competitors' similarly priced pens.

    • Atmos Junior Review - The Atmos Junior is a multi-function vaporizer pen for herbs, waxy concentrates and essential oils. Like some other vape pens from Atmos, the oil, wax and dry herb vape pen comes in a variety of colors and has a compact design. Simple to operate, the vaporizer pen uses a conduction heating system that works very well when the device is used as an oil pen or wax pen. When it comes to its functioning as a dry herb vaporizer pen, the Junior is lackluster and can potentially burn your material. As a result, this vape pen is best for people who vape waxy concentrates and e-juice primarily and will only use dry herbs occasionally.

    • Atmos Kiln RA Review - The Atmos Kiln RA is an upgrade to its predecessor, the Atmos Kiln. For use as a standalone wax pen or as a 510 compatible wax attachment, the Atmos Kiln RA allows you to rebuild your atomizer however you'd like and replace the heating element with ease. It incorporates a powerful battery and passthrough technology so that you can use this dab pen vape no matter if it is charging or not. Easy to load and to use, its 2.12-inch height makes it discreet enough to take on the go, and its all-ceramic make up ensures that each hit you take is at once smooth, crisp, flavorful, potent, and aromatic. Its incredible airflow means very minimal draw resistance, leaving you with a tasty, powerful vaporizer that won't let you down.

    • Atmos Kiln Atomizer Review - The Atmos Kiln provides a unique way to purchase the parts for a wax pen. Unlike a conventional wax pen vaporizer, the Kiln is sold as a standalone atomizer for wax. The atomizer has 510 threading on the bottom, so it can be used with a large number of vape pen batteries with matching 510 threading. In terms of performance, the atomizer uses a ceramic disc that reaches very high temperatures. As a result, the wax atomizer is able to produce large vapor clouds of very high quality; however, there is more of a risk for messy splattering due to the increase in temperature.

    • Atmos Kiln Kit Wax Review - The Atmos Kiln Kit contains the Atmos Kiln atomizer for wax described above plus a vape pen battery, giving you everything that you need to begin using the vaporizer pen in one convenient package. The battery included in the set is a 950 mAh lithium ion battery with a specially designed spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to put the wax pen together in a hurry. Individuals who want to purchase the Kiln atomizer but don't want the hassles of having to pick out a vape pen battery on their own will find this kit to be a good solution.

    • Atmos Liv Review - The Atmos Liv is a portable vaporizer from Atmos Rx that is intended for dry herbs. While the herbal vaporizer is very similar to some other vapes on the market, it does have one unique feature that sets it apart. In addition to working as a dry herb vaporizer, the unit can be used to recharge mobile devices like a smartphone or a tablet. As a result, it's a great option for people who are frequently on the go. The vapor quality from this economical portable vaporizer is good but it does have a tendency to decline as your session continues.

    • Atmos L'Or Review - The Atmos Tyga X Shine L'Or Vaporizer is a wax vaporizer pen that is an ultra compact, slim, and highly portable vaporizer. Featuring the choice of dual or single quartz rods inside of a titanium heating chamber, the atomizer is powerful and possesses great flavor producing qualities that make it one of the best. The heating element in the Atmos Tyga X Shine L'Or Vaporizer also delivers nice clouds. The magnetic chamber cover allows for simple filling of your material for vaping on the go, and its 650mAh battery only needs a swift 2 hours to charge to full capacity.

    • Atmos Magna Review - The Atmos Magna is a powerful and highly portable dab pen vaporizer that features a 650mAh lithium ion battery that is able to control three preset temperature settings, which you can cycle through with the click of a single button. It comes with a single quartz rod titanium atomizer and a double quartz rod titanium atomizer to let you pick your power. The Atmos Magna delivers great flavor due to the quartz rod and the glass mouthpiece, which also keeps heat away from your lips. Accessing the heating element is simple with the magnetic chamber top.

    • Atmos Orbit Review - The Atmos Orbit is a dry herb vaporizer made by Atmos Rx. While the handheld vaporizer is shaped similarly to a vaporizer pen, it is a little larger and sized more like a portable vaporizer. This gives it the advantage of having a larger heating chamber to hold more materials but makes it a little less discreet and harder to carry. Typically, this herbal vaporizer is recommended for those who are new to vaping and are interested in an economical portable vaporizer rather than a traditional vape pen. The vapor does tend to be a little harsh and hot with the Orbit.

    • Atmos Pillar Review - The Atmos Pillar by Tyga x Shine is a durable, scratch-resistant portable vaporizer for both concentrates and dry herb material with its two different chambers, one ceramic and one titanium. It is scratch-resistant and ergonomic in its design with ridges that at once help the hand grip onto it, as well as work to keep the vaporizer from getting hot to the touch. The Atmos Pillar comes with 6 pre-set tempertures to optimize your vaping experience by handing control over to you. Easy to load and even easier to use, the Atmos Pillar is the next best thing in hybrid vaporizers.

    • Atmos RAW & Atmos R2 Review - The Atmos Raw is an older model dry herb vaporizer pen that is generally not recommended. Since its release, herbal vaporizer pen technology has advanced greatly, leaving this herb pen in the past. The Atmos R2 is a vaporizer pen that is designed to work both as a wax pen and as a dry herb vape pen; however, the vape pen really only excels as a vaporizer for wax because its conduction heating system tends to burn dry herbs. When considered only as a wax pen, the R2 offers excellent vapor quality, simple operation and a very rapid heat-up time.

    • Atmos Transporter Review - The Atmos Transporter is a portable vaporizer made by Atmos Rx for vaporizing dry herbs. One glance at this portable herbal vaporizer lets you know that it's a little different from other vaporizers on the market today, as this vape looks almost identical to a drinking flask. Geared toward vapor enthusiasts who are looking for a very discreet vaporizer, the Transporter has a convection heating element with a ceramic chamber that produces above average vapor; however, compared to some other portables, the vapor it creates is less smooth. The battery life with the vape is a little shorter than the norm as well.

    • Atmos Vicod 5G Review - The Atmos Vicod 5G is a portable vaporizer from Atmos Rx that is made for vaping dry herbs. A conduction vaporizer with a ceramic chamber, the Vicod 5G is available for a very low selling price compared to other dry herb vaporizers in its class, and many consider it to be one of the best portable vaporizer units in its price range. The vaporizer is very compact in size, comes with a 5-year warranty and has flexible temperature settings. The biggest drawback is the rubber mouthpiece, which can sometimes feel sticky to the touch and has a tendency to get hot.

    • Atmos Vicod Review - The Atmos Vicod vaporizer is the predecessor to the Atmos Vicod 5G, and it is still available for purchase. Like the newer model, the original Vicod is intended for dry herbs and provides very pleasing vapor for a vaporizer of its price. Slightly less expensive than the 5G, the original Vicod does not have the rubber mouthpiece, but it still has a tendency to get hot with prolonged vaping. The biggest difference between the two vaporizers is that that the original has a fatter shape and is a little harder to open than the newer model. In addition, the Vicod 5G has a slightly larger temperature range.

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    • Boundless CF Review - The Boundless CF is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that is designed to resemble the Mighty and Crafty herb vaporizer units from Storz and Bickel. A hybrid vaporizer, the unit heats material directly through conduction to allow vapor production to begin very quickly, but also passes warm air through material in the way that a convection vaporizer does to eliminate the need for stirring and tight packing. On the lower heat settings, the dry herb vaporizer provides good vapor quality; however, on the higher settings, vapor does become harsher and less flavorful. Draw resistance may make the vape hard to use if you have any type of breathing problem.

    • Boundless CFV Review - The Boundless CFV is an incredible vaporizer that is portable enough to take on the go. It features a broad temperature range that allows you to choose a high or low temperature for your dry herb. It is a fully convection-based vape, meaning you will never have to worry about the atomizer cooking your material. This robust vape comes with heat retention rings to pleasantly improve pleasantly. A loading ring helps you slide in your material for quick, on the go vaping. The Boundless CFV comes with an impressive 3-year warranty.

    • Boundless CFX Review - The Boundless CFX is a portable vaporizer that can be used for dry herbs, wax and essential oils, making it a rare find on the market. Reasonably priced compared to other portable vapes, this model works equally well no matter which mode you use it in, providing smooth vapor that has a nice taste and is very potent; however, as a whole, the vapor quality is not as good with this portable as it is with some models that are higher in price. The conduction vape is also a little larger in size than some of its competitors that are intended for vaping only dry herbs.

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    • Cloud Pen Paragon Review - The Cloud Pen Paragon Vaporizer is a portable wax pen vape that is totally and completely self-contained. This vaporizer features a built-in dabbing tool for loading your materials, and it also features what is known as the NoGoo non-stick silicone jar for transporting your waxes. The jar is incorporated into the bottom of the vape for discretion. The Cloud Pen Paragon portable vaporizer includes 2 dual quartz rod atomizers that preserve the flavor of your wax, while also heating up efficiently. The 2200mAh battery is tremendously powerful and offers a long-lasting battery for a true all-day vaping experience.

    • Cloud V Classic & Platinum Review - The Cloud V Classic and the Cloud V Platinum are two vaporizer pens that use a conduction heating system to vaporize wax and essential oil. Discussed together because they use the same tornado atomizer, these vape pens both provide high vapor quality and come with lifetime warranties on their batteries. The Classic is a little less expensive and has a shorter battery life per charge than the Platinum. In addition, the Classic has a hollow mouthpiece that is not as nice as the replaceable tips on the higher-priced Platinum. Both of the oil and wax pen vaporizers come in an array of colors.

    • Cloud V Electro Review - The Cloud V Electro is a portable vaporizer for waxy concentrates and can easily be dubbed one of the best if not the best portable vaporizer of its kind. Not only does the handheld vaporizer produce extremely high quality vapor, but it comes with a water tool that gives you the ability to cool the vapor and enhance its flavor. Suitable for use with all kinds of wax, the portable wax vaporizer has adjustable temperature settings and is easy to operate. It's even affordably priced. The biggest drawback is that it can be a little challenging to load.

    • Cloud V Phantom Review - The Cloud V Phantom is a vaporizer pen for dry herbs. Considered a mid-priced dry herb vape pen, the model has a large chamber, which allows you to enjoy longer vaping sessions but also increases the size of the pen to the point where it rivals the proportions of a portable vaporizer. In terms of performance, the Phantom starts off producing very high-quality vapor; however, things become harsher and hotter toward the end of a session. A fast-heating conduction element, a removable battery and a simple one-button design are additional selling points of this herbal vaporizer pen.

    • Cloud V Terra Review - The Cloud V Terra is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that offers value for the money as a cheap vaporizer that still performs well. Best for beginners, the dry herb vaporizer has only one button and very little draw resistance. The conduction vaporizer is easy to carry and has a handy retracting charging cable that users love. While it does produce pleasing vapor, the handheld vaporizer is a bit finicky. To get good results, you need to grind your herbs very finely and periodically stir them to ensure even heating. The extra step may make the herbal vaporizer less appealing to some users.

    • Crafty Review - The Crafty is a portable vaporizer from the German manufacturer Storz and Bickel, the creator of the legendary Volcano vaporizer. A true convection vaporizer, the dry herb vape has the distinction of being the smallest handheld vaporizer in the company's line-up and is one of the priciest portables on the market. Still, the herbal vaporizer is able to rival the performance of most desktop vaporizers and provides a truly exceptional vaping experience. The herb vaporizer is compatible with an iOS and Android mobile app that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet like a remote for controlling the unit.

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    • Da Buddha Vaporizer Review - The Da Buddha is a desktop vaporizer from 7th Floor that uses conduction heating and a whip to vaporize dry herbs. Retailing for under $200, it is one of the least expensive desktop vaporizers on the market today. The dry herb vaporizer features ground glass connections that make it possible to let go of the whip and relax during a session, and its ceramic heating element reaches working temperature quickly. Vapor quality from the herbal vaporizer can be above average, provided that you monitor your herbs carefully and stir frequently to prevent combustion. With no numbers on the temperature dial, the herb vaporizer can be challenging to set.

    • DaVinci Ascent Review - The DaVinci Ascent is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs and waxy concentrates. Available in a variety of stylish finishes, the vaporizer uses conduction to heat material to its point of vaporization without burning. Its glass vapor pathway preserves the purity of vapor but does make the mouthpiece delicate and susceptible to breakage. A long battery life and compact size makes the portable vaporizer ideal for use on the go. One major drawback to the herbal vaporizer is that it can become very hot to the touch, dangerously hot in some cases. As a result, it's better suited to shorter vaping sessions.

    • DipStick Vaporizer Review - The DipStick Vaporizer is an innovative way to enjoy concentrates. By just dipping the pen into your wax or oil, you are all set to go. It utilizes a nickel-plated chrome coil and takes less than one minute to prep for use. The DipStick Vape features a coil cover cap that prevents messes and makes it easier to take this portable dab pen on the go. Ergonomic, this dab vape produces massive and flavorful clouds that deliver unparalleled flavor and potency, due to the fact that you are able to take a fresh hit every single time you dip the pen.

    • Dr Dabber Aura Review - The Dr Dabber Aura is a wax vaporizer pen that is intended for the serious enthusiast who wants to be able to vape any type of waxy concentrate and experiment with different methods of heating. Like most vape pens, the unit is a conduction vaporizer, but its temperature is well regulated to prevent combustion. The major selling point of the wax pen is that it comes with three atomizers, all of which are lined with premium crystal quartz. There are three heat settings offered, setting the wax pen vaporizer apart from other vape pens on the market. The only downside is its price, which is more expensive than most vape pens.

    • Dr Dabber Boost Review - The Dr Dabber Boost is a handheld vaporizer for waxy concentrates that people consistently rave about in vaporizer reviews. Using a premium titanium nail and conduction heating, the Boost vaporizes wax to create very large clouds of vapor with excellent flavor. A glass attachment ensures that the vapor is as smooth as it is potent. Much larger than a dab pen and most portable vapes, the Boost is made to be used at home; however, its battery can be used for 50 to 60 draws before a recharge is required. A short warranty and a steep selling price are the downsides to the vape.

    • Dr Dabber Boost eRig Review - Dr Dabber Boost eRig Mod is an attachment that is designed to be used with any 510 threaded vaporizer pen battery. The unit bridges the gap between wax pen vaporizer units and electric nails for dabbing, allowing you to dab concentrates while enjoying the wireless convenience of a wax pen. Potency is greater than what you get with the average wax vape pen, and the water filtration tube cools vapor down to give you great taste with plenty of smoothness. Beginners may find the dab vaporizer pen difficult to use, and its expensive price makes it best for those who are serious wax enthusiasts.

    • Dr Dabber Budder Cutter - The Dr Dabber Budder Cutter is a unique device that is not truly a vaporizer. Instead, this battery-operated portable tool is used for softening and dabbing concentrates, waxes, and oils that are thick or otherwise difficult to work with. The dab tool has a calibrated heating system that keeps the temperature within ideal range to prevent the material from vaporizing or burning before you have it loaded. You also receive nails with the tool. While the Dr Dabber Budder Cutter is an excellent investment for someone who regularly uses waxy concentrates for medicinal or legal recreational purposes, it is likely too advanced for new users and unnecessary for people who use concentrates infrequently.

    • Dr Dabber Ghost Review - The Dr Dabber Ghost is a wax vaporizer pen that is ideal for beginners who want an exceptional experience right from the start or for experienced enthusiasts who are ready to upgrade their vape pens. A conduction wax pen, the Ghost features a low heat titanium atomizer that heats material up low and slow to virtually eliminate the risk of combustion. Glass tools can be used with the vape pen for filtration, but even without them, the wax pen vaporizer produces smooth, pleasing vapor. The unit is less expensive than the Aura from Dr Dabber but is still pricier than most other wax vape pens.

    • Dr Dabber Light Review - The Dr Dabber Light is a portable vaporizer pen for waxy concentrates and oils. A conduction heating system with a titanium-wrapped ceramic coil gets vapor flowing fast, and you'll get large clouds with plenty of flavor from the wax pen. Affordably priced, the wax vaporizer pen is very compact in size. It's only slightly larger than a tobacco cigarette, so you can be inconspicuous using it in public. Apart from a short warranty, there are very few flaws in the design of the vaporizer, particularly if you are looking for a dab pen that is truly pocket sized.

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    • Exxus Go Review - The Exxus Go is a portable vaporizer for wax that can be placed on a tabletop for convenient usage. It features a triple quartz coil that delivers incredibly powerful, potent, and flavorful hits. A glass mouthpiece and a hydro attachment are included to deliver unmatched smoothness. It "hits like a freight train" and produces incredible vapor quality. Simple to use, it only has one button to turn it on and off and to fire it up. There is also a single indicator light that will be green when it is ready to be used and red during its very short heat up time.

    • Exxus Mini Review - The Exxus Mini is a portable vape that is currently the smallest on the market. It features an ultra long battery life, a 30 second prep time, and temperatures that range between 320 – 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The Exxus Mini produces excellent vapor quality with a great taste and even greater potency with every hit. Easy to fill and simple to charge, this is a great herbal vape for taking on the go. Its anodized chamber means it functions like a convection vape, heating your herb thoroughly and efficiently. It has a 2-year warranty and a competitive price of only $129.00, making buying it a decision that ultimately requires very little thought.

    • EpicVape e-Nano Log Review - The EpicVape E-Nano Log is a desktop vaporizer for wax and dry herbs that is designed to be a lower priced alternative to other desktop units on the market today. Using a mix of conduction and convection, the wax and dry herb vaporizer performs well with both types of material, producing very high-quality vapor. The vaporizer does have some rather glaring design flaws, though. Its power cord frequently comes loose because it does not lock in place, and it's very easy to accidentally bump the temperature dial because it is positioned on the cord. Also, the wax and herb vaporizer has a very small heating chamber, so longer sessions require refilling.

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    • Firefly 2 Review - The Firefly 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that is truly one of the best portable vaporizer units being sold today. Light and compact with an efficient, fast-charging battery, the vaporizer is portable and sleek. Convection technology allows the vaporizer to produce a steady stream of vapor without ever combusting herbs, and the flavor, potency and smoothness of the vapor is virtually unparalleled. A mobile app allows you to control the herbal vaporizer with your tablet or smartphone. One of the most expensive portables being sold at present, the vaporizer does require a special inhalation technique to work properly; however, it doesn't take long to master it.

    • Firefly Review - The Firefly is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that is the predecessor to the Firefly 2, and when it was released, it was one of the best portable vaporizer units on the market. Like the newer model, this dry herb vaporizer uses convection technology to evenly heat herbs and produce very high-quality vapor. The vaporizer is larger and heavier than the original and has a shorter battery life. Still, it remains an excellent investment and can be a good choice of herbal vaporizer for someone who is looking for a handheld unit to use at home and does not want to pay the higher price for the Firefly 2.

    • Flowermate Review - The FlowerMate is a portable vaporizer that is about the shape and size of a smartphone. A conduction dry herb vaporizer, the model features a convenient digital display and has three temperature settings from which to choose. While the unit is highly efficient, the vapor it produces grows hotter and harsher toward the end of a session. Still, when you consider the fact that it retails for less than most other herbal vaporizer units, the model does offer value for the money. Just be careful how you handle it; the herb vaporizer has been known to come apart in people's pockets.

    • Flowermate Swift Pro Review - The Flowermate Swift Pro is a portable, stylish, and highly discreet 100% convection vaporizer that comes with interchangeable chamber walls, making it truly one of a kind. This sleek, convenient vape also features an isolated heating path which allows it to eliminate the chemical, electronic flavor that other vapes may have. It only takes 30 seconds to heat and is perfect for flavor chasers and those who enjoy precise temperature control. This is an all around high quality dry herb vape with great vapor production and potency that is sure to satisfy all who use it.

    • FlytLab Fuse Review - The FlytLab Fuse is a vaporizer that lets you vape two of the following materials at once: eliquid, oils, waxes, and dry herbs. Unlike anything else on the market, this conduction vaporizer also comes with an intuitive draw technology that only heats the vaporizer when you are inhaling from it. Great vapor quality, tasty clouds, and a long-lasting battery make this a vape that everyone needs in their arsenal. This multi-use vaporizer comes with refillable cartridges, each of them designated for a different substance, as well as a USB charger for the battery and several cleaning tools to keep the vape in its best shape.

    • FlytLab H2FLO Review - The FlytLab H2Flo is a convection portable vaporizer with a very unique design. Intended for dry herbs, this portable vape can be used on its own, with a water chamber, with an air chamber or with both chambers in place. The water chamber filtrates and purifies vapor, while the air chamber increases cloud size. When you use both together, this dry herb vape can rival the performance of the best portable vaporizer units on the market. The price is on the high end, and all of the attachments do make it larger than most other portable units.

    • FlytLab Lift Vaporizer - The FlytLab Lift Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs. Smaller in size than the H2Flo from FlytLab, this vape is compact and easy to carry. Value priced at around $150, the medicinal marijuana vaporizer is much less expensive than some other portable vaporizers, and it provides a good vaping experience when you consider its cost. A long 10-year warranty protects the dry herb vaporizer to ensure satisfaction. This convection-style vape earns points when used on its Low and Medium settings; however, the High setting does tend to give an unpleasant burnt taste to material and is not recommended.

    • FocusVape Pro Review - The FocusVape Pro is a conduction-based dry herb vaporizer that features a ceramic heating chamber capable of holding an impressive .4 grams of dry herb material. The ceramic chamber, combined with the 510-threaded glass mouthpiece promises smooth vapor production that is also full of flavor and potency. The FocusVape Pro has a 20-second heat up time which is very impressive along with a removable, replaceable battery for quick and efficient on the go vaping. It has full temperature control ranging from 176 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit and adjustable airflow for a customizable experience.

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    • G Pen Elite Review - The G Pen Elite is the latest vaporizer made by Grenco Science and is the best portable vaporizer in their collection. Made for dry herbs, the conduction and convection vaporizer has a digital temperature display and allows you to choose the level of heat you want to the precise degree. Economically priced compared to other portables, the dry herb vaporizer offers above average vapor quality and is easy enough for beginners to use. Its ergonomic shape also makes it more comfortable to grip than many competitors. While higher priced models do have slightly better vapor quality, this herbal vaporizer is a good value for the money.

    • G Pen Review - The G Pen is a conduction vaporizer pen from Grenco Science that is offered in two different sizes and in different models for wax and dry herbs. The dry herb vaporizer pen does pose a risk for combustion, but the wax vaporizer pen provides above average vapor quality at an affordable price. With numerous special edition designs, including models created by legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, the economical wax vaporizer pens are as much fashion accessories as they are medicinal and legal recreational weed vaporizers. The vape pens all offer single button operation for ease of use.

    • G Pro Review - The G Pro is the first portable vaporizer to be released by Grenco Science and is patterned after the brand's popular vape pens but in a larger size. Like the vaporizer pens, the conduction dry herb portable vaporizer is offered in a variety of stylish finishes and special edition designs. Performance wise, the herbal vaporizer does not burn herbs the way that the G Pen dry herb vape pen units have a tendency to do; however, the vapor quality is not as good as what you'll receive from the G Pen Elite. As a result, the portable vaporizer is a good option for someone looking for a fashionable herb vaporizer at a reasonable price.

    • Goboof Alfa Review - The Goboof Alfa is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that boasts some unique features not found in competitors' weed vaporizers. With this conduction dry herb vaporizer, you can choose from three standard fixed temperatures or two different automatic variable temperatures that make the vape hotter during your session to ensure that you enjoy steady vapor production. The model also allows you to easily draw whether you prefer to take long or short inhalations, and its heating chamber can be filled with any amount of material for flexible operation. The vapor quality is average to above average with this portable vaporizer.

    • Grasshopper Vaporizer Review - The Grasshopper is a very unique vaporizer pen for dry herbs. Unlike most vape pens, which use conduction heating, this dry herb vaporizer pen has a convection heating system that provides incredibly high vapor quality compared to other vape pens. As you might expect, with that unique technology comes a much higher price tag than what you'll find with other herbal vaporizer pens; however, if you are looking for a vape pen that works as well as a high-end portable, this model is well worth the money. The only downsides are that the mouthpiece tends to get a little hot, and the LED light on the herb pen may be too bright for discreet vaping.

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    A close up of a woman smoking a vapor pen


    • Haze Square Review - The Haze Square Vaporizer is a fully convection-based portable vaporizer. This vape can accommodate waxes, oils, and dry herbs all at once through its four unique rotating chambers. Each of these chambers can be rotated over a single heating element, and though they cannot be used all at once, they can be used within quick succession of one another. The Haze Square Vaporizer features a ceramic heating element, for a full-coverage heating experience, and can heat itself instantly thanks to its powerful 2600mAh battery, which is also capable of producing vapor in 3 short seconds.

    • Haze Vaporizer V3 Review - The Haze V3 is a portable vaporizer that gives you the ability to vape oils, wax and herbs all with one unit. One of the only weed vaporizers of its kind, this model is perhaps the best portable vaporizer for anyone who likes to vape wax and herbs and uses e-juice for nicotine, as it works exceptionally well in all three modes. Replaceable batteries make the portable vaporizer easy to charge and long lasting, and it allows you to vape for longer on a single charge than most portable models. The biggest drawback is that you typically need to let the vape sit for a few seconds between draws to ensure large cloud production.

    • Haze Vaporizer V2.5 Review - The Haze 2.5 is the predecessor to the Haze V3 and is available for a lower price than the current model. While it still offers the same multifunction flexibility as the V3, the portable vaporizer does not perform quite as well; however, the vape experience you'll get when using oils, waxes or dry herbs is still better than the norm. Some of the other downsides of this vaporizer that were improved upon with the V3 include a sticky mouthpiece and a bulkier design. The 2.5 also may not hold its temperature properly in humid conditions or at high altitudes.

    • herbalAire H2.2 Review - The herbalAire H2.2 is a desktop vaporizer that is suitable for use with oils, waxes and dry herbs. This makes the weed vaporizer very unique as it's rare to find a desktop model that works with anything other than dry flowers, let alone both waxes and oils. Adding to the versatility of the desktop vaporizer is its draw options flexibility. With this marijuana vaporizer, you can use a whip, balloons or a direct draw mouthpiece. Surprisingly low priced when you consider its functionality and versatility, the desktop vaporizer is a good investment for individuals who want to experiment with vaping different types of material.

    • Herbalizer Review - The Herbalizer is a high-end portable vaporizer for dry herbs that uses convection technology and a high-powered halogen light bulb to produce vapor. Able to reach working temperature incredibly fast, the desktop vaporizer works with a whip or with a bag and produces vapor that is every bit as good as what you'll receive from other top-of-the-line desktop dry herb vaporizer units like the Volcano. Due to its incredible performance, this herbal vaporizer is one of the most expensive models on the market today, and it does have a few quirks, such as the whip attachment being a little loose.

    • HipVap Vaporizer Review - The HipVap is a portable vaporizer that is designed for the vapor enthusiast who wants to be able to discreetly vape on the go. Made to look like a hip flask rather than a traditional dry herb vaporizer, the model is easy to carry and fits comfortably in your hand. Technically, this vape can also be used for waxy concentrates, but it does not perform as well when used as a wax vaporizer. Compared to other conduction vaporizer models, the unit provides above average vapor quality, and it is sold for a more affordable price than many other models on the market.

    • Hot-Box Vaporizer Review - The Hot Box is a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs. An entry-level conduction vape, the dry herb vaporizer is one of the least expensive desktop units currently available and comes in a wide array of colorful styles. There are absolutely no knobs or dials featured in the design, which makes it simple to use; however, the simplicity comes at the cost of flexibility, as you cannot adjust the temperature to suit your material. You can purchase the unit with a standard connection or with a hands-free ground glass connection. Vapor quality is about average with this herbal vaporizer.

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    • Indica Vaporizer Review - The Indica vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that emphasizes a discreet design over other design facorrs. Using a conduction heating system, this dry herb vaporizer produces average vapor quality with five different flexible temperature settings to choose from. What makes the unit unique is that the herbal vaporizer looks more like a large Zippo lighter than a marijuana vaporizer, so you can carry and store it without raising any eyebrows. In terms of battery life, this model is one of the best portable vaporizer units available, as it provides 90 minutes of continuous vaping time per charge.

    • Innokin Reviews - iTaste CLK, VV4, MVP, and Cool Fire IV - Innokin is a line of personal vaporizer units for vaping e-cigarette e-juice. You cannot use these vaporizer pens as weed vaporizers. Like all electronic cigarette style devices, the vape pens use conduction heating to heat e-liquid to its point of vaporization. There are seven different models to choose from in the range, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Generally, Innokin mech mods outperform other e-cigarettes on the market, particularly the higher-end models that feature variable voltage technology for customizing your vaping experience. Prices vary on the units from mid range to high end.

    • Iolite Vaporizer Review - The Iolite is a portable vaporizer that is unlike anything else being sold today. Instead of using a battery for power, this dry herb vaporizer is driven by butane. When you press the button, the butane combusts and warms the conduction heating system up. You never have to recharge a battery with the unit, but you will have to refill the herbal vaporizer regularly with butane fluid. In terms of price, the Iolite is a mid-range model. Its vapor is potent and flavorful, but noticeably thinner than what other portable vaporizers provide. The unit is also on the large side.

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    A man in a suit is holding a vape pen with confusion


    • KandyPens Donuts Review - The KandyPens Donuts is a vaporizer pen for waxy concentrates that features a standard conduction heating system with a high quality ceramic disc atomizer. The wax pen provides an exceptional vaping experience with potent vapor that is smooth and flavorful, albeit on the thin side. KandyPens offers a virtually unheard of lifetime warranty on their vape pen batteries, separating the Donuts wax vaporizer pen from the competition. The biggest downside to the wax vape pen is that it tends to splatter and can be a mess to clean. Its price tag is also higher than many other wax vape pens; however, it is not the priciest model on the market either.

    • KandyPens Galaxy Review - The KandyPens Galaxy is a step up from the Donuts vaporizer pen but is only slightly more expensive in price. Its conduction heating system includes a quartz heating chamber and dual titanium wire-wrapped quartz rods that produce thick, potent flavor with rich flavor and distinctive smoothness. Unlike the Donuts, the Galaxy wax vape pen is very easy to keep clean, and it comes with the same lifetime warranty on its vape pen battery. Really, the only quirky thing about the wax vaporizer pen is that its LED indicator lights are a little counterintuitive. Otherwise, this wax pen is truly one of the best vaporizers for wax on the market right now.

    • KandyPens Gravity Review - The KandyPens Gravity is a vaporizer pen for solid waxy concentrates. Powered by a conduction heating system, the wax vaporizer pen comes with two different atomizers. Its ceramic disc atomizer provides small vapor clouds that are incredibly smooth, while the dual coil atomizer provides plentiful clouds that are packed with flavor. A long battery life, four heating levels, and a clog-free airflow system are among the many features and benefits of this high quality dab pen. It is priced much lower than most wax pen vaporizers, and only has a couple of very minor drawbacks.

    • KandyPens K-Vape Micro-DX Review - The K-Vape Micro-DX is the newest portable vaporizer from K-Vape and has a number of impressive features. With its True Convection heating system, the dry herb vaporizer is able to provide very smooth, flavorful vapor, but like many vaporizers with this type of heating system, it takes some time for the vapor to become thick during sessions. The digital display screen makes the vaporizer easy to use, and it offers to-the-degree temperature controls for a customized experience. Drawbacks include the large size of the handheld vaporizer and the plastic mouthpiece, which does diminish the taste of vapor slightly.

    • KandyPens K-Vape Review - The KandyPens K-Vape was the first portable vaporizer to be released by KandyPens, and while it's not the best portable vaporizer for dry herbs on the market, its low price makes it a good entry level dry herb vaporizer for beginners. The vaporizer uses a conduction heating system, and like other vapes of this style, its vapor tends to get hotter and harsher the longer that sessions go on. You'll also need to ensure that your material is ground very finely to get sizable vapor clouds with this model. With three temperature settings, the herbal vaporizer is flexible, and the single button design allows for easy operation.

    • KandyPens Miva Review - The KandyPens Miva is a portable convection dry herb vaporizer. It boasts temperature control and a memory function which recalls the last temperature setting and heats to that point immediately upon powering up. Discreet, fashionable, and sturdy, this vape can be kept in your pocket with ease or pulled out to discreetly pull from while tucked in your hand. The Miva produces exceptional vapor quality, and due to its ceramic chamber, it features even better flavor and potency. With its short 10-20 second heat up time, you can be vaping on the go in no time at all.

    • KandyPens Mini Review: The KandyPens Mini is a vaporizer for concentrates that features unparalleled power and ergonomics. With its pass-through technology, one-button function, and an easy-to-fill chamber, this wax pen is super convenient to use. It runs on a powerful lithium-ion battery and utilizes an Elevated Airflow System to make each draw resistance-free. The KandyPens Mini features a ceramic heating element that produces unprecedented flavor, aroma, and potency, and with its one-button, cycling through the three heat settings is a dream. This vape is recommended for both beginners and experts who would like something powerful, potent, portable, and simple to use and maintain.

    • KindPen Orion Review - The Kind Pen Orion is a dry herb vaporizer. This vape features the coveted convection heating system to ensure no combustion will occur. It has a powerful 1200mAh battery that can last for hours while you take it on the go, and its incredibly easy-to-use construction furthers its portable nature. The flavor and vapor produced in the Kind Pen Orion vape are outstanding, providing rich, dense, flavorful clouds from the first hit to the last. Its stainless steel chamber can hold up to 0.5 grams of ground material, and it features 1 sliding temperature setting between 360oF and 420oF.

    • KindPen Status Review - The Kind Pen Status Vaporizer is a convection style portable vaporizer that utilizes a ceramic chamber which evenly distributes heat and provides outstanding flavor. This vape has temperature settings that letyou choose your temp right down to the degree ranging from 350 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a digital OLED display that makes setting the temperature and checking the battery level simple and quick. Its long lasting battery, portable nature, and incredible discretion make the Kind Pen Status a vaporizer that you can take with you anywhere. Loading it while on the go is simple and it requires little to no maintenance.

    • KindPen TruVa Review - The KindPen TruVa portable convection vaporizer is a compact unit that is made from high quality materials. Its size affords it discretion and the utmost portability, and with its .8 gram chamber and enduring battery life, you can vape all day without needing to stop to recharge or tinker with it too much. It is simple to use and fill and includes a packing tool to get your material ready for even vaping every time; this can also be attributed to the convection heating, as hot air heats the chamber more thoroughly than a conduction vaporizer would.

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    • Life Saber Vaporizer Review - The Life Saber is a unique dry herb vaporizer from 7th Floor. While it is plugged into the wall like a desktop vaporizer, the herbal vaporizer is designed to be held in your hand rather than used with a whip or vape bags. To provide very pure, great tasting vapor, the design includes an all glass vapor pathway. This gives you a very nice, smooth draw; however, it also means that the Life Saber is delicate and could be damaged if not handled and stored carefully. Cheaper than most desktop vaporizers, the dry herb vaporizer has adjustable temperature settings.

    • Linx Hypnos Zero Review - The Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer is a conduction style portable wax vaporizer that features a ceramic heating element. This heating element helps to evenly heat your waxes and keeps the flavor intact. It also includes a glass mouthpiece that increases the flavor of the vape as well. It is ultra-compact and discreet, as it is super thin and measures only 4 inches long. It features a 510 threaded battery that makes it simple to charge, which is completed in only 2 hours! With a full charge, the Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer can be vaped all day long while consistently producing flavor no other portable vape comes close to.

    • Linx Hypnos Review - The Linx Hypnos is a wax vaporizer pen intended for individuals who are looking for a good vaping experience but do not want to invest in an expensive vape. With its medical-grade glass vapor path and titanium-wrapped ceramic rod, the vaporizer produces vapor of exceptional purity, potency and taste; however, to get large clouds, you will need to take long draws from the mouthpiece of the conduction vape pen. The small size makes the wax pen very easy to conceal and transport but also means that the unit has a smaller capacity than some other vaporizer pens for waxy concentrates.

    • Loki Touch Review - The Loki Touch is a one of a kind, innovative, and sleek vaporizer that is capable of vaping both concentrates or dry herb material. This hybrid vaporizer features intuitive touch screen technology that allows you to set and view the temperature of the vaporizer. It has a temperature range high point of 440 degrees Fahrenheit that stops the vaporizer from heating to the point of combustion in its ceramic oven. Incredibly portable, the Loki Touch is only 5 inches tall by 1.5 inches thick, making it easily concealable in the palm of your hand. The battery is powerful enough to last for 3 hours with intermittent use, or a continuous 45-minute vape session.

    • Loki Vaporizer Review - The Loki Vaporizer is a portable conduction style vaporizer. The heating element of the Loki Vaporizer is an anodized chamber, which allows for beautiful flavor and thick, dense clouds, depending on the heat setting you have it on. This dry herb vape comes with 3 optimized heat settings that each deliver its own benefits. With a powerful, long lasting battery, a simple-to-load chamber, and a size that measures only 3.75 inches, the Loki Vaporizer is one of the best handheld vaporizers to take with you on the go. Its retractable mouthpiece also aids in its ability to be safely toted around wherever you go without concern over damages.

    • Lotus Vaporizer Review - The Lotus is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that does not require a battery or butane. Instead, you heat the vaporizer up with a lighter to produce vapor from your herbal material. The design is essentially a convection vaporizer because the flame is not applied directly to the material. Vapor quality from the unit is good, and it is difficult to burn the material due to the design. This model is a good choice for someone who wants to avoid recharging batteries and filling up their vapes but it does take some time to master the correct way to use this herb vaporizer properly.

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    A female exhales vapor from a vape pen


    • Magic Flight Launch Box Review - The Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB for short, is a vaporizer that can be used for dry herbs and a small number of wax concentrates with an additional accessory. Although this conduction vaporizer has been on the market for years, it is still considered by many to be one of the best portable vaporizer units because of its excellent vapor quality and handcrafted wood design. Warrantied for a lifetime, the dry herb vaporizer is simple in theory. You just push in the battery to instantly heat your material and then draw through a stem. In practice, it takes some time to master the best way to inhale from the unit.

    • Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Box Review - The Magic Flight Muad-Dib is a portable vaporizer for waxy concentrates made by the same manufacturer as the legendary Magic Flight Launch Box. A conduction vaporizer, this amazing wax vaporizer heats waxy concentrates almost instantly and produces some of the most potent vapor that you can get from a portable unit. Like the MFLB, this vaporizer for wax is handcrafted out of wood and works when you insert a battery. Warrantied for a lifetime, the stylish wax vaporizer is economically priced compared to other portables, but like its dry herb vaporizer counterpart, it does take some time to get used to.

    • Micro Vaped V4 Review - The Micro Vaped V4 is an ultra slim and discreet wax vape that has the appearance of a true luxury pen. It is competitively priced and can be taken anywhere due to its covert nature. It features a dual coil quartz crystal atomizer that produces unmatched flavor, vapor quality, and potency. With 6 heat settings, it has a powerful battery and features handy pass-through technology that allows you to vape on the go, making it incredibly convenient. Heat this vape up to 30 seconds to reach your desired level of vaporization for a truly customizable vaping experience each time.

    • Mighty Vaporizer Review - The Mighty is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs made by Storz & Bickel, the German manufacturer that created the Volcano vaporizer. Larger in size than the Crafty vaporizer from the same brand, the Mighty uses a convection heating system to heat up herbal material and provides a very steady stream of potent, flavorful vapor with quality that is virtually unmatched by other portable herbal vaporizer units. A digital temperature display is featured on the bottom and can be adjusted by the degree to your exact needs, and its large heating chamber holds more material than the Crafty. Price is the biggest drawback to the portable vape.

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    • Nimbinvap 4.3 Review - The Nimbinvap 4.3 is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that does not have any type of internal power source. Instead, this dry herb vaporizer produces vapor with heat from a butane lighter. The herbal vaporizer completely eliminates the need to charge or refill your vape and is very compact in size for easy carrying. Highly versatile, the vaporizer can be used seven different ways, including with different mouthpieces for filtration. The experience that you'll get from the herbal vaporizer depends greatly on what attachments you use. On its own without any of the filters, the vape has a tendency to produce poor vapor. Even with attachments, you must be cautious not to burn your material.

    • Nimbus Review - The Nimbus is a wax vaporizer pen that uses conduction heating with a kanthal-wrapped ceramic rod to generate large quantities of flavorful, smooth vapor. The air flow of the wax pen gives it very little draw resistance, and the vape pen is small enough to fit in your pocket. With three levels of heat to choose from, the wax vaporizer pen allows you to customize your experience; however, it can be difficult to see the temperature light, so you must be cautious when setting it to ensure that you select the right temperature. This model is recommended for experienced vaporists, as its vapor may be too potent for beginners.

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    A man is holding a vapor pen


    • Pax 2 Review - The Pax 2 is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that is the follow-up to the original Pax herbal vaporizer. Consistently rated among the best portable vaporizer units on the market, the Pax 2 uses conduction heating to produce vapor but does not pose a risk for combustion like many other conduction-style herbal vapes. The model features lip-sensing technology that optimizes the heating system to keep vapor production steady throughout your session, and the vape features a sleek housing that is very stylish. Downsides include a steep price tag and a tendency for the vapor to become harsher as sessions continue.

    • Pax Review - The Pax is a dry herb vaporizer that is sometimes called the Pax by Ploom or the Pax Classic. Less expensive than the follow-up Pax 2, the herbal vaporizer features a combustion heating system but lacks the lip-sensing technology of the newer model. The herbal vaporizer is also larger in size and heavier, and its housing is not as slim or sleek. Another major difference between the two is that the Pax 2 mouthpiece stows in the top while the original Pax has a retractable mouthpiece that is more difficult to care for. The vapor quality is roughly the same between the models, but expect more draw resistance from the Classic.

    • Pax Era Review - The Pax Era is a portable 3-inch long conduction vaporizer, and unlike other conduction oil vaporizers of its kind, employs the use of pre-filled pods instead of user-inserted material. While these pods can be tricky to obtain outside of legal states, they eliminate the mess that many vapers hate about using oils. Once you pop in the pod, there is absolutely no preheating time, making the Pax Era ready to go immediately. Delivering fantastic vapor density, flavor, and potency at a low price point, the Pax Era also comes with a mobile app that allows you to set the temperature and even play games with your vape.

    • Pinnacle Pro Review - with a Bubbler - The Pinnacle Pro by VaporPlunt is a portable vaporizer that can be used for waxy concentrates, oils and dry herbs. This portable vaporizer scores points for versatility, as it not only is able to vaporize a wide range of materials but there are also glass attachments available to use with the system. If you want to get the best experience with the wax and dry herb vaporizer, these attachments are recommended, as the combination conduction and convection portable vaporizer does have a tendency to produce hotter, harsher vapor that benefits from filtration. The vape sells for around $200, making it a mid-range model.

    • Plenty Vaporizer Review - The Plenty is a handheld vaporizer from Storz & Bickel that features a conduction heating system powered by electricity. Much larger than the average hand held vape, the dry herb vaporizer looks like a power tool but for the right user, it can provide an amazing vape experience that rivals or beats the performance of most dry herb desktop vaporizers. Selling for around $400, the vaporizer has a steep price compared to other portable vapes; however, it is a lower-priced alternative to the Volcano vaporizer, which is also made by the German manufacturer.

    • Prima Vaporizer Review - The Prima is a portable vaporizer made by Vapir that is used for dry herbs. The conduction vaporizer heats up quickly and has an auto shutoff feature that prevents combustion, so it is able to provide above average vapor quality. In terms of efficiency, the dry herb vaporizer allows you to make the most of your material with no waste. Still, for all its benefits, the herbal vaporizer has some drawbacks that make its price point near that of the Pax 2 and Firefly a bit questionable. The biggest flaws include a small oven despite its large size and a poor closure that can lead to spills.

    • Puffco Plus Review - The Puffco Plus vaporizer is a vaporizer for wax that is highly portable and super discreet thanks to its slender and minimalistic design. This vaporizer comes with an innovative feature called the "Dart," a built in loading tool that is attached to the mouthpiece. The dart is also used to help spread material more evenly in the chamber. It features a coil-less, pure ceramic heating chamber that provides incredible flavor and assists in the even heating of your dabs. There are 3 temperature settings as well as a "sesh mode" that lets you take longer draws on this unique portable vaporizer.

    • Puffco Pro Review - The Puffco Pro is a wax vaporizer pen that uses a ceramic rod with a titanium coil to drive its conduction heating system. Sleek and compact, the wax pen is undoubtedly attractive, and it is capable of producing vapor of above average quality. The wax vape pen earns top marks for being discreet and has a sizable heating chamber despite its small size, so you can enjoy long sessions without a need to refill. Unfortunately, the wax vaporizer pen is not suitable for small dabs, and it does have a tendency to become clogged, leading to draw resistance.

    • Pulsar APX Review - The Pulsar APX is a dry herb and wax portable vaporizer that is considered an entry-level unit due to its low price. Shaped like a vaporizer pen only bigger, the vaporizer uses convection heating to gradually increase the temperature of material in order to produce vapor. For the price that you'll pay for this portable vaporizer, the vapor quality is surprisingly good though not on par with what you'll get from some of the higher-end models on the market. Be prepared to ground your herbs very finely to get good results, and keep in mind that the portable vaporizer does have an extremely short warranty.

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    • QuickDraw 300-D & 300-DLX Review - The Quickdraw 300 is a vape pen that can be used for dry herbs, waxes and oils. To ensure best results with any material, the vaporizer pen features three different chambers, each of which is designed specifically for its intended use. The chambers are easy to fit into place due to their magnetic connectors, and the oil, herb and wax pen is smart enough to detect which chamber is in place and to adjust its heating levels to provide the best vapor quality possible. The only major downside to the wax, oil and dry herb vape pen is that it can be tricky to load.

    • QuickDraw 500 Deluxe Review - The QuickDraw 500 is very similar to the in that it allows you to vape waxes, oils and herbs with convenient, magnetic cartridges; however, this vape is actually a larger portable vaporizer, so it has a larger chamber for holding materials. Like its vaporizer pen cousin, the portable vape is optimized to provide optimal heat for whatever you are vaping, but it is important that you vape your material all in one sitting to ensure that you get the best quality vapor possible. The portable vaporizer comes in many stylish colors and is easy to operate.

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    A couple exhaling vapor from a vaporizer pen


    • Sidekick Vaporizer Review - The Sidekick Vaporizer from the renowned 7th Floor Vapes is a conduction heating portable wax and dry herb vaporizer. It features a range of temperature settings, which can be set with just a few clicks of a button and watching the LED display. Complete with vortex chamber technology, the vapor quality is smooth, flavorful, and clean but does lack that important density. It has a built-in tool that lets you stir the material as you vape to keep up the quality of the vapor. Ergonomic, this vape is largely portable but does weigh a decent amount, limiting portability. It is battery operated.

    • Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review - The Silver Surfer is a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs made by 7th Floor. A step up from their DaBuddha dry herb vaporizer, the Silver Surfer is a mid-priced desktop that can be a great entry-level herb vaporizer for someone who is new to vaping. A conduction vaporizer, the model uses a whip to deliver vapor and is very unlikely to cause combustion. While it delivers great tasting, potent vapor, the herb vaporizer does take some time to learn to use correctly, and its analog temperature dial is less precise than models with digital temperature controls.

    • Snoop Dogg Micro G Review - The Snoop Dogg Micro G is a compact vaporizer pen for dry herbs. Designed with the help of rapper Snoop Dogg, this dry herb vape pen wins points for its sleek style and is considered to be a fashion accessory as much as it is a vaporizer unit. Very inexpensive, the herb pen is easy to carry and a fraction of the size of many other vape pens. The biggest problem with the vape pen is that its conduction heating system can potentially cause combustion. To avoid this, it is best to use the herbal vape pen for short sessions.

    • SOURCE orb 3 Review - The SOURCE orb 3 is a vaporizer pen that allows users to enjoy many different types of materials. With the vape pen, you'll receive cartridges for oils, waxes and dry herbs as well as a variety of mouthpieces for mixing and matching. The dry herb cartridges of this conduction vaporizer are known to cause combustion, so this pen is not a great choice for someone who primarily vapes herbal material. Instead, it is an excellent option for individuals who primarily uses waxes and oily concentrates and want to be able to enjoy herbs occasionally.

    • Source Slim 4 Review - The Source Orb Slim 4 is a conduction-based wax pen vaporizer. Measuring in at only 4.7 inches in height, it is one of the most compact vaporizers on the market, making it highly portable. This dab pen attachment features 510 threading that makes switching between its two atomizers, a dual quartz titanium atomizer and a coil-less quartz atomizer, very simple. With the vaporizer options, getting great walls of clouds and immeasurable flavor is simple. Easy to load and to use, the Source Slim 4 has a high output battery and 3 heat settings optimized for your convenience.

    • SToK Roil vs SToK R 2 Review - The SToK Roil & SToK R Series 2 are vaporizer pens for wax concentrates. Both of the conduction vaporizer pens are affordably priced, selling for a fraction of the cost of other dab pens. Their advanced air flow designs allow vapor to move freely with no clogs or draw resistance to get in your way. Simple to load and to operate, the wax pens look similar to e-cigarettes, making them very inconspicuous. The major drawback is that both have polycarbonate plastic chambers that tend to affect the taste of vapor. Vapor quality is also a little lower with the SToK R Series 2 than with the SToK Roil.

    • SOURCE orb XL Review - The SOURCE orb XL is a wax vaporizer pen that delivers incredibly potent vapor using a conduction heating system. Because it features three titanium coils instead of the usual two, the wax pen is capable of delivering stronger vapor than competitors. In fact, it is so strong that this wax vape pen is recommended for experienced users who are ready to take vaping to the next level rather than beginners. A bit larger than other wax vape pens, the model has an adjustable air flow system to reduce draw resistance. Be careful when you're carrying it, as the vape pen has been known to leak.

    • Sutra S Type Review - The Sutra S Type vaporizer is a powerful portable dry herb vape that delivers desktop-quality vapor with all of the convenience of portable vaping. The S-Type has a battery capable of pass-through charging and possesses enough stamina to power 3-6 sessions and is simple to load with its magnetic top. This vaporizer for dry herbs has 4 temperature settings ranging between 390 and 480 degrees Fahrenheit to give you options regarding the way you vape. It has a hybrid ceramic coil that heats in under 30 seconds and lights that indicate when it has hit its first temperature mark.

    • Sublimator Vaporizer Review - The Sublimator is a rare desktop vaporizer in that it is capable of vaporizing not only dry herbs but also waxes and oils. A true all-in-one desktop model, this vaporizer heats material through a combination of conduction and convection and is capable of producing very pleasing vapor in large clouds with any type of material; however, the setup for the system is very complicated. Many vapor enthusiasts will find it inconvenient, and its high cost will put it out of many people's price ranges. As a result, this desktop vaporizer is best suited toward a serious enthusiast who wants a better vaping experience and is willing to do a bit of set up work to get it.

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    • Utillian 720 Vaporizer - The Utillian 720 Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs and waxes, setting it apart from other portables that can only be used for flowers. With a convection heating system, the medicinal marijuana vaporizer produces a steady flow of vapor that is tasty and smooth when you choose the optimal temperature setting from the eight available options. Made to resemble a smartphone, the aluminum vaporizer for weed, waxes, and herbs is discreet and very easy to carry. Its biggest shortcoming is its difficult-to-monitor battery life, but this can be addressed with regular frequency charging at home.

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    • Yocan Evolve Plus Review - The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer is a wax vaporizer designed for on the go use. It features a convenient silicone jar at its base for carrying your concentrates with you, and a long-lasting 1100 mAh battery that delivers exceptional running time, letting you vape for longer while out and about. The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer has an instant heat up time that is due largely to the big dual quartz atomizer that delivers clean, flavorful draws, and you have the option of purchasing an additional ceramic donut coil for customization of each vape. It has a very low price point for what it can do.

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    • V2 Pro Series 3 - The V2 Pro Series 3 is a portable vaporizer pen that comes with a cartridge for e-juice, and requires users to purchase separate cartridges for dry herbs and concentrates. While it is a conduction-style vape pen, the model does not combust material the way that some other dry herb vaporizer pens are prone to. It provides above average vapor quality and is very easy to load and use. While its battery life leaves something to be desired, the portable vaporizer pen does have pass-through charging and will be completely charged in just 75 minutes. Overall, the vape pen is recommended for individuals who like to use many different types of materials when they vape.

    • V2 Pro Series 7 - The V2 Pro Series7 is a portable vaporizer with a 3-in-1 design for herbs, waxes, and e-juice. Sold with e-juice and dry herb vaporizer cartridges, the portable vaporizer is bargain priced and comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. For those who do not mind a smaller cloud size, the multi-function herb vaporizer offers a good experience on the low setting, and it's very simple to load and assemble. While you can choose from two higher heat settings to increase the cloud size, this causes a major decline in vapor quality. Other quirks include a short battery life and a very short automatic shutoff timer that disrupts vaping sessions.

    • Vape Life eNail Dab Review - The Vape Life eNail is a handheld vaporizer for waxy concentrates with a glass attachment that filters and cools the vapor its conduction heating system produces. Because of its design and fragile glass components, the wax vaporizer is really intended only for home use; however, it does come with a padded travel box for taking it on the go. The vapor quality possible with this hand held vaporizer is unparalleled, but its price point is higher than most wax pens and many portable vaporizers that can be used for wax. Long battery life and flexible temperature settings are additional pluses.

    • VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review - The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is a dry herb vaporizer with a unique design. While it plugs into the wall like a desktop vaporizer, the model is small enough to hold in your hand like a portable vaporizer. What's more, the herbal vaporizer has a number of unique glass attachments that allow you to enjoy the benefits of water filtration while you vape. With an attachment, it's possible to get very smooth, potent vapor with a great taste. The desktop vaporizer does cost more than other portable vaporizer models, and its price is comparable to better quality desktop units.

    • Vapeur Astral Review - The Astral is a portable vaporizer pen that is intended for dry herbs. Modestly priced compared to other portable vaporizers, the vape is a good choice for those who are new to vaping and are looking for a simple-to-use herbal vaporizer. The conduction heating system does take some time to be ready for use, but the handheld vaporizer has very little draw resistance and produces large clouds. To get the best possible results from the portable vape, it's best to wait about 30 seconds between draws in order to let the Astral get back to its working temperature.

    • Vapir NO2 Review - Vapir No2 is a portable vaporizer made for dry herbs. While it is an older model, it's considered to be a classic and still used by many people today. The dry herb vaporizer uses a combination of both convection and conduction heating to produce vapor of above average quality. The digital temperature controls let you choose your ideal level of heating, and the herbal vaporizer reaches working temperature fast. The unit does tend to run hot, and it is larger in size than many other portables. As a result, the herb vaporizer is primarily recommended as a handheld vaporizer for home use.

    • Vapir One Review - The Vapir One is a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs that can be plugged into a wall or the cigarette lighter of a vehicle (but don't vape marijuana while driving!) Using conduction and convection heating, the vaporizer can be used for direct inhalation or to fill up vaporizer balloons. In both modes, the handheld vaporizer is easy to use, and beginners can get excellent vapor production on the first try with the unit. That said, the vapor quality possible with the herbal vaporizer is below average, as the plastic construction tends to reduce the flavor profile of the vapor.

    • VapirRise Review - The VapirRise is a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs and waxy concentrates. Selling for much less than the cost of the average desktop vape model, this economical vape can be used as a forced-air vaporizer with balloons or as a whip-style vaporizer for direct draw. A multi-use adapter lets up to four people vape simultaneously with the unit. Convection vape heating gives the vaporizer the ability to produce high quality vapor. Beginners may find all of the parts and pieces that come with this desktop vaporizer a little overwhelming, and Vapir Rise does take a little work to get the unit set up and ready for use.

    • Vapium Summit Plus Review - The Vapium Summit Plus is a portable dry herb vaporizer meant for those who enjoy engaging in outdoor activities. It can withstand temperatures anywhere from 0-176 degrees Fahrenheit and is both splash and dust proof, allowing you to take it on almost any adventure you can think of. The Vapium Summit Plus features a stainless steel air path, with absolutely no plastic, to deliver an unparalleled taste and potency with every hit. There are vibration alerts that contribute to its stealthy nature, and loading it is a breeze, making this long-life vape the perfect choice for taking with you virtually anywhere.

    • Vapium Summit Review - The Vapium Summit is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs that fits perfectly in your palm. Available in fashion colors, the herbal vaporizer has a fast charge time of just 60 minutes and allows for up to one hour of continuous vaping, making it good for use on the go. With eight different temperature settings, the herb vaporizer is more flexible than some other models, and its $150 price point makes it very economical. The main drawback to the herb vaporizer is that as with other conduction vaporizers, the vapor quality tends to diminish as your session goes on, becoming hotter, harsher and less flavorful.

    • Vapolution 3 Review - The Vapolution 3 Vaporizer is a dry herb tabletop vaporizer that uses convection heating to vaporize the material. Featuring an all glass mouthpiece, air path, chamber, and heating element, it generates a high quality experience each time you vape. The 100 percent glass air path makes for flavorful, smooth, cool, and crisp vapor. To use, warm it up for 2 minutes and then place your dry material directly into the chamber--no need for grinding! From there, use the digital temperature control to set a temperature between 212o F-452o F. You can fit a large amount into the chamber at once, making this vaporizer about as convenient as it gets.

    • Vapor Brothers Dabbler Review - The VaporBrothers Dabbler is a wax vape pen that uses a conduction heating system with an inconel wire and burn-proof wick to vaporizer waxy concentrates efficiently. Beloved for its ability to produce smooth, tasty vapor, the wax pen is a mid-range model and is an exceptional value for the money when you consider the quality of its performance. A microprocessor inside helps to keep the temperature at the optimal setting throughout use for best results. Bigger than some competitor wax vape pens, the model does offer pass-through charging but its charger cord is too short to make this very practical.

    • Vapor Brothers VB11 Eleven Review - The Vapor Brothers VB11 Eleven is a portable vaporizer pen for waxy concentrates that is bargain priced at around $60. For a wax pen of its price, the VB11 produces surprisingly smooth, flavorful vapor and offers the potency that experienced vapor enthusiasts demand. The wax vape pen looks very similar to an electronic cigarette and is small in size for easy carrying; however, it is not as discreet as some other wax vape pens, as it produces a lot of noise during operation. The small battery cap also has a tendency to become misplaced, so be sure to stow it somewhere safe when you're charging.

    • Vapor Cup Review - The Vapor Cup is a portable vaporizer that is designed to make it hard to tell that you're vaping. Intended for dry herbs, the handheld vaporizer looks like a reusable travel cup and allows you to inhale vapor through a mouthpiece that looks like a drinking straw. One of the more expensive portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, the vape is a good investment for those most concerned with being able to enjoy vaping privately on the go. Vapor quality is best when the vaporizer is used with the included glass draw straw; however, the plastic and vinyl straws are more durable for vaping on the go.

    • VaporBlunt 2.0 Review - The VaporBlunt 2.0 is a portable vaporizer for both dry herbs and waxy concentrates that sells for only about $150, making it one of the most affordable, if not the most affordable, herb and wax vaporizer in the portable category. Whether you're vaping wax or herbs, you'll get good vapor quality from the convection vaporizer; however, the portable wax and dry herb vaporizer can be tricky to load and cause you to waste some material. A water pipe attachment is included with the portable wax herbal vaporizer, but with it in place, the model becomes more difficult to discreetly stow on the go.

    • Vaporfection miVape Review - The Vaporfection miVape is a portable vaporizer for dry herbs and waxes that uses convection heating and a glass vapor path to produce vapor of exceptional quality. Designed to look rather similar to a small smartphone, the portable herb and wax vaporizer has a hinged lid that keeps the glass draw stem protected when you're on the go. On par with the Firefly and the Pax 2 in terms of its vapor quality and price, the wax and dry herb vaporizer does take longer to heat up than its competitors and only holds a small amount of material at one time.

    • Vaporite Tantric Review - The Vaporite Tantric is a portable, 3-in-1 vaporizer that is compatible with concentrates, eliquids, and dry herbs. It features three atomizers, one of which allows the user to sub-ohm their eliquid--a revolutionary feature when it comes to 3-in-1 vapes. It features a powerful, long-lasting battery capable of delivering power in either temperature increments or through wattage, both of which are variable and adjusted using the OLED screen. The Vaporite Tantric is compatible with any 510 tank or cartridge and comes with a Pyrex Glass mouthpiece, making it versatile and capable of delivering excellent vapor quality.

    • Volcano Digit Vaporizer Review - The Volcano Digit is a dry herb desktop vaporizer made by Storz and Bickel and is considered by many to be the best vaporizer that money can buy. With its convection system, the vaporizer efficiently heats herbs to their point of vaporization and then fills bags with potent, amazingly flavored, smooth vapor. A digital temperature system lets you set the unit to the exact level of heating that you desire. The biggest downside to the desktop vaporizer is its steep price, as it generally retails for $680, much more than most medicinal and legal recreational marijuana vaporizers.

    • Volcano Vaporizer Review - The Volcano is the predecessor to the Volcano Digit and sells for about $150 less than the newer model. While its price point is still above other desktop dry herb vaporizers, the Volcano Classic can be a good choice for those who want to experience the unparalleled vapor quality possible from the dry herb vaporizer but want to save some money. The primary difference between the Classic and the Digit herbal vaporizer units is that the Classic has an analog temperature dial and a smaller temperature range than the newer model. It uses the same convection heating system and vapor bag system.

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    • White Ryno Hylo Review - The White Rhino Hylo Vaporizer is a 3-in-1 wax, oil, and dry herb vaporizer. Each of these materials can be vaped using its unique bullet pod loading system, and each material has its own separate bullet. This weed vaporizer uses convection heating, which affords the user an evenly heated and outrageously smooth hit every time. Its flavor is unparalleled by any other marijuana vaporizer on the market, and it only gets better the hotter that you run the unit. Choose from 3 preset heat settings designed to optimize your experience and enjoy the convenient 3-minute safety shut off feature.

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    • Zephyr Ion Review - The Zephyr Ion is a desktop vaporizer for dry herbs. Like the Volcano, it fills balloons with vapor and uses a convection heating system to produce vapor of very good quality; however, it is a lot noisier than some of its competitors, so it can disrupt a household or make it difficult to have a conversation at a party. A digital temperature display lets you choose your desired heating level down to the degree, and the vaporizer is simple to operate, making it a good choice for beginners. Bags fill fast, and the heat-up time is short compared to other convection herbal vaporizers.

    If you have questions or would like help selecting a vaporizer, you can contact us at any time.

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