2016-06-02 21:09:02

When beginning your vaping journey, a cartomizer is typically where you will start to see if vaping is right for you. Inexpensive and widely available, these do the job well enough for you to test them out to see if you want to take the next step. First, though, you should understand what a cartomizer is and what types are available to you before you begin vaping.

What Is a Cartomizer?

Cartomizers, or carts, are very basic in terms of vaping. They hold both a heating element and the cartridge in one spot. They contain a filler material that serves as a wick, much like the ones you will find in your standard atomizers. The filler material is wrapped around a tube which contains the heating element, or coil. It’s this vape coil that will heat up and vaporize your eliquid; your eliquid is added to the same space as the filler material.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Cartomizers

Here you will find a number of different cartomizers available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Wick Fed Cartomizers

These carts are made of a plastic tank that holds at least two wicks that absorb the ejuice in your vape mod and feed it to the coil in the center of the tube. This is where the eliquid is heated to the point of vaporization.

- Pros: Easy to fill. They hold a decent amount of liquid and can be filled from the bottom without the help of a syringe or other tool.

- Cons: Somewhat fragile, these carts can crack easily and become eroded by certain ejuices. Due to the placement of the wicks, they are constantly working against gravity to bring the e-juice to the atomizer, which can result in a less than desirable experience.

Poly Fill Cartomizers

Poly-fill is the same, common polyester material used in many household items such as pillows and clothing, and these cartomizers are often considered a step up from basic cartomizers. In these carts, there is a tube inside of the main holding tube, and that poly-fill material is where you will find the heating element. This tube also contains more material that becomes saturated with e-liquid and is pulled toward the atomizer where it vaporizes.

- Pros: They have a longevity that outlasts the basic cartomizer, giving you a more durable device that can stand the test of time. Due to their construction, these carts often make up the prefilled versions. Since they are already filled and contain wicking material, the eliquid can remain inside the tube for long durations without leaking or cracking.

- Cons: They can overheat like any other vape mods, producing a burnt taste. Also, if you don't refill them properly, you end up refilling more often and wasting eliquid.

Tank Cartomizers

The largest of cartomizers, they allow the most ejuice to be held at once and require less refills. Constructed of only a small tube that contains poly-fill and the atomizer, there is plenty of room for your ejuice. The liquid is drawn to the atomizer from the bottom, which helps it vaporize properly and limits dry hits.

- Pros: Depending on how often you vape, you can go a few days without refilling due to its capacity. They are easy to clean and vapers claim to get bigger clouds from them than what other carts can produce.

- Cons: Tanks have a greater tendency for leakage than other carts. They also can have problems evenly soaking the wicks inside, leading to a weaker vape. Sometimes the ejuice can get clogged and get into the user’s mouth.

Overall, it’s up to you and your vaping style to decide what's right for you. This guide should help you make a more informed decision!