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Haze V3 Vaporizer Review - Version 3 for Herbs, Wax and Oil

Haze Technologies

The Haze vaporizer made headlines when it was released a few years ago as the first truly multifunction portable vaporizer. While the original Haze vape was advanced, there were some issues with its performance. Since then, the portable vaporizer has been redesigned twice, and the new and improved Haze V3 vaporizer is finally available! Let's take a look at how it works. To read Version 2 Haze Vaporizer Review, click here.

Haze Vaporizer open - side view

Basics of the Haze V3 Portable Vaporizer

- Price - The Haze Version 3 vaporizer retails for around $250, which is about average for a portable dry herb vaporizer or wax vaporizer. What's unique about this Haze vape is that it's both a wax and an herbal vaporizer. Plus, there is a pad inside that you can use with concentrated oils like e-liquids. As a result, you basically get an e-cig, a wax vape, and an herbal vape for $250, making the Haze vaporizer an incredible value.

- Vapor Quality – Unlike other multifunction vaporizers on the market today, the Haze V3 portable vaporizer works equally well in all three modes. The quality of vapor produced by the Haze vape is above average in terms of taste, potency, and smoothness. You also get a variety of accessories with the Haze V3 Vaporizer, giving you the freedom to vape herbs with six different chamber and mouthpiece combinations, and waxes and e-liquids with two different mouthpiece options. Overall, the glass mouthpiece seems to provide a slightly better tasting vapor, while the stainless steel stem will give you slightly smoother vapor.

- Guarantee - The Haze V3 portable vaporizer is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is exceptionally long for a portable vaporizer.

- Prep Time - The Haze vaporizer V3 is easy to fill, and it heats up quickly.

Haze Vaporizer Colors and Open Side by Side

- Portability, Size, and Privacy - Nicely sized for use on the go, the Haze V3 portable vaporizer is rather discreet. The mouthpiece is stored inside of the vaporizer to make it more compact. Both the battery, and herb/wax chamber areas stay closed in your pocket when you're on the go.

- Ease of Use - You won't have any difficulty setting up the Haze V3 portable vaporizer or drawing from it; however, it's important to pause for at least 30 seconds between draws. Otherwise, vapor production may be diminished. You'll also notice that the first two or three draws from the Haze vape are lighter.

- Heating - There are four heat settings to choose from with version 3 of the Haze vaporizer. During testing, level 2 seemed to be optimal when using the vape as a dry herb vaporizer, and Level 3 was ideal for using the vape as a wax vaporizer.

- Power Supply - The Haze V3 portable vaporizer gives you the convenience of removable, replaceable batteries, and you receive two with the portable vaporizer. On a full charge, the batteries last an impressive length of time and won't require recharging for at least an hour. Recharging does take a few hours, and because the batteries are charged in an external charger, you can't vape while you recharge.

Haze Vaporizer Kit and all Accessories

Pros of the Haze V3 Vaporizer

Haze Vaporizer open - birds eye view
  • Average priced compared to other portable vaporizers, but is a better value due to multi-functionality
  • Far more versatile than other vaporizers, with three dry herb modes and one wax mode
  • Above average vapor quality compared to other portables
  • Batteries are replaceable
  • Above average battery life
  • Longer warranty than most vapes

Cons of the Haze V3 Vaporizer

  • Charging time is lengthy compared to other vapes
  • The vape needs short rests between draws
  • Vapor production is slow to start, with large clouds not possible until the third or fourth draw

The Haze V3 portable vaporizer is an excellent investment for anyone who wants a satisfying vaping experience with the freedom to move from one type of material to another. Because there are so many ways to customize the vape, the Haze Vaporizer is ideal for more experienced users. Beginners may feel overwhelmed with all of the options.

Haze V3 for Dry Herbs, Wax and Oils Review

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