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SSV and Da Buddha by 7th Floor
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SSV and Da Buddha by 7th Floor

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SSV and Da Buddha by 7th Floor

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Invent something better, is precisely what 7th Floor Vaporizers has done to the world of vaporizer not just once, but again and again! In 2002, a group of vape enthusiasts from Colorado Springs, Colorado, decided to design a vaporizer of their very own. Frustrated with the lack of high quality box whip-style vaporizers on the market, they spent two years researching and developing their own version of this classic desktop vaporizer design. In the process, they founded 7th Floor Vaporizer and created the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV), a wand-style vaporizer that was incredibly stylish, efficient and easy to use. After the launch of the SSV in 2004, 7th Floor didn't stop innovating. They've continued to evolve, invent and improve upon vaporizers with models like the Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer Vape.

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7th Floor is a leading manufacturer of desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vaporizer pens for legal marijuana and aromatic blends. Whether you own a Silver Surfer vaporizer, a Da Buddha vaporizer, a Life Saber vaporizer, or a Silver Surfer pen, the right vaporizer parts will help you vape medicinal cannabis and other dry herbs as efficiently as possible with your 7th Floor vape. We have a full collection of SSV parts, Da Buddha parts, Da Buddha accessories, and SSV accessories. If you've broken any of the glass parts for your vape, like your Da Buddha mouthpiece, your SSV wand, or your Da Buddha wand, you can get the vape parts you need at a great price at VaporPlants.

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