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Vaporizer Reviews - Find the Perfect Vape

Vaporizer Reviews - Find the Perfect Vape Pen banner - VaporPlants

Even though vaping manufacturers use a wide variety of different technologies to prevent combustion, not all of these innovations are 100 percent effective. In our reviews, we'll discuss the likelihood of combustion for each product.

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  • Portable Vaporizer Reviews

  • Dry Herb Vape Pen Reviews

  • Wax Vaporizer Pen Reviews

  • Desktop Vaporizer Reviews

  • Side by Side Video Review
  • Portable Vaporizer Reviews:

    Crafty Vaporizer

    Crafty Vaporizer

    Rating: 96/100

    - Premium vapor quality
    - Desktop quality

    Firefly 2 Vaporizer in blue color

    Firefly 2

    Rating: 94/100

    - Incredibly efficient
    - Excellent vapor quality

    Pax 2 vaporizer for dry hebrs

    Pax 2

    Rating: 92/100

    - Heats up quickly
    - Simple to operate

    QuickDraw 500 Vaporizer in black color

    QuickDraw 500

    Rating: 90/100

    - Very long battery life
    - Above average vapor

    Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer next to a portable Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate MFLB

    Magic Flight

    Rating: 90/100

    - Very economical
    - Ultra small and discreet

    G Pen Elite vaporizer for dry herb

    G Pen Elite

    Rating: 88/100

    - Economical
    - Simple to use

    Grenco Science G Pro for dry herbs in black color

    G Pro

    Rating: 84/100

    - Simple to load and use
    - Large herb chamber


    Atmos Vicod

    Rating: 84/100

    - Long battery life
    - Precise temperature

    Dry Herb Vape Pen Reviews:

    QuickDraw 300 in silver color for dry herbs

    QuickDraw 300

    Rating: 92/100

    - 3-in-1 Design
    - One button operation

    AtmosRX Boss vaporizer in silver color

    Atmos Boss

    Rating: 90/100

    - Very compact
    - Great vapor taste

    Atmos Jump vape pen in carbon fiber

    Atmos Jump

    Rating: 88/100

    - Lightweight
    - Affordably priced

    Atmos RX Astra vaporizer for dry herbs

    Atmos Astra

    Rating: 84/100

    - Advanced air flow
    - Economical vaporizer

    Wax Pen Reviews:

    Dr Dabber Aura vape pen

    Dr Dabber Aura

    Rating: 94/100

    - Excellent taste
    - Magnetic components

    Dr Dabber Ghost

    Dr Dabber Ghost

    Rating: 92/100

    - Very high quality
    - Titanium atomizer

    Kandypens Galaxy vape pen for wax

    Kandypens Galaxy

    Rating: 90/100

    - Attractive design
    - Large chamber

    Grenco Science G Pen vape pen

    G Pen

    Rating: 84/100

    - Economical price
    - Relatively discreet

    Desktop Vaporizer Reviews:

    Volcano Classic Vaporize

    Volcano Vaporizer

    Rating: 94/100

    - You won't get better tasting
    - Effective temperature

    VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer

    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Rating: 92/100

    - All glass vapor pathway
    - Different bubblers available

    Plenty Vaporizer

    Plenty Vaporizer

    Rating: 90/100

    - Handheld improved comfort
    - Desktop vaporizer quality

    Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

    Arizer Extreme Q

    Rating: 84/100

    - Wireless remote control
    - Bubbler, balloon or whip

    General Information:

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    Further Information

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    Best Vape pens of 2016

    Here are some terms you should know as you're perusing our reviews:

    Convection and Conduction icon

    Convection vs Conduction

    - Refers to the method by which the herbal blend is heated. Convection produces vapor by circulating warm air through the substance, while conduction applies heat directly to the herbal blend.

    Combustion fire icon


    - Combustion is the process of burning a substance, which, in this situation, typically involves herbs. Not only does combustion produce actual smoke and disagreeable odors, it’s also bad for your health.

    E-Liquid Icon by VaporPlants

    e-Liquid (Glycerin)

    - If a vaporizer relies on glycerin exclusively, you can only use the device with concentrates dissolved in glycerin. Never use propylene glycol concentrates in a glycerin-only vaporizer! Make sure to remember this.

    As vaping becomes increasingly mainstream, new legal dry herb vaporizers, tobacco vaporizers and aromatherapy vaporizers are finding their way into vape shops around the world. While a wide variety of designs and styles ensure that individuals can vape in a manner that fits their lifestyle, it can be very difficult for beginners to determine which dry herb vaporizer best suits their needs.

    VaporPlants icon

    Fortunately, VaporPlants has taken the time to personally test and review many of the best vaporizer models available today's marketplace! Before reading our reviews, we recommend that you explore our guide discussing the best possible strategies for choosing a vaporizer. This information will help you focus on the type of vaporizer that will meet your specific needs.

    You can find the links to all of our reviews on this page.

    Thinking Icon by VaporPlants

    As you browse our vaporizer reviews, please keep the following points in mind:

    By providing reviews on these popular products, we want to help you make an informed decision. Each of our reviews is built upon facts, not just speculation and opinions. After you weigh the pros and cons, you'll be able to make an educated decision regarding which vaporizer best matches for your needs! Although no one vaporizer model is ideal for everyone, our priority is to help you find a product that closely fits your lifestyle.

    Checks and Balances Icon by VaporPlants Vaping at Home Icon by VaporPlants

    Remember to keep your needs in mind as you shop! If you plan to use your vaporizer at home, for example, you might not care about its portability. Instead, you may be more concerned about ease of use.

    Please be aware that even the most well-designed models will malfunction if they're not used properly. Therefore, it's essential that you carefully read any instructions and fully charge any batteries needed before your first use.

    Keep in mind, we are not medical experts! These reviews are strictly based on performance. VaporPlants hasn't tested any of these products for safety, or evaluated their health benefits in any way. Nevertheless, if any of our products are reviewed by the FDA, we will explicitly state so.

    Vaporizer Reviews by VaporPlants

    If you have any questions about our vaporizers, or need a hand finding a herbal vaporizer or different vapor pens that's right for you, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team! You may also browse numerous resource guides for your adventures with vaping, follow the links on your top right hand side column.

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