2016-05-25 00:06:12

Vaping, just like anything else, started from something small and has since evolved into a huge way of life that nearly everyone knows about. Though it took a while to pick up steam, that small, first vaporizer device can actually be traced back to the year 1963! We've come a long way since then with vape mods such as the box mod and the mechanical mod. Here's how it began.

It all started in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, with a patent by a man named Herbert A. Gilbert. Dubbing it the "smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette," Gilbert's intention was to create something other than combustion to achieve the satisfaction of nicotine ingestion. In an interview with James Duncan, Gilbert stated that he just had to find an alternative, and he wanted to do so with heated and flavored air.

Due to the times and availability of equipment, Gilbert had a hard time finding someone to actually bring his patented invention to life, thus resulting in the expiration of his patent. Though that particular model never came to fruition, ideas were spawned and the first e-cigarette came to life.

First Generation E-Cigs

In 2003, a Chinese medical researcher named Hon Lik had the idea of using ultrasound technology to vaporize liquid that contained nicotine. He didn't use a battery powered coil to run the device; he used electricity from the battery to heat the liquid and power it. This was the first of its kind and was released to the world around 2005-2006. These are what are now known as Cig-a-likes!

Then, two British entrepreneurs, Umer and Tariq Sheikh, came up with a heating coil and the eliquid chamber, also known as an atomizer. This is where the first cartomizer came from, and this is where vaporizing began to gain attention.
Between 2009-2010, ecigs slowly began to change and not look so much like analog cigarettes. The invention of the first mech mod can be attributed to a father and son pair known as Trog and Mrog. They turned a flashlight into a vape mod that was called the ScrewDriver mod. eGo style vape batteries like the one used in the ScrewDriver began to gain popularity around then because the battery had a much longer life.

Clearomizers became the next big thing in 2011, using wicking that hung loose from the top of the vape tank and fed ejuice to the coils. Before then, the only thing available was a clearomizer that was disposable, and most people did not see that as an advantage.
This was also the year that mechanical mods became popular, and the variable voltage on them changed everything. From there, cartomizer tanks came out, allowing vapers to use their ecigs for longer without needing to refill as frequently. Vape batteries were also being crafted to better suit the ecig mods, and offer more customization when it came to the shapes and sizes of these initial mods.

Now, there are so many types of ecigs out there that it can be almost overwhelming trying to determine what you should buy, and it all started with a little spark of creativity and drive back in 1963!