2016-06-06 22:29:49

Like any other hobby or lifestyle, there are certain categories we all fall into whether we like it or not. Read on about 10 types of vapers and see where you fit in! Ten Most Common Types of Vapers

1 - The Quitters

These are the ones who are vaping to quit analog cigarettes. These guys do not care about chucking clouds or vape mods or building a Clapton coil; they simply want to stop smoking by weaning themselves off of nicotine, planning to ultimately ditch vaping entirely. And, good for them! They don't need to become hobbyists or lifestyle vapers to reap all of the benefits a vape has to offer.

2 - The Casuals

These guys know enough about electronic cigarettes to hold a conversation, but start talking to them about quads and they might space out. They typically vape for the pleasure of it, keeping their ecig down to something pretty basic without any interest in upgrading. They are so quiet about their habit that their friends may not even know they vape until they see it for themselves.

3 - Cloud Chasers

These are the guys you see blowing massive clouds in your vape shop or competing in vape cloud competitions. They often will build ridiculously low sub ohm vape mods to get the most vapor possible and will tell you all about it. Cloud chasers construct crazy coils that will put yours to shame, and they will not hesitate to pop that drip tip off and show you. Fun loving vapers, they are typically laid back and do it for the love of the vapor. This means they are usually up to speed with the latest gear, and snatch it off the shelves as soon as they can to make sure it doesn't give them better cloud production than their current mod, so you can usually trust their opinion regarding which vape mod is right for you.

4 - Flavor Lovers

Flavor once was the main attraction when it came to vaping. An electronic cigarette without the newest flavor inside was dismissed. However, vaping has come a long way and now it is much easier to find a wide selection of ejuice--and you can bet this vaper has all of them in a cabinet somewhere within easy reach, and they are always in search of that perfect flavor.

5 - The Hobbyist

This guy or gal has an extensive collection of gear--different mods for different things, many types of coils, eliquid, drip tips, and vape tanks--and they knowhow to use them. The Hobbyist has logged countless hours diving into the world of vaping and knows everything you need to know. They may even have vape mods they never touch, just for the joy and knowledge that they have them. It comes from a place of passion and a place of boredom at the same time, but all that matters is that they have found something that they enjoy thoroughly.

6 - The Teacher

The Teachers have a lot of experience under their belts and are happy to share their knowledge with the newbies, or truly anyone who asks a question of them. Always researching, they know exactly what they are getting way before they buy it and are excellent resources when trying to determine which e cigarette is right for you. The Teacher will probably ask to see your mod and offer up helpful advice regarding its usage and getting the most out of it.

7 - The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer is fully passionate about what he does and loves a good box mod or some obscure mechanical mods to experiment on. He loves the customization options available to him, and his coils will often look artistic due to the time and dedication he invests.
Always with a toolkit on hand, this vaper comes prepared. Organic cotton, kanthal, or nickel, pliers, scissors--this user is forever tinkering and playing with their gear out of love and a passion for the next great vape.

8 - The Mixologist

The Mixologist doesn't have time for your premade premium ejuices--they want to make them on their own, and they will. Likely having grown tired of what is on the market, they create their own, and will probably ask you to try them at one point or another. This is good, as many of the unique flavors created find their way into the vaping community and sometimes the market.

9 - The Activist

The Activist will approach anyone they see vaping and see if they've heard the latest news on the FDA regulations, or generally just try and keep everyone active in the community and in the know about the fate of vaping. Proactive, they will often organize rallies, set up petitions and social media bombs, organizing and attending protests as well as passing out literature anywhere they can. Our vaping community needs these guys, and no matter what kind of vaper you identify most with, we should all be Activists too!

10 - The Trendy One

Finally, we have the guy who is only doing it because everyone else is. He doesn't have much knowledge, if any, and will likely be bumming off of your mod instead of buying his own outside of a basic eGo style vape pen. They are said to give vaping a bad name, appearing to have attracted people to the lifestyle who don't normally consume nicotine, which is a big concern within the community and industry.