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Customer Testimonials and Reviews of

VaporPlants customer reviews and testimonials about dry herb vaporizers, oil and wax vapes as well as hydroponics and herbal remedies

At VaporPlants, we take nothing more seriously than the satisfaction of our customers. Whether we're helping a customer select the right vaporizer, answering questions about a specific product that we carry, or providing assistance with a previous order. We work hard to not just meet expectations, but to exceed them.

We're proud of the number of customers who have sent us messages to express their thanks, and tell us about their experiences. This testimonials page is just a sampling of the great messages that we receive on a regular basis.

Our goal is to be the best retailer of vaporizers, e-cigs, hydroponics, vapes, accessories and other related products on the Internet. And to that end, we value any, and all feedback. We'd love to hear from you about your experience shopping with us. Please send us a message and let us know what you think!

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I've never had an online retailer be so willing to help me find a product. It's obvious the associate who helped me really cares. The products are helping me quit smoking, so you can expect repeat orders
- Sharmaine M. (MN)

VaporPlants means it when they say they care about customer service. I'm new to smoking an e-cigarrete and they took the time to help and explain things. They have a much better selection than other places. My experience was a perfect 10/10.
- John K. (AL)

Great customer service. Thx!
- Marshall F. (UT)

After years of smoking, I decided to smoke an e-cig and made lots of purchases from Vapor Plants. From my experience, it's obvious that everyone there values customers. When I've emailed, you've always answered fast, and when I bought something that didn't work out (purely my fault!), you ensured I was satisfied. I will never shop at another vaporizer store  because I know your team will take care of me. I buy a lot of things online and can tell you it's rare to find a company like yours. You probably hear this stuff all the time from customers, but wanted to make sure I let you know.
- Sheila M. (NH)

Bought electronic cigarettes three times from you now for myself and for gifts. Stuff gets sent quick and it's always packaged great. Glad I found
- Rubin C. (ND)

I can't believe how fast my ecig came! I was also impressed with how many products you carry. I love my new rejuve cig. You'll be getting all my business for ecigs. I had heard great things about Vaporplants and it was all true. It's a great store. Thanks!
- Harry F. (TX)

After doing alot of research about top rated vaporizers, I found Vapor Plants. They had every portable vaporizer and desktop vaporizer that I read about. I ended up having some questions about the vaporizer brands, and they team was really helpful and timely. I ended up deciding on a 7th Floor vaporizer, but I found it cheaper somewhere else. I sent another email to Vapor Plants, and they actually matched the price. They even helped me place the order with the price exception. It came within just two days, and it is everything I hoped for and more. I will definitely come to Vapor Plants for all future purchases
- Roy A. (GA)

Sent this email as a quick thanks for the service I received with my recent vaporizer order. I'm completely satisfied. You're the best
- Walter G. (MS)

Top notch customer service. I sent an email asking questions about types of vaporizers because I'm just starting to vape. I had a reply within 5 hours. I sent a follow-up question about the vapes and got another answer in 10 minutes. I was blown away!
- Jana L. (AR)

Finally splurged on the Volcano vaporizer! I knew it would be a great bag vaporizer, but I had no idea the service I'd get from you would be just as great. Thanks!
- Maggie W. (NV)

I'm the person who just bought a vape pen from you and then realized I bought the wrong one. It was such a relief that you guys were able to work with me and get me the oil vaporizer pen that I wanted instead. Your rep explained how to return the product and how it would all work. It went smoothly and I love love LOVE my new oil pen. Thanks for turning what could have been a loss of money into a great experience. Great oil vape pen and great service. You can't beat it!
- Jan B. (NC)

Longtime customer. Everything I've bought from my vaporizer pen to my vape batteries has been great quality and shipped really quickly. Appreciate it!
- Rickie P. (MA)

I have bought from you a couple of times and never had a problem. Then, I got a vaporizer pen that was damaged in the packaging. I called in a bad mood, wanting my dab pen, and your representative made me feel better right away. Thanks for turning around a bad situation. I'm really satisfied with the service.
- Miguel S. (FL)

After a couple of emails and millions of questions about e cigarette brands, I bought from you. Although I needed a lot of help, your agent was really patient and thorough. I'll be coming back to you for any other purchases I have in the future for sure.
- Joie V. (VA)

Thanks a lot for the good service!
- Raymond M. (KY)

With my busy schedule, I buy almost everything I can online. The experience buying my dry herb vaporizers from VaporPlants was one of the best I've ever had. Your answers to my questions helped me narrow down my search and get the right product. It was great to be able to call an online store on the phone and talk to a real person who speaks English about my questions. I was really surprised that a vaporizer store would be better to deal with than almost all other companies I've bought from. I'm wowed.
- Brittany T. (KS)

Great experience. Love my Magic Flight! Thanks for the fast shipping.
- Russ M. (MN)

I got a Puffit vaporizer from you a few months ago. I am impressed with the Puffit vaporizer as much as I as am with your service. Everything was processed right, and it came fast. You had the lowest price, but the service was really what made it a great buy. I will shop with you again and have already told my friend to come to you for their liquid vaporizer pen.
- Aimee L. (AZ)

Usually I try not to bug customer service for websites, but I really needed some help understanding vapor mods, so I called you guys. I spoke to a really nice guy who was so patient with me. He told me everything I needed to know and even some stuff I wouldn't have thought to ask. It was seriously the greatest interaction I've ever had calling a business. In the end, I got a dry herb vape pen. I never would have thought to get an dry herb vaporizer pen, but it works so well for me. Thanks alot
- Samuel Z. (WA)

After getting my whip vaporizer from you, I'd never shop anywhere else.
- Clay M. (AR)

It's not often that I contact a company to tell them they did a good job. But here I am! Great job and great prices on Storz and Bickel vapes.
- Bryant S. (WA)

The customer service person I talked to was nice and helpful. I love my Vapir and have told people about your site because of how great it all was.
- Frank R. (MO)

I found your site when I needed to buy vaporizer screens. I got better service from you from that small purchase that I did when I bought my vaporizer. I'm planning to get a Grenco Science pen soon, and I'll be buying it from you guaranteed.
- Camilla W. (ME)

Is there anyway you could train the cable company on how to treat customers? They could take a lesson from your great team.
- Van H. (DE)

After using a really cheap vaporizer for years, I decided I wanted an upgrade. It had been a long time since I shopped and there were a lot of new options. I called for help and got one of your agents. She took the time to really explain the features of the different products to me. I ended up choosing the Arizer Solo. I'm so glad I went with the Arizer, but even gladder that I found Vapor Plants.
- Pete W. (NE)

The best in the business! Vapor Plants and Silver Surfer Vaporizer get an A++++
- Theresa F. (MI)

Your store is always helpful and quick to ship. Thanks for my DaVinci vaporizer! I'd recommend you guys and the DaVinci Ascent to anyone!
- Sean B. (VA)

I wanted to buy a new Da Buddha for by BF. I ended up having some problems completing the sale. It turned out it was something with my computer, but the rep helped me figure it out and fix it. Saved me a call to Dell and won my business for life. My BF loves the vaporizor too.
- Yolanda B. (IL)

I have never written a review of a company before, but after I bought my hot box vaporizer from you I was so impressed that I had to track down review sites so I could tell people how good your service is. I had a lot of questions and called four different times. I got a different person every time, but got the same great service from everyone I talked to. I really can't say enough good things about Vapor Plants.
- Derick R. (IN)

I bought a 7th floor vaporizer. It came so fast that I actually thought it must be a different order coming to me from another store. It was only 2 days!! Really really fast delivery.
- Brian S. (NJ)

I wish I had found your site sooner. I've been buying all of my vaporizer parts and vape drip tips from you. I'm an international customer, and I'm willing to pay the extra money because your site is so professional. I know I can trust you, and your team has always been of great assistance. I'll be a customer for life.
- Bruno S.

Great service. My dr dabber came fast. No complaints.
- Stan T. (ND)

OMG! This Iolite vaporizer is awesome. Thanks for answering my questions and for the quick shipping.
- Lue P. (CA)

I got a Magic Flight Launch Box from you. It was my second purchase. The MFLB came with a part messed up, so I called and spoke to your customer service line. It was really easy to get it sent back and exchanged. I really thought I was going to have a fight on my hands because I've had problems returning things to other online stores. This was amazingly painless. Thanks so much. I'll buy from you again if I have the need.
- Jeff E. (ME)

Sent an email about the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer in the morning and I had an answer when I got to work. Great service!
- Dave D. (NE)

Quick shipping on a Vapir NO2. Fully satisfied.
- Tony Z. (PA)

Got a VaporBrothers Dabbler pen from you guys for a gift for someone. He had questions I couldn't answer so he called you. The rep answered all of his questions, and he called me to tell me I picked a great place to shop and a cool gift. Thanks for making me look good
- Mitch P. (IN)

Nothing like buying the best vaporizer from the best store online. The Volcano vaporizer is even better than I imagined and your service was incredible.
- Kira R. (MN)

It took me a long time to decide on the 710 pen. Fortunately, I had VaporPlants to help me. Your customer service people did a great job answering my questions by email. I even called once and they were just as nice and helpful and knowledgable. The site is really easy to use, too. I'm satisfied all the way around. Great job!
- Kathi H. (MD)

I have bought a lot of things from you. The latest thing was an Atmos Raw that I picked out with the help of one of your reps. I am so happy with the Atmos vaporizer. Throughout every purchase, I have gotten emails with answers to questions fast and have gotten my things quickly. I love that I can trust the stuff from you will be brand new and in good condition. I also love that I know I can call you with a question about whatever I buy once I have it. I've done it a couple of times, and you've always helped me out.
- Branden E. (TX)

Thanks for the super super super fast shipping on the Grenco Science G pen. It was a gift I ordered last minute and it came way before I expected. Yay!
- Cristy K. (OH)

I wanted a Cloud Penz and was a little bit worried about getting one on the Internet. I couldn't find a Cloud vape pen near me though. I actually started to buy the Cloud vape on another site, but I had a question about it and they NEVER ANSWERED. I emailed your company 2 weeks later. I had an answer in a couple of hours and you had a sale. I'm so glad I found you. I tell everyone you don't have to worry about shopping online for vape parts and vapes when you buy from
- Dennis M. (IL)

Best place to buy vape parts when you need them quick hands down!
- Kerry S. (CA)

I can't believe all the options there are for vaporizer whips. You guys really have the best vaporizer whip prices & the vape whip I got was just as advertised. It even came fast
- Alyssa D. (NM)

I have really bad luck when it comes to wands. Before, I tried to buy a glass wand those big marketplace sites from 2 different places and both times there was something wrong. I was starting to think I'd never get a vaporizer wand! A friend told me they bought a vaporizer mouthpiece from you and it was great. I called and asked about what would happen if my vaporizer wand came broken and told your rep what happened to me with the other sites. He put my mind at ease that it would be OK and if it wasn't, you'd replace it. I'm glad to say that it came today, and it's perfect! Thanks for dealing with a paranoid customer. I won't ever think of buying elsewhere again.
- Cierra V. (KS)

Even though I was just buying dab tools I got great service. The dabbing tools are of better quality than what I have gotten from other places, too! This is definitely the place for dabber tools, and I'll be buying a vaporizer mouthpiece from you soon. This is really the best vape store online with the fast shipping and cheap prices.
- Hayden B. (OK)

My first purchase from you was just for a vape battery, but the experience was great. I've bought from you many times since then and had many more great experiences! Truly a 5 star company.
- Phung T. (NY)

Thanks for selling me the best wax atomizer EVER! I even got help picking out the right one. It came fast and I love it.
- Frank M. (NJ)

Most of the sites that sell vape bags are so sketchy. I was glad to find you and really excited by how fast I got my vape bag order. Good job.
- Candy T. (NC)

I dropped my vape pen battery in the toilet and I thought I was going to have to go without vaping for weeks. Then I found you guys. I called to find out how fast I could get a vaporizer battery and was shocked that you said you'd send it out the same day since it was in the morning. I ended up buying a vape pen charger too so I'd have a spare and both the vape charger and the battery were perfect when they came.
- Josh M. (NH)

I was having a hard time finding oil tanks, but then I found you. You guys have an amazing selection of vape accessories and parts and great prices.
- Jordan B. (OH)

It all started with a vaporizer heating chamber and some replacement vaporizer tubing. Since then, I've bought more vape tube, an herb grinder, a vape case and some other stuff. Today, I had a random question about cleaning my vaporizer, so I called. I had a receipt and was ready to give the info to show I was a customer, but your rep said don't worry about it. He answered all of my questions about vaporizer cleaning and told me what vaporizer cleaner to use. The tricks he told me really helped. I am really glad I thought to call. You can count on my business forever.
- Tracie C. (WV)

I was shocked when I ordered a wax atomizer and I got a shipping confirmation that afternoon. I've never received anything so fast from an online purchase. Thanks for your fast shipping!
- Eddie W. (SC)

Really pleased with your service and the stuff I received.
- Kendra H. (MA)

I felt kind of funny calling for help about a vaporizer, but your rep made me feel comfortable. All of my questions were answered, and the entire ordering process and shipping went smooth.
- Tim S. (GA)

I really appreciate all of the time you took to help me understand the differences between your different herbal grinder models and herb containers. Your rep really went above and beyond.
- Isaiah K. (WI)

I wanted an herb scale and didn't know if I should get a digital pocket scale or not. The emails from your customer service center helped me choose a pocket scale and it really has been the right thing for what I need. Thank you for your assistance. I'll be sure to tell my vape buddies about you.
- Jerrell C. (CA)

I have been vaping since when the Volcano vaporizer was new to the market. Since then, I have bought from a lot of stores and online stores, and none of them have ever given me the level of service I received from you. I will definitely be doing business with you again. Thank you for a great experience and such fast shipping.
- Arden B. (ID)

It's not often that I write an email to a company that isn't a complaint, but I couldn't possibly find a single thing to say negative about shopping at VaporPlants. I bought e liquid and a vape case and had some questions that were answered promptly and courteously via email. My order was processed efficiently and shipped surprisingly fast. I was impressed with how carefully it was packaged, and the quality of the e juice is really second to none.
- Yan E. (VA)

I wanted to get a smoke odor eliminator and didn't know much about them. A friend recommended your site. I called and the rep was so helpful I ended up asking some questions about herb storage that I'd always wondered about, but never asked anyone. I bought a Kush Kaddie along with an SOE and both products are great.
- Nathan C. (MN)

The best price on a Nogoo nonstick anywhere! I got my Nogoo dish and Nogoo vape scrape really fast and in perfect condition. I love getting a good bargain and good service at the same time.
- Bryan S. (OK)

Thank you for the good communication throughout the order process. Buying vape accessories online is always a little nerve wracking. It was reassuring that I could track my order so easily. The order came in great shape just as advertised. I would recommend highly.
- Javier S. (CA)

I had a little problem with an order, but you guys took care of it without making it difficult. Thanks for being so helpful.
- Jarrod T. (NC)

I was on a trip and my vaporizer broke. I knew that I needed to contact the company to get a replacement sent to me, but since I was away I didn't have any of the contact info or my user guide or anything. I called VaporPlants for some help, and the customer service team went above and beyond. I was amazed at the service I got even though my purchase wasn't all that recent.
- John C. (VT)

First-time choosing vaporizer here. I really didn't know where to begin. Luckily, my brother had told me about your store. I called you before I even visited your website. The rep talked me through everything. After asking me some questions to get to know what I needed, he gave me a few different options and then explained all of the features. I said I wanted to think about it and there was no pressure. I did a quick price comparison. You guys were the lowest price. I really wasn't expecting the best service and the best deals from the same site, but you guys delivered. My order arrived at my door quickly. I called in with a couple of questions after the unboxing and again received a lot of (VERY) patient help. I even got some tips on maintenance and cleaning. I've never had such a good online shopping experience.
- Alexa M. (WA)

100% satisfied with every part of my purchase.
- Nick T. (CT)

What a great store! I called in and got connected to a real live person within a few minutes. I got answers fast. It was obvious the rep really knew your products inside and out.
- Joe H. (PA)

I love everything about your store. Not only do you have everything I could want, but all of the reference info and articles are super helpful. Thumbs up!
- Lucas R. (OR)

I wish your store had a like button! I'd push it a thousand times.
- Al C. (AR)

I made a mistake when I ordered something from your site. I figured it out too late and the product already shipped. Your customer service team was so understanding. I had to call in a couple of times about how to send my order back and get the right thing, and everyone I talked to was aware of my issue and seemed genuinely glad to help. I can't imagine another store being so nice when an order was a customer error. You really are the best not just vaporizer store but online store period.
- Tad C. (TN)

VaporPlants wins the Internet. Thanks for an epic experience. You guys rock.
- Tish S. (TX)

Your site is not the first online vape shop that I've bought from, but you're going to be the last cause I won't buy from anyone else again. You really have the best prices, the best products and the best service. So glad my buddy told me about you.
- Scott M. (WI)

I buy from American stores all the time. Never have I had one give me such personal attention. Thanks to you for finding cheapest shipping for me and making it so easy to order.
- Yong C.

I was worried about people seeing my order from Vapor Plants. I called and asked what the box would look like and everything. Your rep was so patient and really understood why I was worried about my privacy. Glad to say that the box came today. I almost didn't know what it was--that's how well it's all packaged. I truly appreciate the help by phone, the quality of the product and the packaging.
- Shelly L. (NY)


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