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Vapir Rise Review: Pros & Cons pf Desktop Vaporizer

Vapir Rise vaporizer next to other vapir portable vapes

While vaporizer pens and portable vaporizer units have become popular for people who want to enjoy medicinal or legal recreational marijuana on the go, desktop units are still considered to be the most efficient form of weed vaporizer.

Most desktop models are only suitable for dry herbs and limit you to just one draw method, but the VapirRise is different. This innovative desktop unit works as a vaporizer for weed flowers and for concentrates and has a very flexible design.

Basics of Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Vapir Rise vaporizer stands alone without a whip of balloon bag

- Price - The Vapir Rise Vaporizer sells for around $250, making it less expensive than many other desktop vaporizer models on the market today. When you consider the price and the functionality of this wax and dry herb vaporizer, the unit is an excellent value.

- Vapor Quality - While the Vapir Rise Vaporizer has a convection heating system that doesn't pose a risk for combustion, the desktop vaporizer's vapor quality is only about average. While the vapor isn't harsh or overly hot, other units do produce more flavorful, smoother vapor; however, those desktop units tend to be more expensive than the Vapir Rise.

Vapir Rise Vaporizer Kit with mouthpiece and tube

- Guarantee - The Vapir Rise Vaporizer comes with a 2-year standard warranty, and you can upgrade to a longer 3-year warranty for another $50. The standard warranty is about average for weed vapes in this price range.

- Flexibility - It’s the flexibility of the Vapir Rise Vaporizer that really makes this pot vaporizer shine. You can use the cannabis vaporizer as a direct draw vape with the included whip or attach bags to make the vaporizer work more like the Volcano vape. As previously mentioned, the unit works for both herbs and concentrates, separating it from the competition. It also comes with a multi-use adapter that lets you attach up to four whips, so a whole group can enjoy vaping weed at once.

- Prep Time - The Vapir Rise Vaporizer heats up faster than some other convection vaporizers; however, setting up the unit can be cumbersome, especially in bag mode. In order to be so versatile, the desktop marijuana vaporizer has to come with a variety of parts. At first, the sheer number of items in the box can be overwhelming, especially for new users. The instructions do allow you to correctly assemble it for the mode that you wish to enjoy, but expect it to take a while the first few times that you use these cheap vaporizers, which are also economical.

Vape Rating: 4.6/5 based on 5 review(s)

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Vapir Rise desktop vaporizer shown from the top angle

- Ease of Use - Digital controls make the Vapir Rise Vaporizer very easy to set once everything is assembled. In both whip and balloon modes, the vaporizer weed desktop unit is simple to draw from; however, there is one big downside to its design. If you have the heater on, the fan automatically turns on. This is fine in bag mode, but when you're using a whip, you need to keep drawing constantly in order to avoid wasting vapor. Some people may not mind this, but it does make it hard for you to take your time and relax between draws.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - The Vapir Rise Vaporizer has digital temperature controls, that allow you to adjust it to the precise level of heating desired. An efficient heating system keeps the temperature within range throughout use.

- Power Supply - As a desktop vaporizer, the Vapir Rise Vaporizer requires electric power for operation. The cord is removable, making the weed vaporizer more compact for easy storage.

Pros of Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Vapir Rise shown from the front with temperature buttons
  • Very low price for a convection desktop vaporizer
  • Versatile design works as whip or balloon vaporizer
  • Vapes waxes and herbs
  • Can be shared by up to 4 people
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Precise temperature controls

Cons of Vapir Rise Vaporizer

  • Large number of parts could be overwhelming for new users
  • Setup time can be lengthy, particularly in bag mode
  • Many desktop vaporizers produce better vapor
  • Fan is always on, so you have to continuously vape
  • Vapor quality is only about average

While the Vapir Rise Vaporizer doesn't rival the vapor quality of the Herbalizer or Volcano vaporizers, for a cheap vaporizer, it works remarkably well. This vape is a good choice for an experienced vapor enthusiast looking for the best cheap vaporizer for home use that will allow him or her to change up the way they enjoy vaporizing weed.

Video: Vapir Rise Vaporizer in action

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