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Atmos Jewel Review: Wax Pen Vaporizer Pros and Cons

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AtmosRX offers a huge selection of vaporizer pen models with something to suit virtually every need and taste. The AtmosRX Jewel Vaporizer is a combination wax vaporizer pen and dry herb vaporizer pen with a number of benefits, which we'll outline for you in this Atmos Jewel vaporizer review.

Atmos Jewel Vape Pen all colors Side by Side

The Basics of the Atmos Jewel Vaporizer Pen

- Price - the Atmos Jewel pen vaporizer typically retails for under $80, making it an affordable vapor pen even if you only plan to vape wax or dry herbs with it. The vape pen is especially economical if you use both types of material, as it costs less than what you would pay to buy one vape pen for waxy oils and concentrates, and one dry herb vape pen.

- Vapor Quality - with the Atmos Jewel vape pen, you do notice differences in vapor quality depending on what you're vaping. As a dab pen vaporizer, the model is excellent and delivers above average vapor quality, compared to what you would get from other waxy oils vaporizer pens. Because this is a conduction vaporizer, the AtmosRX Jewel vape is a little more problematic with dry herbs. It tends to run hot and produce warm and harsh vapor when you use it with herbal blends.

- Guarantee - AtmosRX offers a 5-year warranty on all of their vapor pen models. That warranty is longer than what's usually provided on a wax pen or dry herb pen.

- Prep Time - the Atmos RX Jewel Vaporizer gets hot very fast. Loading the vape is easy whether you're using it as a dry herb vaporizer or as a vaporizer for waxy concentrates vaporizer.

- Portability - while the Atmos Jewel pen vaporizer is a little wider than some other vapor pen models, it's still very easy to carry because it's just 4 inches long. The vape pen is a little stouter than some electronic cigarettes, but we'd consider it a discreet way to use medicinal marijuana.

Atmos Jewel Dab Pen all parts shown

- Ease of Use - beginners won't have a learning curve with the Atmos Jewel pen vaporizer. The model is simple to master with its one button operation to vaporize.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - Atmos RX did not create the Atmos Jewel pen vaporizer with variable temperature technology. There is only one temperature setting, which tends to be fine for wax and a little hot for dry herbs.

- Power Supply - Battery life on the Atmos Jewel pen vaporizer is better than or comparable to other wax pen vaporizer models on the market.

Atmos Jewel Wax Pen next to a box and accessories

Pros of the Basics of the Atmos Jewel Vaporizer Pen

  • Very good vapor quality with wax
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Extra long warranty
  • Very simple to use
  • Long battery life
  • Numerous color options

Cons of the Basics of the Atmos Jewel Vaporizer Pen

  • Vapor quality not as good with dry herbs, but still not poor
  • Wider than some other vape pens, so it looks less like an ecig

The Atmos RX Jewel pen vaporizer undoubtedly offers value for the money. By giving you a very good wax vaporizer pen and an average quality dry herb vaporizer pen in one unit, the AtmosRX Jewel vape gives you two efficient ways to vape for a low price. You can check out the Atmos Jewel vaporizer right here at VaporPlants to learn more about the vape pen.

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Atmos Jewel Vaporizer for Wax and Dry Herb Review

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