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Vape Safety: Guide to Vape Battery Use in Vape Mods

Battery Safety and Your Mod: Why It’s Important That You Pay Attention

Vaping is a great hobby and an ideal way to kick those dirty cigarettes for good. In order to make sure you have a safe and positive vaping experience that will keep you coming back to your vape mod, not only do you want a tasty selection of juices and a rig that suits your specific wattage needs, you want vape batteries that are perfectly suited for the job.

With so many variations of batteries and an equal variety of vape battery mods, it can seem daunting to learn about what vape battery you need in a way that helps you to truly understand and be safe.

Understanding Vape Batteries

First and foremost, you need to have a good knowledge base about batteries, since they provide the power for your vape mod to function. There are no true go-to's in terms of best batteries for vaping. Each type of battery is good for a certain set up, and while there are some brands that are preferable to others, it’s more important that you get batteries that suit the needs of your mod, as there is no one-size-fits-all vape battery.

Milliampere hours (mAh) and amperage, or amps, are two things to consider when choosing the best batteries for your rig. Milliampere hours measure the overall life of your battery, whereas amperage is how much current can be drawn from the battery at one time. Getting higher wattages, for instance, requires a higher current to be used. How much power you need behind your batteries all depends on your vaping style.

It’s important to understand that there is no one battery that is better than another; the best battery for you depends on the manner in which you plan to use them. Here is a brief run down:

Type A Batteries

Type A batteries sit at 3500mAh and are known as ultra-high capacity, boasting a long life due to drawing only minimal power. They are best suited for regulated mods that reach 30 watts or less, or mechanical mods that you will vape at 0.4 Ohms or higher.

Recommended brand for Type A: LGMJ1

Type B Batteries

Type B Batteries, or high capacity batteries, are 3000 mAh and give a low discharge rate of 15 amps. These are good for regulated mods between 30-40 watts, or unregulated mods that fire between 0.4 and 0.27 Ohms.

Recommended brand for Type B: Samsung 30Q

Type C Batteries

Type C Batteries are medium capacity batteries that have a rate of 2500 mAh, and should be used with regulated mods running between 40-60 watts. They can also be used in unregulated mods at 0.26 - 0.19 Ohms.

Recommended brand for Type C: LG ICR AG4

Type D Batteries

Type D Batteries are low capacity, and have a rate of 2500 mAh and a high discharge rate of 25 amps. Use these with regulated mods that fire between 60-120 watts, along with mechanical mods that are built for 0.18-0.15 ohms.

Recommended brand for Type D: LC ICR HD2

Type E Batteries

Finally, Type E Batteries are the lowest capacity, with 1500 mAh and an ultra-high disharge rate of 30 amps. This type of battery is used for the highest wattage devices. For regulated mods, this means watts over 120, and for unregulated mods that run at 0.14 - 0.12 ohms.

Recommended brand for Type E: LGHB6

Currently there are no batteries made by reputable brands, which are rated higher than 30 amps. Therefore, be wary of re-wrapped batteries claiming a higher amperage. That said, there's no harm in using re-wrapped batteries as long as you know what they were originally intended for.

Protected and Unprotected Batteries

Another way to ensure the safety of your batteries is to consider whether they are protected or unprotected. The difference is simple: protected batteries possess a mechanism that helps prevent your ecig batteries from misfiring. Let's look at that a little more closely.

Protected batteries come with a little circuit board that can usually be found on the bottom of the cell which stops the battery from experiencing any number of the following: overheating, overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuiting. Protected batteries require chargers that are equipped to charge rechargeable lithium batteries.

Unprotected lithium batteries do not have the circuit board. They expend 3.6 volts output for the duration of use. Once the battery is mostly drained, the output falls dramatically. If these batteries are discharged below 3.0 volts, you run the risk of ruining them and rendering them useless. For that reason, these batteries require close monitoring to ensure that this doesn't happen. An unprotected vaporizer battery needs to be charged with a charger that is specifically made for your battery, as they are designed to not overcharge them.

It is highly recommended that you use protected batteries, but if you insist on using unprotected vaping batteries, it is imperative that your charger is made for them. If it isn't, you are at risk of incinerating or melting your batteries or wiring, which may cause your vape mod battery to explode, which, of course, is what you are aiming to avoid.

18650 Batteries

18650 batteries are often regarded as one of the best choices out there. Named for its dimensions, the 18650 has a diameter of 18mm, and the 650 is just the height in tenths of millimeters. The makings of a great battery encompass the following four things:

High Capacity. You want batteries that have a higher capacity, as this directly correlates to how long you can vape on your electronic cigarette or vape mod.

High Current Rating. It is imperative that you choose the battery that delivers the proper current that your device needs, and not just the battery with the highest rating.

High Voltage. This delivers a "harder hitting" vape that doesn't drain your battery nearly as quickly.

Cool Temperature

To keep your batteries from overheating, as well as prolonging their overall life, you want a battery that can stay cool during use.

As 18650 batteries typically are the best vape batteries for most regulated devices, there are many companies who make and distribute them so you are not limited in your choices.

Advice for Battery Safety

Here are a few quick tips to consider regarding your battery and charging it:

  • As with any battery, never expose them to direct sunlight, open flame, or water.
  • Your batteries should be carried in a case to prevent them from coming into contact with metals, which will short circuit them.
  • Regularly examine your batteries. If the cover is damaged in any way, do not use them. Take them to your local vape shop and have them re-wrapped.
  • Do not charge your vape batteries while asleep or leave them unattended. It is recommended you check the status of your batteries every half hour while charging.
  • Always properly dispose of your batteries. It is illegal to put them in the household trash.

Regulated vs. Unregulated Mods

There are two different types of vape mods--regulated and unregulated. Regulated mods are what can be typically bought in any brick and mortar store, or online. They are ready to use as soon as you have your vape batteries, and atomizer. Regulated mods come with a chip inside that does the math for you, using Ohm's law to convert voltages and ohms to wattages. This is the recommended way to vape, as it is much safer and less susceptible to human error.

Unregulated mechanical mods, also known as mech mods, are mods that do not have the chip that does the math for you. Instead, the user is responsible for calculating the amperage of the e cigarette battery, the proper voltage setting, and the right amount of Ohms needed to achieve the best results. If you are not an experienced hobbyist with a deep understanding of Ohms law, you run the risk of overworking your rig and causing a malfunction, or worse, ecig battery venting. Users of unregulated mods will often stack batteries which can be highly dangerous if done improperly.

Marrying Batteries in an Unregulated Mod

If you insist on using unregulated, or mechanical mods, battery safety should be at the top of your list of things to learn. It is best to label your batteries "A" and "B" before charging them. You must always charge and discharge these batteries together. Always, always place battery A in the left hand slot of the charger, and battery B in the right side. When you take the batteries out to place them into your mod, you will want A and B to still be in the left and right spots respectively, identical to how they were in the charger. This is called marrying the batteries and must be done to ensure the safety of your mechanical mod.

Bottom line: it's best to stick to regulated mods, as they can deliver great results without the additional danger of doing incorrect math and exploding your vape mod.


Sub-ohming is the vaping style in which you vape with an atomizer whose coil resistance reads below 1.0 Ohms, hence the term "sub." Vapers like to sub-ohm as it gives them denser, larger clouds, better flavor, and a warmer vape. The heat is spread out over a bigger area, letting more e-juice be vaporized at once. You must use the appropriate high drain battery type when you sub-ohm; because as previously stated, sub-ohming requires more power. Choose the batteries wisely as with any other vaping style.

There are a few high drain batteries that you can choose from. You can find these vape batteries for sale in most shops, as well as online. These are a few of the recommended ones:

- Sony US18650VTC5. Boast 30 amps and 2600 mAh and are regarded as some of the best on the market.

- LG HB6 18650.Pack up to 30 amps of continuous discharge along with a rating of 1500 mAh.

- LG 18650 HD2.Commonly used, and give a discharge of 25 amps and 2000 mAh.

- LG INR 18650HG2. Regarded as possibly the best vape battery for sub-ohming, they offer 20 amps and are rated at 3000 mAh.

- AW IMR 18650. These have a safe chemical composition with 20 amps and 2200 mAh.

If you aren't comfortable with the ins and outs of ohms law, sub-ohming can be dangerous, just like with unregulated mods. You run the risk of harming your vaping mods or yourself, and giving those against vaping even more of a reason to use against vapers. Be sure you are comfortable with the necessary knowledge before you begin sub-ohming.

By following these guidelines, you can safely take the next step in vaping --as with any hobby or lifestyle, safety comes first. Carefully consider these recommendations, and happy vaping!

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