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Hands Free vs Standard Wands and Whips - Tabletop Vaporizers

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As you begin to shop for and compare various types of desktop dry herb vaporizers, aromatherapy vaporizers, and tobacco vaporizers, you'll soon notice that the terms "hands free" and "standard" are often used to describe these devices. Although it's common knowledge that a hands free dry herb vaporizer allows you to vape more easily. The actual mechanics behind how this device works may remain unknown to many new vaping enthusiasts. Because of this, we've created this article to provide a brief introduction to both hands free and standard wands. Hopefully, you will be able to use this knowledge to find the perfect vaporizer that meets your needs and expectations! Although there is no "perfect vape", these products may help you have an excellent experience with vaping!

vaporizer whip tubing, mouthpiece and wand shown diagram

Whips: Everything You Need To Know

Vaporizers that are given the "standard" or "hands free" label are those that rely on whips to draw the vapor out of the chamber. If you are looking to buy vaporizers, it's important that you become familiar with this terminology!

A whip consists of three parts: a wand that holds the herbal blend, a mouthpiece which provides suction in order to draw the vapor out of the chamber, and the whip tubing that connects the two pieces. When comparing the attributes of standard whips and hands free whips, the difference lies in the wand itself rather than any other component of the whip's design.

desktop vaporizer hands free wand with a hands free ground glass design

Hands Free Wands: The Good

Hands free wands are designed to remain stable inside of the vaporizer without requiring the user to hold it in place. These are usually large units and would classify as a tabletop or a desktop vaporizer. In order to make this possible, the feature of hands free ground glass wands connection, a somewhat courser texture that provides increased grip and security. The hands free vaporizer's connection point has also been converted into ground glass. The texture of the two connection points creates friction which helps to hold the wand in place, allowing you to keep your hands free when vaping. Some people also like the look of a ground glass wand compared to the standard wand.

vaporizer hands free wand next to a mouthpiece connected to a whip tube

Hands Free Wands: The Bad

While many people prefer hands free vaporizers and wands due to the convenience they offer, it's important to note that these devices do have their drawbacks. The friction that holds the wand in place also makes it impossible for to move or rotate the wand inside of the vaporizer. As a result, some of the herbal blend may not fully vaporize. Wear and tear to a vaporizer caused by frequent use, as well as low quality parts and vibrations can all lead to the reduced effectiveness of the ground glass connection, which can cause the wand to fall out of the vaporizer. If this occurs, complete breakage of the wand may result. The dry herb blend itself may also fall out of the heating chamber.

vaporizer hands free wand with frosted tip vs non-hands free wand that is smooth

About Standard Wand Vaporizers

Unlike the hands free vaporizers, the standard vaporizer features smooth connections throughout the hardware. The smooth surface is quite slippery, requiring users to hold onto the wand while vaping. The standard vaporizer design has remained quite popular due to the fact that they do not have the same drawbacks as more recent hands free designs. Using the standard vaporizer, individuals can optimize the efficiency of their personal vaporizer and avoid the risk of breakage.

A Final Note about Wands

Silver Surfer Vaporizer wands with a hands free wand attached

In addition to deciding whether to purchase a standard or a hands free vaporizer and wand, you will also have the opportunity to decide between one and two-piece wands. A two-piece wand features a threaded connection that allows users to open up the device for cleaning. Although a one-piece wand does not have this added feature, it is noticeably less expensive.

So, which type of wand and vaporizer is right for you? Ultimately, it depends upon your personal preferences. If you're vaping an expensive blend, concerns about wastage may supersede the convenience of a hands free design. If you're only planning to vape tobacco, however, this may not be an issue at all.

For personal assistance selecting the right personal portable vaporizer or wand style, please don't hesitate to contact us. We believe strongly that our customers should have all of the information they need to find the best vaporizers for their lifestyles, and we look forward to working with all of you! Get in touch with us today!

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