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E-Cigs - Vapes - Mech Mods: What's the Difference?

A young female is thinking about the difference between Electronic cigarette, vape pens and Mechanical Mods

Hoping to move from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping nicotine e juice, so you can decrease your exposure to toxins and enjoy tasty flavors? You're about to be introduced to a whole new world of terminology, which can be overwhelming to many beginners. But not to worry, this guide will help you decide the best way for you to begin vaping, and introduce you to three main types of devices used for inhaling eliquid vapors.

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Electronic cigarette, vape pens and Mechanical Mods are next to each other showing their sizes

What Is an E Cigarette?

"Electronic cigarette" or "ecig" is one of the most confusing terms in the world of vaping. Many places that advertise vapes for sale refer to any device used for vaping e liquids as electronic cigarettes, so technically you can call vape pens and authentic mechanical mods ecigarettes as well.

Electronic cigarette digram showing how an ecig works and which part does what

Still, the term ecigarette more correctly refers to a type of disposable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. True e cigarettes come pre-filled with liquid and are simple, longone-piece cylinders. When you take a draw, the battery turns on, heating up the e liquid inside and producing vapor for you to inhale. When the liquid inside is fully vaporized, you throw the electronic cigarette away and use a new one.

Who ecigs are best for: Electronic cigarettes are a good way for beginners to try vaping for the first time. They're a fraction of the price of the best vape mods and vaporizer pens, so they don't require a big investment upfront. A small number of experienced vapor enthusiasts may choose to use ecigs over vape pens and vape mods because they do not require maintenance and can make vaping cheaper.

- Benefits of an e cig: The main benefit of an ecig is that it doesn't cost much to purchase. They never need to be filled, charged, or cleaned. The compact size of electronic cigarettes makes them the most discreet option.

- Drawbacks of an e cig: As you'll see from reading e cigarette reviews, electronic cigarettes produce low quality vapor and usually only give you small vapor clouds. You're limited in terms of flavor options, and ecigs produce a lot of waste. They also may end up being more expensive in the long run as you must buy a new one frequently.

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What Is a Vape Pen?

A vaporizer pen, vape pen, or vapor pen is a device that consists of three pieces: a rechargeable battery, a tank for holding e liquid, and a mouthpiece. The vape pen heats up the liquid when you push the button to turn the battery on, and the vapor then flows through the mouthpiece for you to inhale. Vaporizer pens are reusable, but you will need to replace portions of the heating element or the entire tank on a regular basis.

An oild vape pen for e liquid guide on how it works and how the inside looks, showing which part does what

Who vape pens are best for: Vaporizer pens are ideal for people who are ready to commit to vaping and want to enjoy good quality vapor, yet still want a simple-to-use vaping solution.

- Benefits of a vape pen: Vaporizer pens are like a happy medium compared to a mod vape and an ecig. They produce higher quality vapor and produce less waste than electronic cigarettes. You can fill them with e juice to suit your tastes, and they don't require any fuss for operation.

- Drawbacks of a vape pen: A vaporizer pen will cost you more upfront than an electronic cigarette. You also are limited in how much you can control your vaping experience when you use a vaping pen.

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What Is a Mechanical Mod?

A mechanical mod, mech mod, or mods vape is a vaping device that has advanced features. Most allow you to set the voltage of the battery, which makes it possible to adjust the temperature of the heating element to produce more or less vapor. The batteries on vaping mods are usually larger and more powerful than what's found on other vapes for ejuice.

Mechanical Mods guide showing how mech mods work and which part does what, atomizer, soil, battery, drip tip and case

Who are mech mods best for: E cig mods or custom vape mods are best for experienced vaping enthusiasts who already know how vaporizer pens work, and are ready to improve their vaping experience with a more powerful, customizable unit.

- Benefits of mechanical mods: You truly can't beat the quality of the vapor produced with the best vape mod devices. Because vape pen mods are so customizable, you can better tailor your vaping experience to your exact needs, adjusting the temperature, thickness, flavor, and smoothness of the vapor by altering the voltage. The best vape mods typically offer longer battery lives than standard vaporizer pens, meaning you can vape for longer periods of time without recharging vape battery mods than you can a vaporizer pen.

- Drawbacks of mechanical mods: Ecig mods are the most expensive types of vaporizer pens and electronic cigarettes because they have more advanced features. A mechanical mod vape can also be complicated, as you need to learn about how the voltage affects the performance to set vaporizer mods optimally and get the best results.  Another drawback is that a mech mod is usually larger than other devices, making it less discreet.

Still not sure whether an e-cigarette, a vape pen, or a vape mod is right for you? We'll be glad to help you decide. Here at VaporPlants.com, we have electronic cigarettes, vaporizer pens, and vape mods for sale and can help you choose the best e vape to meet your needs. Contact us for help selecting ecig, vaporizer pen, and vape mod kits.

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Infographic: Electronic cigarettes vs Vape Pens

Electronic cigarettes vs vape pens explained with differences on a infographic infomational chart by vaporplants

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