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Atmos L'Or Review:

The Atmos Tyga X Shine L'Or is a compact, portable, and sleek little wax pen designed for dabbing on the go. It features a heating element with a unique blend of titanium and quartz that delivers a flavorful vape and is worth taking a look at. Check out our full review of the Atmos Tyga X Shine L'Or below.

Atmos L'Or in gold next to usb charger, loading tool for wax and carrying case


  • Dual/single quartz rods
  • Titanium heating element
  • Magnetic cap chamber
  • Quick battery charging
  • 5-year warranty
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Simple to use
  • Portable


  • Weaker battery than some other vapes
Atmos L'Or Reviewed
Rating: 9/10 by

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Breakdown of Atmos L'Or - Tyga X Shine

Price $70
Materials Type Concentrates
Heating Style Conduction
Oven Material Titanium and Quartz
Vapor Path Acrylic/Glass
Removable Battery Yes
Battery life (Usage time) Short, 15-20 sessions
Charger 510 / USB
Charge time 2 Hours
Bluetooth / APP No
Heat-up Time 3 Seconds
Easy to load? Yes
Draw Resistance Average
Vapor Production Excellent
Vapor Smoothness Excellent
Flavor / Taste Superb
Odor Level Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range 3 Optimized Temperature Settings
Vape While Charging No
Warranty 5 Year

In-Depth of Atmos L'Or - Tyga X Shine

Atmos L'Or atomizer with heating chamber and coil

- Price - It retails at a price of $70 which is just about standard of this caliber.

- Vapor Quality - The vapor quality of the Atmos Tyga X Shine L'Or Vaporizer is stellar. By combining the power of pure titanium coils with the option of dual/single quartz rods that maximize flavor output, this vape delivers the pinnacle of flavor. It heats up evenly so that you do not have to worry about wasting your material, and it also produces better vapor output and better clouds. The Atmos Tyga X Shine L'Or Vaporizer also features a glass mouthpiece that not only cools the vapor as it reaches your lips but improves the flavor quality, as well.

- Guarantee - The Tyga X Shine L'Or boasts an impressive 5-year warranty to ensure your complete happiness with their product.

- Prep Time - There is very little prep time. It takes no time at all to heat up, and filling this herbal pen for use is a breeze.

Atmos L'Or next to its gold box

- Portability - This AtmosRX vaporizer is super slim and very compact, making it a great choice for an on the go vape.

- Ease of Use - The Tyga X Shine L'Or utilizes a magnetic chamber cover for easy refilling of your material. Snap technology is included, which easily separates all of the components of the vape for easy maintenance and clean up. To use, simply take off the magnetic chamber cover from the atomizer, fill with concentrate, pack it down with the dabbing tool and you're ready to go. It’s as simple as that.

- Heating and Temperature Regulators - The 650mAh Temperature Control Lithium-ion battery uses a streamlined, single-button activation to cycle through three optimized temperature settings designed to be the best.

- Power Supply - This model uses a 650mAh Temperature Control Lithium-Ion that only takes 2 hours to charge and can last for hours with a full charge.

Overall, the Tyga X Shine Atmos L'Or is a great small vaporizer that you can take anywhere. Its flavor is unmatched and the clouds it produces are dense and potent. Its heating system is top-notch and one that many vapers seek out intentionally. It features a magnetic chamber lid for easy loading, making this an easy-to-use, powerful vape; one that your collection needs.

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