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Puffit Vaporizer Guide

Puffit Vaporizer Banner by VaporPlants

The Puffit Vaporizer is a handheld vaporizer that can be used in conjunction with herbs. The device is simple to use and offers convenient USB charging. This guide will teach you the basic operating procedures for the Puffit Vaporizer and help you get the best vapor quality during use.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
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PUFFiT vaporizers have been discontinued
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How to Use the Puffit

Puffit Vaporizer is very simple to operate, follow this simple process to begin vaping:

Puffit Vaporizer Package Contents
  1. Remove the magnetic cap from the mouthpiece.
    - This will automatically turn the vaporizer on

  2. Take off the cap

  3. Fill the chamber with your preferred herbal blend
    - Ensure that it is finely grounded with a herb grinder

  4. Put the cap back on

  5. Use the dial on the side of the device to choose a temperature setting
    - between one and eight

  6. Start at the lowest temperature setting and increase as needed until the preferred results are obtained

  7. Push down on the cap for two seconds to turn on the heating element

  8. Wait 10 to 30 seconds for the device to reach working temperature

  9. When the LED light turns green, it is ready for use

  10. Put the mouthpiece to your lips and draw slowly

When you're ready to charge the Puffit Vape, just connect it to a USB power source, such as a computer.

How to Charge & Check the Puffit Vaporizer

  • Push down on the top cap three times in rapid succession
Fully Charged Battery Icon by VaporPlants

LED light will turn off and then light back up in one of three colors:

  • Green indicates 80% battery life or more
  • Orange indicates 60% battery life
  • Red indicates less than 30% battery life

Indicator Lights on the Puffit

Puffit Vaporizer LED Indicator Cycle

Puffit Vaporizer Black

Indicator lights on the Puffit Vaporizer provide the following important information:

  • Steady red light means that your vaporizer is in standby mode (will turn off within 90 seconds)
  • Slow red flashing light means that this herb vaporizer is heating up
  • Steady green light means that the device is ready for vaping
  • Steady orange light means that the vaporizer has gone into a reset period to protect the battery and prevent overheating

Note: A rapid flash between red and green means that the chamber cap is not properly in place;

  • Take chamber cap off, and remove any visible debris, before putting it back into place
  • Rapid, flashing red light indicates that the battery is low and requires recharging

Rapid orange flash indicates that there is a problem with the vaporizer;

  • Discontinue use and contact the manufacturer

Safety and the Puffit Vape

Puffit Vaporizer Instructions Manual

To ensure that you fully enjoy your Puffit Vaporizer and avoid the possibility of accidents and injuries, we recommend that you keep the following safety tips in mind:

  1. Puffit Vaporizer becomes very hot during use, and burns are possible;
    • Always handle the vaping device with care
    • Allow it to cool completely before use
  2. Never allow children to handle or use any of your vaporizers
  3. Never turn the vaporizer on if its heating chamber is empty or the cap has been removed
  4. The vaporizer is only intended for use with dry herbal blends or tobacco
  5. Do not place liquids, gels, waxes or e-juice inside of the vaporizer chamber
  6. Clean your device with the included tool, as well as soft objects like cotton swabs. Cleaning with a hard or sharp object could damage the device
  7. Do not submerge the Puffit Vaporizer or place it under running water
  8. Always remember to turn the Puffit Vaporizer off when it is not in use

What's Included With the Puffit Vaporizer

Puffit Vaporizer package includes:

  • 1 Puffit Vaporizer
  • 1 Silicone heat shield
  • 1 Stirring attachment
  • 4 Replacement screens
  • 1 Cleaning and packing tool
  • 3 Replaceable mouthpieces
  • 1 Neoprene storage bag
  • 1 USB charging cable

If you need more information or have a specific question about your Puffit Vaporizer, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We've helped countless customers find the perfect vaporizer that matches their budget and expectations. We'll be glad to help you!

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