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  • Is Evoke on Its Way... Or Not?

    There has been a lot of hype surrounding the much anticipated and upcoming Loto Labs-created Evoke portable vaporizer in places where it is legal to vape marijuana, esp ...

  • Vapir Vaporizers: Revolutionary Vapes Are Still Evolving

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  • 8 New Portable Vaporizers Released before 2017

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  • 7th Floor: Consistent Quality & Revolutionary Vapes

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  • Illegal Indiana Vaping Law Is on Its Way out the Door

    Recently, in a preliminary injunction ruling that was issued on the 19th of August by U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, one judge, Richard Young ...

  • VaporPlants Bring the Big Box Store to your Front Door

    In a world that is constantly undergoing change and transformation, the same can certainly be said about the evolving state of the industries within society. The marijuana indus ...

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Atmos RX Vaporizers

When it comes to portable vaporizer pens, size does matter! That's been the philosophy of Atmos RX since the brand's official launch. The company has continued to push the envelop in the world of portable vaporizer design, introducing new compact vaporizer models that make it easier and easier to enjoy a satisfying vape anywhere you go.

Science is at the heart of everything that AtmosRX does. In-house engineers and scientists work to develop new designs to make vaping more convenient and to improve the purity and taste of vapor produced by their products. The company also takes the health of customers seriously and carefully selects materials with safety in mind.

Atmos RX vaporizer collection includes dry herb vaporizers, wax vapes, oil liquid vaporizer pens and multifunction vaporizers that allow you to enjoy different types of vaping materials with one single portable vaporizer or vape pen. Products are offered in a wide range of price points and in different stylish colors, allowing everyone to find a vaporizer that will fit their budget and suit their tastes.

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