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Dry Herb Grinders
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Dry Herb Grinders

Grinders are a fairly common household item for those who enjoy cooking, smoking or vaporizing aromatherapy. They provide a number of benefits that can enhance the vaping experience, ones that you simply cannot get from just breaking up the aromatherapy herbs by hand. Grinding delivers greater amounts of surface area, and that is where the true perks come from; however, some people aren't convinced that grinding is any better than manual deconstruction of leaf and flower. Let's highlight a few of the benefits of grinding your plant or flower before putting it in your vaporizer for herbal use, and you can decide for yourself.

4 Reasons You Should Be Using a Herbal Grinder

1. Better Flavor and Aromas

Grinding up the aromatherapy material finely unlocks the fantastic smells and flavors that get ruined when you rub the delicate terpenes between your fingers. When you grind up herb, it creates a greater surface area of untouched material that has not been oxidized, delivering an undiluted smell and taste.

herb grinder with herbs inside

2.Greater Efficiency and Potency

More surface area also means more even vaping in your vaporizer for dry herbs. When ground into small, consistently sized pieces, you are getting more hot air or greater heat contact, depending on whether you are using a convection or conduction vape, throughout all of the material. You are also not getting sticky fingers from grinding by hand, along with the knowledge that the stickiness is actually those tasty aromatherapy crystals that you are wasting. This doesn't even mention the fact that you are lowering your risk of combustion in a conductional vapes!

3. Save Money and Time

The increased potency from intact terpenes and the efficiency that comes with it lends its way to spending less on your materials. This also means that, since you are getting larger, more potent clouds, you can cut back on how much you vape or smoke, furthering the cost savings. You are also saving time using a grinder for quick and simple breaking up of the herbs that takes a few seconds, opposed to spending many minutes breaking it up by hand.

4. Crystals

One of the best things about using a grinder is the crystals. It comes from dry herb' resin glands. This is the purest, most potent aspect of the plant which in turn accumulates and creates a fine, powdery substance. Many 3 piece or 4 piece grinders have a mesh screen that catches these smaller crystals and stores it so that you can add a powerful punch, once it has built up a collection.

Benefits of a Grinder

If you enjoy vaping from a vaporizer, or smoking in other ways, having a good grinder is imperative. There are far too many benefits that you are missing out on if you choose to forgo this important step in vaping. There are many selections of grinders available in many parts, materials, and mechanisms. You can even get an electric grinder or one that features a crystal catcher for maximum efficiency. Choose one that suits your needs, but whatever you do, make sure you have one on hand. At, we make it easy to find the best grinder for your needs with our wide selection. Whether you're looking for an acrylic, wooden, or metal grinder to complete your collection of vape accessories, you'll find the perfect one in our collection of high quality 2, 3, and even 4 piece models.

Herbal Grinder Review

When you have begun to vape your materials instead of smoking them, you will notice that there is a definite need for grinding your dry herbs. Gone are the days of burning large chunks inefficiently with a rolling paper or glass piece. With a vaporizer, large pieces just won't do. You need the herb to be ground as finely as possible, using a grinder for herbs, for a number of reasons. One is that your herbs are getting fully vaporized because of the enlarged surface area. You are exposing more of the material to the hot air or heating chamber, which in turn gives you bigger clouds. The clouds are also smoother and more flavorful because of the greater surface area, and the material is heated more thoroughly because there is more of it to go around. The question is, which grinder is the best for the job? Below we have reviewed three of the best grinders for herbs to help you decide.

Space Case vs. Santa Cruz vs. SLX - Grinder Battle

  SLX Grinder
SLX Grinder
Space Case Grinder
Space Case Grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder
Santa Cruz Grinder
Materials used for: Dry Herbs Dry Herbs Dry Herbs
Pros: Easy grips on top lid Sharp, diamond shaped teeth Only finest material passes through
Made from: 7075 Grade Aluminum Titanium Anodized Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Easiness of grind/use:
(1 hard to 5 being easy)
4 5 5
Easiness of cleaning:
(1 hard to 5 being easy)
4 5 4
(1 dull to 5 being sharp)
5 5 5
Colors available: Charcoal, silver, black, gold A wide variety A wide variety


Herbal Grinders Side by Side

The SLX grinder comes in four available finishes--charcoal, silver, black, and gold, whereas the Space Case and the Santa Cruz Shredder both come in several vibrant colors. The SLX model is round, compact, and fits easily in the hand with grip points on the upper part of the grinder, and the Space Case is just as simple to hold. All three are incredibly durable, with the Space Case and the Santa Cruz Shredder both being scratch resistant and dust resistant. Magnets connect all of the aspects of the Santa Cruz Shredder to eliminate the fear of spillage. The Space Case is also non-stick.

The teeth of the Space Case are extremely sharp and diamond shaped, delivering the finest grind you can imagine. The sharpness of the teeth in the Space Case can be compared to the durability of the teeth in the Santa Cruz, which are resistant to damage and dulling over time. The standard SLX has 55 ultra-sharp teeth that are resistant to wear and tear as well. All of these grinders have multiple chambers that allow only the finest pieces of the material to fall through. The Santa Cruz and Space Case each have mesh pollen screens for kief catching.


SLX vs Space Case vs Santa Cruz Grinders

All three of these dry herb grinders are very simple to use. With the SLX, the cover comes off with just a few twists. Each twist is smooth and simple thanks to the 7075 grade aluminum. The neodymium magnets prevent the SLX from popping open unexpectedly, while keeping everything safely inside. The grind is fine, thanks to its many sharp teeth, but not nearly as fine as the grind you get when using the Space Case. This grinder has diamond shaped teeth that make grinding herbs into a near powder effortless and does a wonderful job of breaking up large amounts of herbs. With the Santa Cruz Shredder, none of the material passes through the screens except for the pollen. It produces fine grinds with incredible surface area for even heating once loaded in an atomizer.

Once you have realized the importance of having a dry herb grinder, such as the greater surface area, lowered risk of combustion, and better clouds, you can take a better look at which of these herbal grinders might better suit you. It is always better to go with a unit that can grind more finely, especially when you are using them for a vaporizer. No matter which one you choose, though, the important thing is that you do choose to use a grinder instead of ruining the delicate trichomes and crystals of your material when you grind by hand.

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How to Prepare and Dry Herbs for a Grinder

What's in a name? When using dry herb grinders, it is important to remember that is exactly what you are doing: grinding dry herbs. If your herbs have any moisture to them, they won't grind as finely, and chances are they will grow mold which will render them useless. Depending on how wet your herbs may be, you may need to dry them for anywhere between several hours to two days. The more time you take to dry them properly, the more potent they will be. Below are five quick tips on drying out your herbal material.

Use paper and plastic:

You will want to begin by putting your herbs in a brown paper bag. Leave them in there for around six to eight hours. After time has elapsed, take them out and put them into a plastic bag for another five to seven hours. Keep alternating between the two bags while slowly lessening the amount of time that you have your material in each bag. This will help keep the moisture even within the plant so that the exterior isn't drying more quickly than the interior.

Oven method:

While the oven is faster, it isn't the preferred method for drying. Still, if you need to dry out your herbs quickly, you can do it in the oven. Simply spread out your herbs evenly in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Place the sheet in the oven anywhere between 100 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't go any higher or they might lose their potency. Heat them up for around 10 minutes and then take them out. If they are still damp, take them out, flip them over and put them back in for another 10 minutes.

Glass jars:

You can dry your herbs in a glass jar without the lid on it to help prepare it for an herbal grinder, first place a tissue in the jar, then add your herbs, put a tissue on top and leave the lid off. The tissue will help to prevent mold from forming due to the moisture.


Much like you might toss your phone into a bag of rice when it gets wet, you can dry your herbs the same way before using your herb grinder. Just put your wet material in a container with rice until all of the moisture is absorbed. Pick off any rice that sticks to them before use.

Follow these tips for drying out your herbs and they will be ready to go into the grinder in no time at all. Check out the selection of grinders we offer here to find the one to best suit your needs.

Metal Grinder for Cannabis

Metal Grinder

Using a grinder to ready your medicinal herbs for the heating chamber of your vaporizer will help ensure that it vaporizes fully and releases as much of its active chemicals as possible. Many people find that metal grinders are the best option as they offer a level of durability and strength not common with other options. When you shop at VaporPlants, you can choose from a lightweight, economical aluminum grinder, or a more heavy-duty, top-of-the-line titanium models to prepare your legal aromatic blends.

Weed Wooden Grinders

Wooden Grinder

To get efficient vaporization with an aromatic blend, you need to take the time to grind the dry herbs to the ideal consistency. A herbal grinder lets you do just that and is a must-have for anyone who vapes. Many people prefer to use wooden models due to the durability and natural origins of the materials used in the construction. At, we offer 2 piece and 4 piece options for botanical herbs, and all of the models we feature are made out of the finest quality hardwoods.

Weed Acrylic Grinder

Acrylic Grinder

One of the first things that anyone who is experienced with vaping of aromatic blends will tell you is that you need to grind your herbs if you want to be able to enjoy their full potency and flavor. This will help you ensure that you don't waste any of your herbs by improving the efficiency of your vape. The good news is that buying a grinder doesn't have to be expensive. An acrylic or plastic grinder is an economical solution that will help you perfectly prepare your blends or tobacco prior to vaping.

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The Space Case, SLX, and Santa Cruz Shredder are dry herb grinders intended to reduce your herbs to the finest grind possible in order to provide you with thorough, even heating when vaping. The SLX Grinder is made from 7075-grade aluminum, the Space Case is made from titanium, and the Santa Cruz Shredder is composed of anodized aluminum, all of which are durable and resilient. Each of them has ultra-sharp teeth as well as screens for collecting kief. The SLX features diamond-shaped teeth while the Space Case is ergonomic with its easy-grip lid and the Santa Cruz Shredder allows only the finest ground material to pass through.

More about Space Case Grinder, it is a durably constructed grinder whose titanium components make up both the exterior and the grinding teeth that will never get dull. It features perfectly sized holes that will not clog, nor will they let unwanted stems into the catch chamber. Teflon O-rings make the grinding experience effortless and lend find grinds every time. There is a pollen screen, and beneath that, a kief catch that allows you to store the collected material until you're ready to enjoy it. The magnetic lid keeps the grinded material inside and ensures portability so you don't have to worry about spilling its contents on the go.

2 vs 4 Piece Metal Marijuana Grinder

2 vs 4 Piece Metal Herb Grinder

Investing in a metal grinder can help you to get thick vapor clouds without wasting any of your materials. A 2 piece grinder offers an unparalleled durability compared to models made of other materials, so that you can use it again and again. Because these consist of only two pieces, they are often constructed of aluminum or titanium. With a 4 piece grinder, you get the benefit of durable construction, which is important to anyone who will need to grind dry herbs on frequent basis. With a 4pc grinder, you also get an added chamber for capturing the potent pollen pieces as you grind, so that it can be used for vaping later on. As a result, you won't waste any of your blends and will get the most out of every vaping session.

AeroSpaced is a leading name in the manufacturing of metal grinders, and is preferred by many vaping enthusiasts. When you choose an AeroSpaced grinder, you can be certain that you're getting best possible quality. As a result, you can expect your new possession to stand the test of time, so you can use it over and over. The durability of an AeroSpaced brand makes it especially beneficial for those who vape on a daily basis or even more frequently.

When it comes to preparing, the quality of your grinder matters. When you choose high quality, you'll be able to get an even, fine grind and the benefits of the most durable and long lasting type available on the market today. If your pick is a Herbivore Grinder, you'll also benefit from the latest innovations in 2 and 4pc design to make preparing for vaping easier than ever before. The state-of-the-art design of Herbivore will have you ready to vape in record time.

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