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Review of The Dabbler by VaporBrothers

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VaporBrothers is known for their vaporizer pen models, and one of their newest designs was brought to market with the help of a partner company, Vape-Pen. Called the VaporBrothers Dabbler, the model is a wax vaporizer pen that has a number of benefits and only a few small drawbacks.

The Basics of the Dabbler by Vapor Brothers

Vapor Brothers Vape Pen for Wax Colors Side by Side

- Price - The VaporBrothers Dabbler wax pen sells for $129.99 but can be purchased for under $100 from some retailers. The price of the wax pen vaporizer is about average overall. When you consider the performance of the Vapor Brothers vaporizer, the vapor pen is actually a bargain, as it works as well as models that cost a lot more.

- Vapor Quality - Vapor Brothers built the Dabbler with a very high quality atomizer that includes a fully inert inconel wire and a burn-proof wick. There is also a microprocessor included in the design to regulate the temperature. The combination of all of these features gives the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer pen the ability to perform well above average for a vape of its price range. The vapor quantity, taste, potency, and smoothness are all very good overall, and when compared only to vapes that are similarly priced, the vapor quality is outstanding.

- Guarantee - The warranty on the VaporBrothers Dabbler is for 1 year, which is about the norm for a wax vaporizer pen.

- Prep Time - The ceramic chamber on the VaporBrothers vaporizer pen has been specially designed for easy loading. You can get the wax pen vaporizer filled quickly, and it reaches working temperature fast.

- Portability - Compared to other wax pen vaporizers, the Dabbler vape is a little longer. This does make the vape pen a little more obvious when you're using it in public, but it really doesn't make the vape any less convenient to carry. Vapor Brothers even gives you a nice pocket-sized hard case for storing and carrying the entire vape pen.

- Ease of Use - Even beginners can get nice vapor clouds with this wax pen without any effort. There is only a single battery included in the design, and the mouthpiece is ergonomically shaped to allow for an easy draw.

Vapor Brothers Vape Pen for Wax Carrying Case

- Heating - Combustion isn't a worry with the Dabbler by Vapor Brothers. The wax vape pen has a microprocessor built into its design that constantly monitors the temperature and adjusts the flow of current to keep the vape pen working at optimal temperatures.

- Power Supply - The Dabbler wax pen has a LiPo battery with an exceptionally long life that allows you to enjoy more than one session before you need to recharge. The vape pen does have pass-through charging capabilities; however, it comes with a very short charging cable that makes it difficult, if not impossible to vape while the wax pen is plugged in. Another small problem with the Dabbler Vaporizer is that it has a removable cap over its battery that must be unscrewed prior to charging. The small size of the part makes it easy to lose or misplace.

Vapor Brothers Vape Pen for Wax Parts Apart Shown

Pros of the Dabbler by Vapor Brothers

  • Exceptional vapor quality for a wax pen of its price
  • Advanced design with premium parts not found in other vaporizers
  • No risk of combustion
  • Convenient carrying case included
  • Long battery life compared to other wax pens
  • Only one button to push
  • Bargain priced when you consider the vapor quality

Cons of the Dabbler by Vapor Brothers

  • This vape pen is slightly longer than other wax pens, so it is a little less discreet; however, this shouldn't make it difficult to carry the pen, as it's still rather compact
  • Cap that you need to remove to charge the battery is small and could become lost
  • Charger is very short so you really can't make use of the pass-through charging feature

Dabbler Vaporizer by VaporBrothers and Vape-Pen Review

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