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Herbalizer Review:

The Herbalizer is one of the best vaporizer models to hit the market, and it's definitely a major innovation in vape design. With features that have never before been seen in personal vaporizers, the Herbalizer has a lot to offer in terms of benefits and very few drawbacks. Keep reading to learn all about this vaporizer for dry herbs.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Open Top VIew


  • Very good vapor quality; one of the finest in terms of performance
  • Is ready to vape much faster than others
  • State-of-the-art temperature control system that is highly accurate
  • Very versatile with vape and aromatherapy capabilities
  • Four modes of vaping operation
  • Optional fan mode and the ability to vape any type of material
  • Magnetized design prevents spilling
  • Very simple to use vape bags


  • Very expensive; may be out of reach for some vape enthusiasts
  • When the cooling fan comes on, it can be noisy
  • Included cleaning brush is of low quality, but this is a very minor complaint
  • Whip may fall out during vaping
  • Vapor balloons do not last as long as other brands
  • Storage lid can come loose
Herbalizer is discontinued
Rating: 9/10 by

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Never before has there been a desktop vaporizer quite like the revolutionary Herbalizer. Truly one of the most advanced personal vaporizers on the market today, this compact, futuristic vape is designed to suit the high standards of experienced enthusiasts and is equally ideal for beginners who are looking for a truly premium vape experience to help them quit smoking.

High Performance Multifunction

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is the best desktop vaporizer for those who want the convenience of being able to vape different materials in different ways to suit every whim and occasion. The desktop vape can be used as a dry herb vape for savoring the flavors and aromatic properties of your favorite blends. You can also load it with the finest of essential oils or even use it to vape oil or oil products made for oil vape pens. The impressive desktop design provides two vaping and two aromatherapy delivery methods, giving you four distinct ways to use the device.

Easy Squeeze Balloon Delivery

With the Herbalizer Vaporizer, you can get the simple vaping pleasure of a traditional balloon bag like the classic Volcano. Unlike other models, the balloon style delivery method uses a specially designed bag that makes forced air vaping easier than ever to do. Called the Easy Squeeze Balloon, the vape bag is incredibly simple to use. Just give it a squeeze to get it ready to inflate, attach it to the forced air and let the Herbalizer do the rest. Once the vape bag is filled, you can draw directly from it and even share it with friends. The durable vape bags can be reused multiple times through roughly 2 months of use. The balloon bags comes with a total of four Easy Squeeze Balloons, giving you an 8-month supply.

Unique Vape Whip Design

The Herbalizer isn't just a balloon vaporizer; you can also use it as a whip style vape. With it, you'll receive a premium whip that includes premium medical grade silicone vape tubing to ensure an impurity-free vaping experience. With most whip style vaporizers, you have to find a place to store your vape whip when it's not in use, but the Herbalizer eliminates this problem. Inside of the oil and dry herb device is a trench that is designed specifically to hold the whip. As a result, you can just stash the vape tool inside of it until you're ready to use it. Not only is it easier to store your whip with the Herbalizer, but it's also simpler to draw from it due to the forced air fan that helps to push air into the whip while you vape.

Discover the Benefits of Aromatherapy

With the Herbalizer Vaporizer, you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with ease. The desktop model provides you with two options for filling the air with the aromatic essences of plants and other natural materials. For intensive aromatherapy, use the dry herb setting, or fight unpleasant odors with the essential oil mode. No matter how you choose to use the aromatherapy functionality, you can control the length of your session with ease. Just set the fan timer to the desired time and then sit back and enjoy!

Herbalizer Vaporizer Open Side View

Truly Space-Aged Design of Herbalizer

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is the product of four years of research and development, which have made it one of the most unique vaporizers ever to hit the market. You can see the difference at first glance with the shape of the sleek vaporizer, which is round unlike most models on the market. The desktop vape has a clam shell design with a hinged top that you can open with ease. It is the first desktop ever made with a magnetic lid on the heating chamber to keep dry herbs and oils safely contained inside. If it seems like the Herbalizer is a space-aged design, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this desktop was designed by a group of NASA scientists.

Fun and Function Collide in Herbalizer Vaporizer

The expert engineers and scientists behind the Herbalizer sought to make an oil and dry herb vaporizer that was both functional and fun. That's why it has special touches like uplifting, personal greeting messages that are displayed whenever you power the unit on. For enhanced functionality, the oil and herb vape features an LCD touch screen, making this vaporizer as easy to use as your smartphone or tablet. Just touch the options that appear on the screen, and you'll be vaping in no time. The designers thought of everything, even including a Herbalizer cooling feature to make vaping comfortable even at high temperatures.

Advanced Temperature Technology

Premium vapor production requires the ideal heat setting for your specific vaping material, and the Herbalizer Vaporizer makes it easy to get the most out of whatever you wish to vape. You can type in your exact desired temperature from 290 to 445 degrees Fahrenheit or convert it to a Celsius scale to meet your needs. Even if you choose the highest temperature setting, it will be ready for use in 4 seconds or less. That's because this model uses a halogen bulb as a heat source rather than a conventional heating element. To prevent combustion, the digital vaporizer includes a microprocessor that monitors the internal temperature and air flow hundreds of times per second. Based on the readings, the desktop vape automatically adjusts its performance to ensure best results. Herbalizer is even smart enough to remember your last temperature setting, so you don't need to re-enter it every time.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Accessories

Smart Storage Feature for Herbalizer Accessories

The Herbalizer comes with everything that you need to enjoy all four methods of delivery. In addition to the vape bags and a whip, you'll receive a stash box, a grinder card, an essential oil sample, aroma pads, spare screens, a herbal blend sample and a cleaning brush. All of the accessories sent with the device can be easily stowed away inside of the internal storage compartment. Conveniently located inside the top lid of, the compartment is spacious enough to hold everything and keeps your supplies right at your fingertips.

Innovative Safety Features of Herbalizer

To make the Herbalizer Vaporizer one of the safest desktops on the market, the scientists behind the device added some unique safety features. If this oil and herb vaporizer becomes too hot due to a system failure or user error, it will automatically power off. It will also shut off if it is tipped or knocked over. In the event that the vaporizer flips over completely, your vaping material will stay safely inside of the magnetic heating chamber. Once you have righted the vaporizer, you can then turn it back on and get back to vaping instantly, as the device will remember the temperature setting and reach the ideal heat level right away. The device is warrantied for 2 years and is made from start to finish in the USA.

In-Depth of the Herbalizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer view from the front

- Price - With all of the sophisticated features found in the Herbalizer model, it's not really a surprise that it is one of the most expensive desktop vapes that money can buy. The recommended retail price is $799, which is even more expensive than the Volcano Digital Vaporizer. The price really makes this device for experienced vape enthusiasts who truly want the best.

- Reputation – the Herbalizer has already acquired legions of loyal fans who are raving about it in online reviews. In any of its available modes of operation and with any type of material, the Herbalizer is very efficient and provides cool, thick vapor. Most people agree that the quality of the vapor rivals that of the Volcano Vaporizer, which up until the Herbalizer really didn’t worry about the competition.

- Guarantee - it comes with a 2-year warranty and a 5-year guarantee. For the first 2 years, many parts will be replaced or repaired for free if they break. If anything goes wrong after the warranty, or a part breaks that isn't covered by the warranty in the first 5 years, the company will sell you a new Herbalizer for half price. This is a very unique guarantee that sets it apart from models, including the Volcano classic and digit, which only has a 3- year warranty.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Open Side View

- Prep Time - So far, the Herbalizer offers the fastest heat-up time of any desktop vaporizer. Once you set the temperature, it's ready for use in 5 to 10 seconds, about the time it takes for a vape pen to heat up. That's compared to the 5 to 15- minute wait time you can expect from most tabletop vaporizers. The fast heat-up time is due to the unique heating system, which uses a halogen bulb rather than a metal coil or ceramic heating element.

- Versatility - This model is one of the most versatile desktop vaporizers ever made. With it, you can vape all types of dry herbs, tobacco, waxy concentrates, and e juice. The device can be used in traditional vape or aromatherapy modes. There are also four different draw options in vape mode. You can use the vaporizer as a bag-style model, a traditional direct draw whip-style, as a whip vaporizer with forced air for an easy draw, or in freestyle mode. Freestyle mode means that the vapor is just released into the air for you to inhale.

- Privacy - Shaped like a bowl and very sleek, it doesn't stand out, and is difficult to identify as a vaporizer, even when it's in plain sight. As a cool extra feature, it has a storage compartment in its lid, so you can stash your vape accessories, and even your herbs inside. There are some reports of the lid coming loose after it has been used awhile.

Herbalizer Vaporizer Accessories

- Ease of Use - The Herbalizer vaporizer is simple to load and very straightforward in terms of its operation. The vape bags are one of the easiest to use on the market today because they have a squeeze valve that keeps vapor inside automatically until you squeeze on the end to draw. The whip connection is also hands free, but it can come loose easily.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - Another big selling point of the Herbalizer is that it has very precise temperature controls. The sensors monitor the heat levels right on the herbs many times every second and keep adjusting the heat to maintain a constant temperature. For those who like to adjust the potency of their vapor by vaping at different temperatures, this feature comes in very handy. It's very easy to set the temperature with the LCD display, and there is little to no risk of combustion when you choose the ideal temperature setting for your materials.

You can learn more about the Herbailzer by checking out the product page link above at, or by contacting us for answers to specific questions.

Video: Herbalizer in action

If you want to continue to enjoy your Herbalizer whip-style vaporizer to the fullest, you need to keep the whip completely clean. An important part of maintaining the vape whip is changing the screens regularly, and Herbalizer Screens & Brush gives you 4 of screens to keep your whip working great.

What Does a Vaporizer Screen Do?

Vaporizer whips are the devices that both hold the herbs and allow you to draw vapor. In a traditional 3-piece whip design, your vaping material is placed in a tube known as the wand. When it's time to vape, you insert the wand into the heating chamber to vaporize the materials. The vapor can then pass through the included tubing, so that you can draw. The job of the screen is to prevent particulates from your vaping material to come loose, fall out of the wand and enter your vapor and your mouth. The small particles get trapped, while the vapor passes through the small holes in the metal mesh.

Why Replace a Vaporizer Screen?

The job of a vape screen is to catch debris, so over time, particles will build up on the surface of the screen. Even if you clean the screen regularly, some debris and discoloration will persist. At some point, the debris can block the flow of vapor, reducing your ability to get a satisfying draw. It can also compromise the taste and purity of your vapor.

When to Replace Screens

How frequently you'll need to replace your vaporizer screens will depend upon how much you vape and what you vape. People who use their vaporizers at least once per day, typically should replace the screens every 4 to 8 weeks. As a good rule of thumb, if screens look dirty even after cleaning them following the recommendations of the manufacturer or if you notice changes in the performance of your vape, you should change the screen.

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