2016-07-15 16:55:31

Vaping is not smoking. As someone who uses an e cigarette, you know that's true, but that doesn't stop people from giving you the evil eye when you're enjoying your liquid vaporizer in public. Many people are uninformed about ecigarettes and believe they're just as harmful as tobacco. While you can take the time to educate people who make comments about your choice to vape, sometimes you just want to be able to savor the vapor in peace.

Following these tips can help you enjoy your e cig more inconspicuously:

1. Choose a Small Vape. Large vape mods are a great choice for home use because they can produce such large amounts of vapor, but mechanical mods aren't the best option when you're most concerned about not standing out in a crowd. Invest in a compact electronic cigarette with a traditional clearomizer and a mini battery and use it instead of your box mod vape on occasions that call for a stealthier vaping experience.

2. Pick the Right E Juice. When you want to protect your privacy, it's best to fill your electronic cigarette with an e liquid that produces light vapor. Look for ones that contain more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin. While you won't get large clouds with one of these e juice products, you'll get a nice throat hit to make up for it.

3. Do a Second Inhale. When you're in close proximity to other people, you can alter your inhalation, so that you breathe out less vapor. To do this, draw from your electronic cigaretteand take the vape out of your mouth. Then, pull the vapor into your lungs. Hold it there for a few seconds and then breathe out.

4. Swallow. Not everyone who uses electronic cigarettes will like this technique, but it can eliminate any excess vapor that can escape and draw attention to you. After you have inhaled using the technique above, exhale with your mouth closed and swallow twice. Then, breathe out through your nose.

5. Keep Your Vape Covered. When you hold your vaporizer, keep your thumb extended along the side of your ecig to conceal as much as it as possible. If you don't want to give up using your box mod, keep it wrapped in your fist to conceal it.

6. Blow Into Something. If you can get to a bathroom or another secluded place, you can blow out into a handbag, a plastic bag, or anything else that you can close tightly. There are also plastic vaping accessories that you can buy especially for this purpose. Again, make sure you do this in a secluded area. People will definitely notice you blowing into a bag.

While these tips can help you use a vaporizer more discreetly, it's still important that you adhere to laws for your local area and to policies at work and in public places. While you may love your ecig and not want to be without it, it's not worth losing your job or being slapped with a fine to enjoy it.

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