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Whip, Wand, Glassware
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Whip, Wand, Glassware

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Whip, Wand, Glassware

You can't enjoy your vaporizer if you don't have the right accessories! That's why VaporPlants brings you a wide selection of products to coordinate with your desktop vaporizer. We carry full replacements like the Arizer Solo and Zephyr Ion whips to allow you to upgrade or maintain your cherished possession. We also carry individual replacement parts like the Da Buddha or SSV wand, so that you can replace a broken glass wand and make your whip like new again. In addition to our wands, whip tubing and whips, we carry glass accessories that allow you to freshen the air and treat yourself to the aromatic benefits of herbs and oils without having to vape.

Ground Glass Hands Free Whip Kits - Vaporizer Whip

Using a vaporizer whip allows you to control the heating of your dry herbs, but there's one major problem with a standard whip, you have to sit there and hold it! Some vaporizer brands have solved this problem by introducing a hands free whips that stay in place on the heater cover on its own using a ground glass connection. If you're looking to change to a hands free, ground glass whip, or need to replace your factory-direct glass parts, VaporPlants is certain to have just what you need at a great price.

Standard Vaporizer Whip Kits

In a direct draw vaporizer, the whip is absolutely essential for vaping. The whip is where the actual vaporization takes place, as it holds the herbs inside of its wand and the mouthpiece, where the tubing carries the vapor to your mouth. If you can't vape without a whip, you need to take action! That's easy when you shop at VaporPlants, where you'll find the best selection of fine quality standard whip kits. Some whip kits provide the wand, the tubing, and the mouthpiece in one handy package.

Hands Free Ground Glass Wand for Vaporizers - Vapor Wand

Whether you're enjoying the benefits of an aromatic blend or dry herbs, you deserve to be able to kick back and relax while you use your desktop vaporizer. A ground glass wand can help you do just that! A wand with a ground glass connection will stay in place inside the heater cover, so you can let go instead of having to hold it in place. Whether you want to upgrade your vape with a new wand or need a replacement, VaporPlants has the perfect hands free wand for your needs.

Vaporizer Heater Cover

On a tabletop vaporizer that uses a whip, the heater cover is a very important part. The glass wand holder is the place where you insert your whip to heat up the temperature of your dry herbs or other materials and begin to vape. Even the best vaporizer glass heater cover can break, but the good news is that the part is replaceable. VaporPlants has a wide selection of replacement glass coverss to help you get your vape repaired with ease.

Vaporizer Water Filtration Adapters - Vaporizer Hydrotube

Whatever it is you vape, you'll enjoy your experience the most when the vapor is ideal for your taste. If you're one of the many people who likes a cooler, smoother vapor, using a glass bubbler can help you enhance the consistency of your vapor, and cool down its temperature for the best results with each draw. Water filtration adapters are accessories that act like glass water pipes while you vape, and many vaporizers are compatible with them.

Vaporizer Tubing - Vape Tube - Vaporizer Hose

What is a vaporizer whip tube? Simply put, it is the part that carries vapor from the heating chamber to your mouth. Tubing is one of the three essential whip parts, and connects the wand that holds the herbs with the mouthpiece. Even the highest quality tube must be replaced on a regular basis in order to keep your whip free of impurities and to prevent leakage.

Other Vaporizer Glass Accessories

Vape parts made from glass are superior to other types of vaporizer parts because they don't contain additives that can contaminate vapor and affect its purity or taste. Unfortunately, glass is also fragile, meaning that it can break even when you're trying your best to be careful. If you've suffered an accident and need replacement glass, you've come to the right place!

Vape Bags, Vaporizer Balloon Bags for Volcano and Weed Desktops

Experts recommend that you only reuse a vaporizer balloon for a limited period of time and then replace it with a new one. That's because such bags and can develop tiny holes in them over time that allow vapor to leak out. Plus, vaporizer balloon bags can become discolored and diminish the taste of your vapor overtime. But not to worry! VaporPlants has vape bags available for all of the most popular desktop vaporizer models. We stock bags for many vapes, and we always have the best prices available. If you don't see what you're looking for or have a question about anything, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.

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