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Cloud V Review: Classic & Platinum - Pros & Cons

The Cloud V Classic and Platinum vape pens are two popular vaporizers that are used for oils and waxes. Both come with lifetime warranties, and feature an innovative tornado atomizer to produce vapor of exceptional quality. The Classic has a shorter battery life than the more expensive Platinum. Cloud V is known for their impressive selection of vaporizer pens, and two of their most popular models are the Classic, and the Platinum. Both pens are used to vape oils and waxy concentrates, and have a number of benefits. Continue reading below to learn more!

cloud-v-classic wax vaporizer pen in black

Classic Pros:

  • Very economical, considering the vapor quality
  • Advanced tornado atomizer design
  • Efficient vaporization with no waste of material
  • High vapor quality, compared to others in this price range
  • Great design, the atomizer fits securely inside
  • Lifetime warranty on the battery

Classic Cons:

  • Battery life is average, single charge offers 24 - 48 hours usage
  • Mouthpiece is just a hollow cylinder

Platinum Pros:

  • Advanced tornado atomizer design
  • Efficient vaporization with no waste of material
  • High vapor quality, compared to others in this price range
  • Replaceable tips on the mouthpiece
  • Battery provides power for longer on a single charge than most
  • Lifetime warranty on the battery

Platinum Cons:

  • Slightly higher in price than the Classic, without offering much better vapor quality
  • Atomizer does not stay inside as well, unit could come apart in your pocket
Classic & Platinum Pens are discontinued by Cloud V
Rating: 8.4/10 by

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In-Depth of the Cloud V Classic & Platinum

Cloud V Vape Pen for Wax Dissected

- Price - The Cloud V Classic is designed as an economical wax pen, with a suggested retail price of $90, while the Platinum is slightly more expensive at $100. Typically, you can purchase the pens for about $60 and $80, respectively. Both vape pens are priced in the mid-range, so they're good for beginners who want a high-end unit, or experienced vaporists who want something more affordable.

- Reputation – Both the Classic and the Platinum feature a high quality ceramic tornado atomizer, that is specially designed to help push material to the heating coil for optimal vaporization. This design provides very high vapor quality and excellent efficiency, allowing both pens to outperform other wax pens of their size. There is no real difference in the vapor quality of the two.

- Guarantee - Cloud V offers a lifetime warranty on the batteries of both of these vaporizer pens, setting them apart from competitors that offer much shorter warranties or no warranties at all.

- Prep Time - Both models are very easy to load and can be ready to go in under 5 seconds.

- Portability, Size, and Privacy - Identical in size, the Cloud V Classic and Platinum are considered micro pens. They can easily be carried in your pocket and fit in the palm of your hand.

Cloud V Vape Pen for Wax all Colors

- Ease of Use - Both models offer easy one-touch operation and have safety locks on their batteries. Although it doesn't affect performance, the Classic's lock turns on and off with three clicks, and the Platinum's lock requires five clicks. One added feature of the Platinum is that it has a more comfortable mouthpiece, with a removable, replaceable tip. The Classic just has a hollow tube mouthpiece that is basically the norm for most micro pens.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - Cloud V uses just one heat setting for both of these wax vape pens. The temperature remains consistent throughout use, and there is little chance of combustion.

- Power Supply - The battery is where the Classic and Platinum really differ. With the Cloud V Classic, you can expect the battery to last through only about 24 to 48 hours, which is average or below average compared to other vaporizer pen. The Cloud V Platinum's battery can go for up to 4 days on a single charge, outperforming most other units of this size.

All in all, both the Cloud V Classic, and the Cloud V Platinum vape pen kits are good investments that will provide a satisfying vaporizing experience. If you don't mind recharging frequently, the Cloud V Classic will likely meet your needs perfectly, but if you take long trips, or don't like to have to constantly recharge, the Cloud V Platinum is worth the small increase in price. You can check out more dab pen models here at

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