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With the ever-growing popularity and legalization of marijuana, so grows the various methods for marijuana use to choose from. Marijuana smoking ranges from rolling joints to using a vape pen and various forms of pipes. These devices have also served well for those who inhale various dry herbs, with dry herb vaporizer models especially designed for that purpose.

Smoking has become less popular because of the many unhealthy chemicals that enter everyone's lungs because the material is burned vs heated. There are other methods of ingesting herbs or cannabis; including orally (pills or foods) and applying an oil directly on to the skin. These methods are obviously going to react much more slowly than when the herbs are smoked or used with a vaporizer.

Smoking Marijuana:

Joints go back to the 60s and even the 30s. They are cigarette papers that the user personally rolls around the marijuana and then smokes. At one time, this was the tool of choice because the papers were inexpensive, could be concealed in a world of illegal marijuana, and anyone could do it. Today's rolling papers are made from a variety of materials such as hemp, flax, and rice. In poorer countries, brown paper, and even newspapers are used to roll grass.


Another very popular tool for smoking grass is the pipe. There are different shapes and sizes to fit individual needs. The One-Hitter has been very popular, especially where marijuana is not legal, because of its size and shape. It's a small pipe that resembles a cigarette, but definitely leaves the smell of marijuana, so it's not that deceptive. The design also allows for the use of less marijuana or herbs at one time.

For those who are into dry herbs, the one-hitter is a great tool. These little smoking pipes are very inexpensive, they last a long time, and you can purchase them either online or at a smoke shop. Another one-hitter called a Chillum is most popular in Jamaica and India.

The downside of one-hitters is they have a habit of clogging up as a result of resin, which means a lot of cleaning is necessary.

Pros of a One-Hitter:

  • - Small and portable
  • - Very easy to clean and maintain
  • - Look like cigarettes
  • - Materials will last longer

Cons of a One-Hitter:

  • - Old method that uses combustion
  • - Does not eliminate any tar and carcinogens
  • - Can clog up the pipe pretty quickly as a result of resin
  • - You can end up with ash in your mouth
  • - Herb chamber is small, using less material in one sitting
  • - Does not eliminate any odor
Smoking vs Vaping

Enter the Four-Hitter! This little gem allows you to load four times the amount of dry herbs or marijuana at one time, unlike the one-hitter. The device offers a really large bowl and a spring loaded tube, allowing the user to easily eject the ash.

Other Smoking Devices:

The blunt is pretty much like a joint, except it's rolled with a tobacco leaf (used in cigars) and probably contains nicotine.

Pipes come in so many sizes, shapes, and in an assortment of materials such as: blown glass, ceramic, stone, wood, bamboo, and metal just to name a few.

Blown glass is mostly used in the making of bongs, which are usually very decorative and colorful. They are commonly used in the UAE and Morocco. The bong is similar to a pipe, except it has a water chamber the inhaled material passes through before being inhaled.

Risks of Smoking


Vaporizers are similar to bongs in that the materials are placed within a chamber, heated, and then inhaled. Many people have turned to vaporizers because of the elimination of toxins entering the lungs by inhaling vapor vs. smoke . The two leading dangers in tobacco cigarettes are proven to be carbon monoxide and carcinogenic tars, which are caused by burning materials and are the leading cause of cancer. Vapor or mist do not contain these dangerous compounds, and are popular with people who are trying to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Vaporizers have become extremely popular, and compact models are taking center stage. A vape pen is small, condensed, totally mobile, and the star of the day. They are extremely easy to clean, they do not smell, and have some really great designs.

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