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Pinnacle Pro Review with a Vaporizer bubbler - Dry Herbs and Oils Vape

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Pinnacle Pro Bubbler

What is a Vape!

There are so many portable vaporizers available in many different designs and styles. From cordless models, to hash oil pens, non-portable models, and others the size of cigarettes. Depending on the materials you want to use determines which models to look for. Some of these models work only with concentrated oils or medicinal dry herb cannabis flowers, while some operate with both.

Some very popular models include the not-so-portable Arizer Solo or the Ascent, and the list goes on and on.

Some are a little weightier, higher priced, offer more or less air flow, or are just down right cute! Are you into little vape pens? Or maybe you prefer a more traditional dry herb vaporizer? One size never fits all!

Pinnacle Pro Bubbler 3 Views

There are no perfect models, it all depends on what you are looking for. All of these vaporizers have their good points, along with their bad points. They will all give you the high affects you are looking for, but what you pay for that high is solely up to you. Many of these vapes run anywhere from $200 to $300 dollars. Some people believe you get what you pay for, well with this particular product, that's just not the case. It's what is best for your lifestyle, your needs, and without a doubt, your price range.

Flexible Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer:

One of the best portable vaporizers for many different lifestyles that attracts many consumers is the Pinnacle Pro. It's not a high profile unit that makes a statement, it is actually pretty discreet. In many cases, consumers want something that is rather quiet and does not draw attention. This Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is solid black with no bling – no blang!

Pinnacle Pro Dissected View

It looks like a rather hefty vape pen, standing 5 inches tall. It's not heavy and fits nicely in your hand. Its simplicity is very popular, there is only one button that operates everything, how great is that!? It has 5 LEDs that indicate the temperature level, and its startup time is approximately one minute.

Pinnacle Pro Heating Levels:

Be careful when regulating the heating levels, because the unit has a range from 370°F to 470°F. It may be deceiving when the unit first starts heating up, so be careful not to set the temperature up too high! Vapor that is way too hot is not going to be a very pleasant experience, so use caution and be patient.

Thanks to its range of temperatures, this unit handles hash, hash oil, and also offers a cartridge for cannabis flowers and concentrates. Again, be careful with your heat settings, because you will end up irritating your throat. Unlike some vaporizers, the heater in the Pinnacle Vaporizer is only an inch from your mouth. The vapor can become very hot, so inhale gently.

Pinnacle Pro with all of the Accessories

Get Creative:

The Pinnacle Pro is designed to work really well with water pipes as well. It will also work with that vaporizer bubbler you probably have sitting in the corner, you'll just have to get a little creative!

The portable options vary between cannabis flowers and hash oils, or running it through a water pipe. The pocket units offer a great vapor, but those who are sensitive to higher heat might not want to go this route. It can be too harsh.

If you are interested in this portable vaporizer, it retails for approximately $209. This is a good price for this flexible device.

Vaporizer Overall:

It's very well made, and offers various options that allow you to personalize it to your liking. It's a simple design, and offers a discreet appearance. Across the board, the Pinnacle Pro is well worth the price tag.

Pinnacle Pro Review Video

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