2016-06-16 17:21:49

Mechanical mods, otherwise known as unregulated mods, mech mods, or "tube" mods, are like electronic cigarettes, which are composed of metal, such as aluminum, brass, or stainless steel and typically formed into a tubular shape. They come without any sort of pre-installed vape batteries or circuitry, as you would find in regulated mods.

Mechanical mods are popular because of the completely personalized experience you can gain from using them. Because they are unregulated, you are not limited by a circuit that stops your mod from firing at a very low resistance, and a lot of people enjoy sub-ohming that way. The lower the ohms, the more amps get drawn from the battery, affording you richer flavor and more vapor.

So How Does It All Work?

With the tube comes a firing pin that lets the current from the vape battery find its way to the attached cartomizer, atomizer, or clearomizer. When the current touches the aforementioned element, the coils heat up like they would in any regulated vape mod, turning the juice into vapor so that you are able to vape it.

Let's break that down a little bit.

Typically, the firing pin of a mech mod is located on the bottom of the tube, so that all you need to do is press the bottom of your mechanical ecig mods to activate it, though some do come with the pin on the side. When you push the firing pin, it comes into contact with the negative end of the vape battery, thus completing the necessary circuit. With the circuit created, the battery begins to discharge from the top cap contact pin.

Safety features of a mech mod are in place to help keep you vaping safely. There is a safety lock that keeps your firing pin from being activated in your pocket, for example, causing a short circuit or overheating your battery during misfire. In the event of a misfire that causes your vaporizer battery to overheat, there are holes meant to vent any gases that are emitted. Always check your mech mod for vent holes before you buy!

The good news about a mechanical mod is that because there is a lack of computer circuits installed, these mechanical vape mods are highly resilient and durable, along with being largely water proof. That's not to say you should take yours swimming, but if it gets wet, you can easily take it apart and allow it to dry. You also get an incredible number of customization options to tweak your mech mod however you would like, making these great for hobbyists.

The bad news about mech mods is their potentially volatile nature. The battery is a finicky thing, and the same can be said for any ecig battery in even an unregulated mod. There is special care you must take to keep your vape battery in top shape, especially with mechanical ecig mods. In a mechanical mod vape, the battery can fail if you over-tighten the caps on the atomizer or mod. Alternately, you can press the firing pin for far too long and cause the electronic cigarette battery to over-discharge, which can lead to overheating and bursting.

In order to reduce the risks of harming yourself and/or others, keep these tips in mind:

  • Charge and discharge your batteries at the same time.
  • Don't overcharge or over discharge your batteries.
  • Check coil resistance every time you build new ones, or even change your wicks.
  • Always keep an eye on the volts.
  • Beware of the tube mod heating up. This is always a bad sign and you should stop using your mod immediately.

The Bottom Line

Unregulated mech mods are a lot of fun and can really enhance your vaping experience with their seemingly endless customization options, but the dangers of using a mech mod are very real. If you do not have a great understanding of vape battery amperes and their limits, along with a thorough grasp on Ohm's law to make the necessary calculations, for your own safety, it's best to stick to a regulated mod that does all of the math for you!