2016-06-27 22:35:43

Many people believe that electronic cigarettes were only invented a few years ago, but the truth is that the ecig has a long, rich history that spans decades. Let's take a look back at the development of the modern e-cigarette.


Herbert A. Gilbert patented the first e-cig all the way back in 1963. His invention was a smokeless cigarette that didn't use tobacco. Gilbert's device was the first attempt at producing vapor rather than smoke from tobacco. Although it was never manufactured due to technological limitations of the 1960s, Gilbert receives credit for inventing the e-cigarette concept.

2007 to 2008

British entrepreneurs, Umer and Tariq Sheikh invented the world's first cartomizer. Their very simple design included a heating coil placed inside of a vape tank and resembled a traditional cigarette; however, it enabled the user to select e-juice rather than relying on ecigarette cartridges. The Sheikhs sold their design to Gamucci Brand, the first manufacturer of ecigs in Europe.

2009 to 2010

The very first vape mod was developed by father and son team Trog and Mrog. The two worked together to convert a flashlight into a mod vape that became known as the ScrewDriver Mod. At this time, Ego style vape batteries were also introduced to the market and began to slowly win over people due to their longer battery life.


Clearomizers hit the market this year, starting the gradual decline in the popularity of cartomizers. The wicking material added to the clearomizer allowed for more efficient flow of e-juice to the heating coil for better performance. The very first clearomizers were disposables, but soon, reusable models were introduced.

Variable voltage ecig mods were also introduced to the market in 2011. The LavaTube by Volcano was the first e-cig mod that allowed users to adjust the voltage in order to customize their vaping experience.

Cartomizer tanks were made available for the first time in 2011, making it possible for people to vape for longer before refilling their e-cigarettes.

January 2012

The Genesis rebuildable tank atomizer was introduced in early 2012 by the brands Piece of Cake and House of Hybrids. The new innovation allowed for multiple wicking methods and quickly became popular among vapers; however, they were difficult to build.

Summer 2012

The rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) debuted on the heels of the Genesis RDA tank. Easy to build, these atomizers remain popular even today despite the prevalence of sub-tanks that eliminate the need to build.

Throughout 2012

In 2012, reusable clearomizers were finally introduced. These new second-generation clearomizer designs had replaceable coils that eliminated the need to purchase replacement parts.
Bottom coil clearomizers were also introduced during 2012, offering better air flow and more flavorful vaping.


2013 marked a big year of vaping. This is really when people began to demand more ways to customize their vaping experience. Manufacturers responded by introducing dozens of new RTAs, RDAs, and Genesis style tanks.


By 2014, mechanical mods were eclipsing standard electronic cigarettes in terms of popularity. It was this year that the first cloud chasing competitions were held, marking the start of a whole new subculture in the world of the vape.


In 2015, Aspire introduced the world's first sub-ohm tank--the Atlantis. It was now possible to get the performance of the best RBA tank without any building required.

When you consider how much vaping has advanced over 8 short years, you can't help, but wonder what vape innovations are right around the corner. You can count on VaporPlants.com to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest designs in vaping.