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Source Vapes
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Source Vapes

  • Source ORB Slim, XL, 4, or Nail Vaporizer for Wax

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Source Vapes

Source Vapes is committed to providing the best wax vape products at the best possible price. That's why there's a complete warranty on every component of every Source model and why all of their vaporizer models have quality components like grade 2 titanium heating coils. Because of their commitment to quality, every vape provides the best possible experience, but at the same time you won't have to pay a steep price to reap all the benefits of owning one. At Vapor Plants, we carry all of the most popular vaporizers from this brand, including the Source ORB 4, XL and the Nail. In addition to all of the Source ORB models, we offer many accessories and different wax atomizers as well.

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