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  • Smoking Tobacco vs Marijuana: Which Is Worse?

    Medicinal and recreational marijuana laws now make it possible for people to legally smoke cannabis. The question is--should they?
    The risks associated with smoking tobacco ...

  • Is Marijuana the Key to Helping Patients with Glaucoma?

    What Is Glaucoma?

    One of the leading causes of blindness, glaucoma refers to conditions of the eye where the optic nerve is affected, so ocular fluid cannot easily pas ...

  • Denver Billboard Hopes to Curb Driving While High, Hits Lead to Hits

    Drunk driving and narratives about the importance of abstaining have been around for as long as there have been cars. It is dangerous, reckless, and selfish to drive while intox ...

  • DaVinci Vaporizers Collection: Overview and Benefits

    If you're in an art museum or an art appreciation class, DaVinci is the name of a Renaissance painter, sculptor, and inventor known for creating flying machines and painting the ...

  • For the Children: A Case for Legalizing Marijuana

    Many people who argue against the full legalization of marijuana will resort to something along the lines of "think of the children”. Their argument is that ...

  • Studies Find Marijuana Helps Break Prescription Drug Abuse

    Rampant Prescription Drug Use in America

    There is no doubt that prescription drugs have their place in society. For better or for worse, studies have shown that up to ...

  • Tupac Shakur's Ashes Were Smoked by The Young Outlawz

    There are a number of ways to honor those you love after they pass: a memorial service where family and friends gather to reminisce about the deceased; a celebration of their li ...

  • Who Is Dr Dabber?

    Today, there are hundreds of vaporizers out there to choose from, and it seems like there are just as many brands manufacturing wax and dry herb vaporizers too. Still, ...

  • Legendary Athletes Who Love Their Marijuana

    We have all heard that certain Olympian swimmers, like Michael Phelps, choose to partake in the occasional hit of cannabis, but were you aware that they are not alone? Many athl ...

  • Protecting Minors from Marijuana

    Medical marijuana can improve the quality of life for people with serious chronic medical conditions, and in states where recreational cannabis is legal, people of all walks of ...

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Atmos RX Vaporizers

When it comes to portable vaporizer pens, size does matter! That's been the philosophy of Atmos RX since the brand's official launch. The company has continued to push the envelop in the world of portable vaporizer design, introducing new compact vaporizer models that make it easier and easier to enjoy a satisfying vape anywhere you go.

Science is at the heart of everything that AtmosRX does. In-house engineers and scientists work to develop new designs to make vaping more convenient and to improve the purity and taste of vapor produced by their products. The company also takes the health of customers seriously and carefully selects materials with safety in mind.

Atmos RX vaporizer collection includes dry herb vaporizers, wax vapes, oil liquid vaporizer pens and multifunction vaporizers that allow you to enjoy different types of vaping materials with one single portable vaporizer or vape pen. Products are offered in a wide range of price points and in different stylish colors, allowing everyone to find a vaporizer that will fit their budget and suit their tastes.