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Easy Vape Guide:

Easy Vape Vaporizer for Dry Herb banner by VaporPlants

As its name suggests, the Easy Vape is a dry herb vaporizer that has been designed to make vaping as easy as possible for both new and experienced vape enthusiasts. Typically, vape shops will recommend this product to those embarking upon their first experience with dry herbal or aromatherapy vaporizing. This guide will help you achieve the best possible flavors and satisfaction with your Easy Vape, whether you're using the device for dry herbs or aromatherapy.

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Preparing the Easy Vape Vaporizer for Use

Easy Vape Vaporizer for Dry Herb Turned On

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your Easy Vape dry herb vaporizer is ready for use after you first receive it:

  1. Place a 2-amp fuse into the back of the vaporizer. The Easy Vape Vaporizer will not work if the fuse is not installed
  2. Turn the Easy Vape Vaporizer on by pushing the activation knob in. Place it in a well ventilated area
  3. Set the temperature to the highest possible level
  4. Allow the vaporizer to remain on the highest power setting for 15 minutes. This will burn away any residues left over from manufacturing and ensure high-quality desktop vapor production

How to Vape with Easy Vape:

Easy Vape Vaporizer for Dry Herb with Whip Wand
  1. Turn the dry herb vaporizer on by pushing the knob in
  2. Turn the knob clockwise and set the temperature between 320 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Check to make sure that the heating element is red in color (If it is orange, turn the unit off and start over)
  4. Grind up your herbal blend, tobacco or other material
  5. Load your preferred material into the wand of the whip, ensuring that it is not more than 1/3 filled and only lightly packed.
    - You can suck the material into the whip wand or use your fingers)
  6. Allow the vaporizer to rest for two minutes
  7. Place the tip of the wand on the heating element cover
  8. While holding the wand in place, breathe in slowly, removing the wand just before you finish inhaling.

NOTE: Drawing too slowly could cause combustion, please check our convection vs conduction info page. If you see a flame, blow out the fire immediately. Carefully empty the wand and repeat the previous steps

You may need to practice vaping with the Easy Vape Vaporizer in order to master the perfect breathing technique. If we can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team of vaping experts.We have worked with countless individuals to ensure that they have the best possible vaping experience with our products, and we look forward to assisting you! Contact us today!

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